Hever Castle

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Tudor Rose
Hever Castle
located in the Village of Hever in the county of Kent (south of London)
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(large pics on left and small pics & text on the right.)
Hever Castle & Maze
Hever Castle, Kent was
the Family home of
Anne Boleyn

Also home to Anne of Cleves Since 1983, the castle has been owned by Broadland Properties Limited.


From 1557 onwards the Castle was owned by a number of families including the Waldegraves, the Humfreys and the Meade Waldos.

In 1903, William Waldorf Astor restored the Castle, building the ’Tudor Village’ and creating the gardens and lake.
Hever Castle daffodils The area to the west of the castle is known as Anne Boleyn's Orchard and in spring there is a host of golden daffodils.
Hever Castle
Entrance to Hever
Entrance to Hever
with portcullis &
bridge over the
Upper window in the inner courtyard
Genevieve Bujold looks down from the upper window
Genevieve Bujold as Anne Boleyn from Anne of a Thousand Days
looking down from the upper window in the inner courtyard
Hever courtyard
Interior courtyard
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Hever Enrance hall
Hever Dining hall
Astrolabe in the Hever Castle Gardens
The Drawing room at Hever

Anne's Book of Hours
Anne's Book of Hours is on display at the Castle

Hever Castle
King Henry VIII bedroom
Hever Gallery Hever Gallery
Hever wax figure tableau Wax Figure Tableau
Anne wax figurine
Hever interior

Hever Castle's "Haunted House Story" The ghost of Anne Boleyn is said to return to her old home at Hever Castle, where every Christmas Eve she is seen to walk over the bridge which crosses the River Eden in the castle grounds. The great oak, under which Henry VIII courted Anne, still stands. Her ghost has been seen there as well, usually at Christmas time. Another ghost at Hever is that of a local farmer, called Humphrey, who was robbed and killed there.

Secret room
Prayer nook
Hever gardens
pic by Dean Thorpe
Fireplace at Hever Christmas at Hever Castle
Christmas At Hever Castle

Christmas at Hever Castle
Italian Gardens at Hever
Hever Gardens
pic by Dean Thorpe
Hever Gardens
pic by Dean Thorpe
Hever Castle
Hever Castle
Hever Castle
Hever Castle
Hever Castle


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