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Humorous Captions Page 23

Humorous Captions Page 23 - The Tudors Wiki
Photo #23
Caption: Knivert: Your Majesty What in god's name are you doing?

Henry: Prepairing for the 100 meter dash for the 1529 olympics, I am not going to let Charles Brandon Beat me again!

Submitted by:Clumsyxheart
Caption: (on his seventh wedding night) Oh my God! She's a he! Anne of Cleves was bad enough but this is ridiculous. Note to self, never use Thai mail order brides again!

Submitted by: Tudorprincess
Knivert: (Staring in awe) "Work it, it."

Submitted by: Queenmellybee
Caption: Majesty, of course you realize that you don't really have to train to chase can just order them to "stop running"!

Submitted by: offwithherhead
Caption: "OK! CUT! Jonathan, what did I say about streaking in front of the camera while we're filming?!"

Submitted by: OliverCromwell
Caption: Gloria Estefan was right..eventually, the rhythm is gonna get you.

Submitted by: Princess Candy
Knivert: The F***s got into you Henry?

Henry: Need the Chamberpot....NOW!!!!!!!

Submitted by:wolfieangel
Henry: Sod the Runaway Bride, this time the Groom's running!

Knivert: Wuss. Hey, Anne! Now that Henry's gone, wanna make out?

Submitted by: brennalarose