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INDEX to the Full Cast

& Characters

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about each of the Cast & Characters
added in order as the seasons progressed - except for the 6 wives
All Seasons 1 - 4

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For more see also: CASTING the actors

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
King Henry ... King Henry VIII
Henry Cavill

Charles Brandon as played by Henry Cavill ... Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk
Maria Doyle Kennedy Queen Katherine of Aragon as played by Maria Doyle Kennedy ... Queen Katherine of Aragon
Natalie Dormer Anne Boleyn as played by Natalie Dormer ... Anne Boleyn
Anita Briem (Season 2)

Anita Briem as Jane Seymour ... Jane Seymour
Annabelle Wallis (Season 3) Annabelle Wallis as Jane Seymour ... Jane Seymour
Joss Stone Anne of Cleves as portrayed by Joss Stone ... Anne of Cleves
Tamzin Merchant Katherine Howard as portrayed by Tamzin Merchant ... Katherine Howard
Joely Richardson Joely Richardson as Catherine Parr ... Catherine Parr
Jeremy Northam Thomas More as played by Jeremy Northam ... Sir Thomas More
Sam Neill Wolsey as played by Sam Neill ... Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
Nick Dunning Thomas Boleyn as portrayed by Nick Dunning ... Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire
Henry Czerny Thomas Howard as played by Henry Czerny ... Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk
Kris Holden-Ried William Compton as plated by Kris Holden-Reid ... William Compton
Callum Blue Anthony Knivert as played by Callum Blue
Anthony Knivert
Joe Van Moyland AKA Joe Lean Thomas Tallis as portrayed by Joe Van Moyland ... Thomas Tallis
Pádraic Delaney George Boleyn as played by Padraic Delaney ... George Boleyn
James Frain Thomas Cromwell as played by James Frain ... Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex
Guy Carleton
... Chamberlain
James King AKA Jamie Thomas King Thomas Wyatt as played by Jamie Thomas King ... Thomas Wyatt
Krystin Pellerin Krystin Pellerin as Lady Elizabeth Darrell ... Elizabeth Darrell
Declan Conlon
Ambassador Mendoza as played by Guy Carleton
... Ambassador Mendoza
Iñigo López de Mendoza y Zúñiga)
Gabrielle Anwar
Margaret Tudor as played by Gabrielle Anwar
... Princess Margaret Tudor
(Mary/Margaret Tudor)
Fiona Ryan
Jane as played by Fiona Ryan
... Jane
Slaine Kelly Slaine Kelley who plays Lady Jane Howard ... Lady Jane Howard
Rachel Montague
Young Woman as played by Rachel Montague
... Young Woman
(sleeps with the King - Season 1 Episode 3)
Sonya Macari Sonya Macari as Lady Manuela ... Lady Manuela (first lady in waiting to Katherine of Aragon - Seaon1)
Laura Way Laura Way ... Beautiful Woman
(who tempts Wolsey - Season 1 Episode 6)
John Kavanagh
Cardinal Campeggio
... Cardinal Lorenzo Campeggio
Anthony Brophy
Ambassador Chapuys as played by Anthony Brophy
... Ambassador Chapuys
Bosco Hogan Bosco Hogan as Bishop John Fisher ... Bishop John Fisher
Gordon Sterne Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall ... Bishop Tunstall
Philip O'Sullivan
... Bishop Warham
Alan Devine
... Wolsey's Secretary
Charlie Bonner
... Cromwell's Servant
Eric Higgins
... Groom
Bláthnaid McKeown (Season 1)
Princess Mary as played by Blathnaid McKneown
... Princess Mary Tudor
Sarah Bolger (Season 2, 3, & 4.)
Princess Mary Tudor as played by Sarah Bolger ... Princess Mary Tudor
Emmanuel Leconte King Francis I as played by Emmanuel Leconte ... Francis I of France
Rebecca Friberg Joan as played by Rebecca Friberg ... Joan
Catherine Byrne
Alice More as played by Catherine Byrne
... Alice More
Kerry O'Sullivan (Season 1)
Kerry O'Sullivan as Margaret More (Season1)
... Margaret More Roper
Gemma Reeves (Season 2)
Margaret More Roper as played by Gemma Reeves
... Margaret More Roper
Bill O'Cleirigh
... John More
Ruta Gedmintas Bessie Blount as played by Ruta Gedmintas ...
Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount
Serena Brabazon Serena Brabazon as Nan Saville ... Nan Saville
Perdita Weeks Mary Boleyn as portrayed by Perdita Weeks ... Mary Boleyn
Ian McElhinnery Pope Clement VII as portrayed by Ian McElhinnery ... Pope Clement VII
Philip O'Sullivan
... Bishop William Warham
Gabriella Wright
