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Military Accomplishments of Henry VIII
  • Henry VIII mounted the biggest invasions of France since the reign of King Henry V
  • The Mary Rose was built in 1509 / 1511 as the first English gunship
  • Henry VIII established Deptford and Woolwich as the Royal Dockyards 1511 / 1512
  • King Henry VIII was known as the “Father of the English Navy”
  • Beginning wars with France and Scotland in 1514
  • Battle of Flodden English victory over Scotland in 1513 which ended in 1517
  • In 1522 England invaded France but abandons attempt in 1523
  • The English navy increased under Henry VIII from just 5 ships at the beginning of his reign to about 60 ships
  • Henry VIII created a great chain of coastal fortresses in the 1540s to defend England against the threat of invasion
  • Renewed warfare with France and Scotland in 1542
  • French landings on the English coast between 1545 and 1546 which were defeated
Religious Accomplishments of Henry VIII
  • During his early years Henry VIII was a devout Catholic and with Sir Thomas More wrote the book called the 'Declaration of the Seven Sacraments Against Martin Luther' in 1520
  • In 1521 Henry VIII was given the title 'Defender of the Faith' by Pope Leo X which is still used as part of the English monarch's titles
  • Establishing the Church of England in 1534 and the Act of Supremacy
  • Dissolution of the monasteries starting in 1536 and increasing the wealth of England
Political Accomplishments of Henry VIII
  • King Henry VIII added Imperial concepts of Kingship to existing Feudal concepts
  • Henry VIII decreased the power of the nobles and increased the power of Parliament and the monarchy
  • New lands and positions were created due to the dissolution of the monasteries - all granted by King Henry VIII
  • The Act of Appeals in 1533 aided the constitutional development of England
  • The Union of England and Wales which was legally accomplished by Parliament in 1536 and 1543
  • He was accorded the title King of Ireland by the Irish Parliament in 1541
  • Henry VIII entered politically advantageous marriages with Spain and Germany
Personal Accomplishments of Henry VIII
  • Produced three children who all ruled as the King or Queens of England continuing the Tudor Dynasty: King Edward VI, Bloody Mary and Queen Elizabeth I
  • Henry VIII was a keen musician and reputed to have composed 'Greensleeves' and 'Helas Madame'
  • In his younger years King Henry VIII was fine horseman and athlete who excelled in the joust and also playing sports such as tennis

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