Historical Timeline of Katherine Howard

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Historical Timeline of
aka Kathryn/Katheryn
Katherine Howard
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51 years old

c.1521 - 24 Born to Edward Howard and Jocasta Culpepper
1530 Mother dies & sent to live with Agnes Tilney, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk
1531Father appointed Controller of Calais
1533 Her cousin Anne Boleyn is crowned.
1533 Scandal with her music teacher, Henry Mannox which is ended by the Duchess when it is discovered (Katherine and Mannox both testified the affair was not fully consummated)
1536 Love affair with Francis Dereham , who later confessed to being married to her (under no oath or church proceeding). This relationship is put on hold when Francis heads for Ireland and Katherine is sent to court to both "find their fortunes"
1539Her father is dismissed from his post in Calais and dies shortly after returning to England
1539 Her uncle Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk arranges for her to become a lady-in-waiting to Anne of Cleves (aged 15 - 18)
1540 January 6 - Wedding of Henry & Anne of Cleves
1540 during this time she becomes Henry's mistress
1540 July 9 - Marriage between Henry VIII & Anne of Cleves is declared null
1540 July 28 - Marries Henry (aged 16 - 19 & Henry 49)
1540 Winter - meets up with her cousin Thomas Culpepper of whom she has not seen since childhood.
1541 Spring - rumours about Katherine & Culpepper start to circulate throughout court.
1541 Summer - Thomas Cranmer investigates & builds a case against her
1541November 1541 Thomas Cranmer informs Henry that his queen's past life had not been without stain.

1541November 22, she is demoted from her position as Queen, arrested, interrogated and formally indicted two days later for leading an 'abominable, base, carnal, voluptuous and vicious life'...and sent to Syon abbey, Katherine never sees Henry again
1541 December 10, 1541 - Thomas Culpepper & Francis Dereham are executed at Tyburn. Francis is hung, drawn and quartered while Culpepper was spared with a simple beheading possibly due to being a favourite of the king.
1542 January - Trial by the law of attainder. Perhaps the king had not wanted to relive the incident he had with Anne Boleyn by giving Katherine Howard a fair trial.

1542Friday, 10 February 1542, Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk takes her to the Tower of London.
1542Sunday, 12 February 1542, in the evening she is informed of her impending execution the next day and she requests the block be brought to her room to practice placing her head on it.
1542 7 am Monday, February 13, 1542 - she is beheaded along with Jane Boleyn on Tower Green & both are buried next her cousin Anne( aged 18 - 20)
Henry is out hunting and celebrates St. Valentines day without his Queen.