Queen Claude as played by Gabriella Wright
... Queen Claude of France
Ciaran Whitehead
Dauphin of France as played by Ciaran Whitehead
... Dauphin, Henri Philip son on Francis I
Myia Elliot
Lady Anne Clifford as played by Myia Elliott
... Lady Anne Clifford
Lorna Doyle
Joan Larke as portayed by Lorna Doyle
... Joan Larke
Sebastian Armesto Charles V as portrayed by Sebastian Armesto ... Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
Hans Matheson
Archbishop Cramner as played by Hans Matheson
... Thomas Cranmer
Julia Wakeham Julia Wakeham as Katharina Prue(Cranmer's wife) ... Katharina Prue
(Cranmer's wife)
Steven Waddington
Steven Waddington as Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham
... Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham
Matt Ryan
Richard Pace as played by Matt Ryan
... Richard Pace
Barry McGovern
... Bishop Bonnivet
Mark Lambert
William Cornish as played by Mark Lambert
... William Cornish
Martin Maguire
... Court Crier
Eamon Rohan
... Archbishop
Steve Wilson
Tower Constable as played by Steve Wilson ...
Tower Constable
Clive Geraghty
Dr Linacre as played by Clive Geraghty
... Dr. Linacre
Peter O'Toole
Pope Paul III played by Peter O'Toole
... Pope Paul III
Jonathan White
Hopkins as played by Jonathan White
... Hopkins
David Alpay Mark Smeaton as played by David Alpay ... Mark Smeaton
Peter Gaynor Hans Holbein as played by Peter Gaynor ... Hans Holbein
Stephen Brennan John Seymour as played by Stephen Brennan ... John Seymour
Max Brown Edward Seymour as played by Max Brown ... Edward Seymour Lord Hertford
Emma Hamilton
Anne Stanhope played by Emma Hamilton
... Anne Stanhope, Lady Seymour
Andrew McNair
Thomas Seymour as potrayed by Andrew McNair
... Thomas Seymour
James Gilbert William Brereton as played by James Gilbert ... William Brereton
Anna Brewster
Anna Buckingham
... Anna Buckingham
(Anne Hastings nee Stafford, Countess of Huntingdon)
Rachael Kavanagh
Ann Hastings As Portayed By Rachael Kavanagh
... Ann Hastings
Andrea Lowe
Lady Eleanor Luke as played by Andrea Lowe
... Lady Eleanor Luke
Rebekah Wainright Catherine Brandon as played by Rebekah Wainwright ... Catherine Brandon nee Brooke
(Catherine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk)
Jonathan Ryan Ambassador Castillon as played by Jonathan Ryan ... Ambassador Castillon - listed only as "French Ambassador" - Louis Perreau, sieur de Castillon
Danny Seward Richard Tavistock as played by Danny Seward ... Sir Robert Tavistock
Gavin O'Connor Earl of Shrewsbury as played by Gavin O'Connor ... Earl of Shrewsbury (George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury)
Phil Kingston
... Cromwell's servant
Kate O'Toole Lady Salisbury as played by Kate O'Toole ... Lady Salisbury (Margaret Pole, 8th Countess of Salisbury)
Paul Burke
... Messenger
Owen Day-Jones Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey as played by Owen Day Jones ... Son of the Duke of Norfolk (Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey)
Jane Brennan
Lasry Margaret Bryan as played by Jane Brennan
... Lady Margaret Bryan
Laura Jane Laughlin
Madge Sheldon portrayed by Laura Jane Laughlin
... "Madge" Sheldon (Mary/Margaret Shelton)
Sara James
Princess Marguerite of Navarre played by Sara James
... Princess Marguerite
Zak Jenciragic
Henry Fitzroy
... Henry Fitzroy
Joseph M. Kelly (season 1)
King of Portugal
... King of Portugal
Martin Murphy
... Simon Fish
David Browne Edward Brandon as played by David Browne ... Edward Brandon
(son of Duke of Suffolk & ?)
Joanne King Jane Boleyn/Rochford played by Joanne King in Season 3 ... Jane Boleyn nee Parker, Lady Rochford
Alan Stanford Lord Morley as played by Alan Stanford ... Lord Morley
Liz Lloyd LadyMorley as Played by Liz Lloyd ... Lady Morley
Stephen Hogan Henry Norris as played by Stephen Hogan ... Henry Norris
Damien Kearney
William Webbe
... William Webbe
Katie McGrath
Bess as played by Katie McGrath
... Bess
(Webbe's wife - woman in the woods season 2 episode 5)
Phillipe de Grossovure Admiral Chabot as played by Phillipe de Grossovure ... Admiral Chabot
Frederic Ledoux
... Monsieur Gontier
Sorcha Callaghan
The Tudors Full Cast INDEX - The Tudors Wiki
... Germaine
Kate Duggan (Season 2)
Princess Elizabeh as played by Kate Duggan
... Princess Elizabeth Tudor
Claire MacCauley (Season 3)
