Historical Timeline of Princess Elizabeth Tudor

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Princess Elizabeth as played by Claire MacCauley

Timeline of Historical Events in the Life of
Elizabeth I - The Tudors Wiki

September 7, 1533
(Sunday between 3 & 4 pm)
born at Greenwich Palace in the Chamber of Virgins, named after her grandmother Elizabeth of York also possibly after her maternal grandmother Elizabeth Howard
March 23, 1534 Parliament passes the Act of Succession, declaring the offspring of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII as the lawful heirs to the throne, required subjects to take an oath upholding this Act as well as the King's supremacy, those who refused would be charged with treason
September 7, 1534Elizabeth is a year old.
November 1534 Parliament passes the First Act of Supremacy, declaring the king as the head of the Church of England
September 7, 1535Elizabeth is 2 years old
November/December 1535
mother Anne Boleyn encourages a french match for her young daughter
January 7, 1536
Katherine of Aragon dies
January 8, 1536
Both Henry & Anne appear in joyful yellow from top to toe and Princess Elizabeth is paraded triumphantly in Church that Sunday morning
May 2, 1536 mother Anne Boleyn was arrested on charges of adultery and treason
May 17, 1536 marriage between mother and father declared void by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, Elizabeth is declared illegitimate and no longer a princess
May 19, 1536 mother Anne Bolyen is beheaded at Tower Green and buried in the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula
May 30, 1536 father marries Jane Seymour
June 8, 1536 Parliament passes another Act of Succession overturning the previous Act and now declaring the offspring of Jane Seymour and Henry VIII as lawful heirs to the throne
August, 1536
There is a letter from Elizabeth's governess, Lady Margaret Bryan to Thomas Cromwell , in which she complains of the economic difficulties of the household of "lady Elizabeth" since the change in her status (from legitimate to illegitimate) following the annulment of the King's marriage to her mother Anne Boleyn, and Anne's execution in May.
"Now, as my lady Elizabeth is put from that degree she was in, and what degree she is at now I know not but by hearsay, I know not how to order her or myself, or her women or grooms. I beg you to be good lord to her and hers, and that she may have raiment, for she has neither gown nor kirtle nor petticoat, nor linen for smocks, nor kerchiefs, sleeves, rails, bodystychets, handkerchiefs, mufflers, nor "begens."(The more obscure items in this list are identified by the Oxford English Dictionary (2nd edn) as: rails = nightdresses; bodystychets = corsets; begens = nightcaps.) She also reports that: "My lady has great pain with her teeth, which come very slowly."
(Elizabeth was to have serious difficulties with her teeth on and off for much of her life.)
October 15, 1537 baptism of brother Prince Edward at Hampton Court, carried by Edward Seymour Elizabeth participated in the ceremony
October 24, 1537 death of Jane Seymour
late 1537 Katherine Champernowne (later known as Kat Ashley) replaces Lady Margaret Bryan as Elizabeth's governess, they would become life long friends
January 6, 1540 father marries Anne of ClevesThere is no evidence that Elizabeth ever met her father's 4th wife Anne of Cleves during their 6 month marriage.
July 9, 1540 father's marriage to Anne of Cleves is annulled
July 28, 1540 father marries her 2nd cousin Katherine Howard
February 13, 1542 Katherine Howard is beheaded on Tower Green ( after mariage is annulled) & the young Princess Elizabeth, aged 8, swears never to marry.
Later, the man who some say was the love of her life, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester would say that "he knew her better than anyone else from when she was eight years old". He also added: "and from that age she always said that she would never marry".
July 12, 1543 father marries Catherine Parr
July 14, 1543 Third Succession Act passed by Parliament, declaring that Mary and Elizabeth would be restored to the line of succession after Prince Edward and his heirs
July to September 1544Catherine Parr acts as Regent while Henry is at war in France. It is thought that her actions as Regent, together with her strength of character and noted dignity, as well as her later religious convictions, greatly influenced her 11 year old stepdaughter, Elizabeth
1544 William Grindal becomes her tutor
January 28, 1547 father dies, brother ascends the throne as King Edward VI. Elizabeth was 13 years old.
1548 Death of tutor William Grindal, Roger Ascham would later tutor Elizabeth