Princess Elizabeth as played by Claire MacCauley
... Princess Elizabeth Tudor
Laoise Murray (Season 4) Laoise Murray as Elizabeth Tudor --- Princess Elizabeth Tudor
Maude Hirst Maude Hirst ... Elizabeth's lady in waiting / Kat Ashley
George Irving William Kingston as played by George Irving ... Sir William Kingston
Hilary Cotter
... Tower Lady
Lynette Callaghan
... Queen's chamberlain
Brian McGuiness
... Executioner
Michelle Hartman
... Anne Boleyn's maid
Anatole Taubman Jean Rombaud as played by Anatole Taubman .. Jean Rombaud
(French Swordsman Executioner)
Richard Glaves Richard Glaves as Anne's Almoner ... Anne Boleyn's Almoner
Muireann O'Donoghue Young Anne Boleyn as played by Muireann O'Donodhue ... Young Anne Boleyn
Michael GrennellSir George Throckmorton...Sir George Throckmorton
Phil Kingston
... Cromwell's Clerk
Rod Hallett Richard Rich as played by Rod Hallett ... Sir Richard Rich
Paul Meade
... Chamberlain at Hatfield
Charlotte Salt
Ursula Misselden played by Charlotte Salt
... Lady Ursula Misseldon
Alan Van Sprang
Francis Bryan as played by Alan Van Sprang
... Sir Francis Bryan
Colm Wilkinson Lord Darcy as played by Colm Wilkinson ... Lord Darcy (Thomas Darcy, 1st Baron Darcy de Darcy)
Max von Sydow Cardinal Von Waldburg as played by Max Von Sydow ... Cardinal Von Waldburg (Cardinal-Bishop Otto Truchseß von Waldburg)
Gerard McSorley Robert Aske as played by Gerard McSorley ... Robert Aske
(Leader of the Pilgrimage of Grace)
Donna Dent
... Wife of Aske
Ciara Farrell
... Daughter of Aske
Patrick Gibson
... Son of Aske
Mark Hildreth Sir Reginald Pole as played by Mark Hildreth ... Reginald Pole
Roger Ashton-Griffiths Sir John Hutton as played by Roger Ashton-Griffiths ... Sir John Hutton
Kevin Doyle John Constable as played by Kevin Doyle ... John Constable
David Wilmot Ralph Elleker as played by David Wilmot ... Ralph Ellerker
Brian McGuiness
... Executioner
Seamus Moran
... Packington
Simon Ward Stephen Gardiner as played by Simon Ward ... Bishop Stephen Gardiner
Simon Coury
... Dr. John Frankish
Diarmuid Noyes Charlie Raw as played by Diarmuid Noyes ... Charlie Raw
Luke Hayden
... Headsmen
Steve Money
... Blacksmith
Malachy McKenna
... Captain of the guard
Rory James Wilson
... Commons Man #1
Brian McGovern
... Commons Man #2
Robert Boyd
... Commons Man #3
Jason Healy
... Henry's Groom
David Ryan
... Church Commissioner #1
Donal Courtney
... Church Commissioner #2
Chris Gregory
... Pilgrim Captain
Jake Maskell Henry Pole as played by Jake Maskell ... Henry Pole, Lord Montague
Daniel Rhattigan-Walsh Master Henry Pole as played by Daniel Rhattigan-Walsh ... Master Pole (Henry)
Frank McCusker Risley as played by Frank McCluster ... Risley (Thomas Wriothesely, Duke of Southampton)
Sonya Cassidy Christina of Denmark as played by Sonya Cassidy ... Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan
Paul Ronan Duke William of Cleves as played by Paul Ronan ... Duke William of Cleves
Sophia Roxanna Klein
... Amelia of Cleves
Ben Price John Lambert as played by Ben Price ... John Lambert
Robert Lee
... Geoffrey Beevers
Ronan Conlon
... Rowland Lee
Barbara Brennan Agnes Tilney, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk as played by Barbara Brennan ... Agnes Tilney, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk
David O'Hara David O'Hara as Henry Howard ... Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Torrance Coombs Thomas Culpepper ... Thomas Culpepper
Allen Leech Francis Dereham as played by Allen Leech ... Francis Dereham
Lothaire Bluteau Ambassador Marillac as played by Lothaire Bluteau ... Ambassador Marillac
Eoin Murtagh (Season 4) Eoin Murtagh ... Prince Edward Tudor
Jake Hathaway (Season 4)
... Prince Edward Tudor

... Admiral Claude d'Annebault
Daniel Caltagirone
... Girolamo de Treviso
Gemma-Leah Devereux Lady FitzGerald as played by Gemma-Leah Devereaux ... Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Suzy Lawlor Anne Parr, Lady Herbert as played by Suzy Lawlor ... Anne Parr, Lady Herbert
Selma Brook Brigitte Rousselot as played by Selma Brook ... Brigitte Rousselot
Moe Dunford
... Richard Leland
Jody Latham
... Harry Hurst
Gerry O'Brien
... William Paget
Fabio TassoneDuke of Nájera as played by Fabio Tassone...Duke of Najera

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