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The Works of Hans Holbein

Court Artist to King Henry VIII

Miniature of Holbein by Lucas Horenbout (his mentor)

In England, where he became court painter to Henry VIII, Holbein was known chiefly as a painter of portraits. His services were much in demand. The more than 100 miniature and full-size portraits he completed at Henry's court provide a remarkable document of that colorful period. He was paid a royal annuity of £30 but he did supplement his income by working outside the court.

An old account of his services at court relates that he painted the portrait of the king, "life size, so well that everyone who looks is astonished, since it seems to live as if it moved its head and limbs."

Lais Corinthiaca
Portrait of Erasmus
Portrait of Lais Corinthiaca
Portrait of Derich Born
Portrait of Derich Born
Portrait of William Warham
Lady Guildford
Portrait of Sir Henry Guildford
Portrait of Lady Guildford
George Gisze
holbein painting
c. 1532
Portrait of Georg Gisze of Danzig
c. 1519
Portrait of Bonifacius Amerbach
holbein painting
holbein painting
Portrait of Charles de Solier, Sire de Morette
Portrait of De Vos van Steenwijk

Holbein portrait holbein portrait
Portrait of Unknown Gentleman
with Music Books and Lute
Portrait of Unknown Lady
with a Squirrel and Starling
Holbein portrait Erasmus
Elizabeth Seymour (Jane Seymour's sister) - however
this portrait was recently unveiled as being Katherine Howard at Hever castle by David Starkey [source <a class="external" href="http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/visual_arts/article3478913.ece" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Times Newspaper">Times Newspaper</a>]

Holbein portrait Christina of Denmark
Robert Cheseman
Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan

Margaret Wyatt Lee Erasmus
Margaret Wyatt, Lady Lee (sister to Thomas Wyatt)
Henry Howard Unknown Lady
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Son of Sir Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk
c. 1540-1542
Unknown Lady (Possibly Kathryn Howard)


Unknown Woman Lady Meutus
Unknown Lady (often accredited as Anne Boleyn or Lady Lee) c.1536
A startled-looking Joan or Jane Ashley or Astley, Lady Meutas
william parr Lady Elyot
c.1538 - 1540
William Parr (1513–71), the younger brother of Queen Catherine Parr, who became Marquess of Northampton in 1547
c. 1532 - 3
Porttrait of Lady Elyot

holbein drawing Thomas Elyot
John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford c. 1532 -3
Sir Thomas Elyot
Thomas More lady Audley
Sir Thomas More
c. 1538
Lady Audley
Holbein portrait Holbein portrait
Add a caption! (Accredited as Amelia of Cleves, sister to Anne of Cleves)
Holbein drawing Holbein drawing
Cecila Heron, adopted daughter of Sir Thomas More Elizabeth Dauncey, (mistakenly labelled Lady Barkley or Berkley), the second daughter of Sir Thomas More, c. 1526-1527
Holbein drawing Holbein drawing
Mary Shelton, later Lady Heveningham
(called Madge Sheldon in the series)
Catherine Brandon,wife of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk

Thomas Wyatt Holbein Portrait
Thomas Wyatt Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Holbein Hans Holbein Paintings & Sketches - The Tudors Wiki
Often identified as Sir Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire
& Earl of Ormonde has now been re-identified as
James Butler, Earl of Ormonde
King Henry VIII (left) and King Henry VII (right)

Jane Seymour <a class="external" href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a7/MaryHowardDuchessOfRichmond.jpg" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Image:MaryHowardDuchessOfRichmond.jpg</a>
c. 1536
Jane Seymour
Mary Fitzroy (nee Howard) Duchess of Richmond & Cornwall & wife of Henry Fitzroy ( illegitimate son fo KingHenry VIII)
Princess Mary
Lady Monteagle
c. 1530s
'Lady Mary', Princess Mary Tudor
Later Queen Mary I
Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk's daughter
Lady Monteagle

Edward Henry Brandon
Prince Edward Tudor
Henry Brandon, Second Duke of Suffolk, son of Charles Brandon
Margaret More Roper Charles Brandon
Margaret More Roper c.1541
Charles Brandon, Third Duke of Suffolk, son of Charles Brandon
Lady Elizabeth Audrey Catherine Howard
Lady Elizabeth Audley
Katherine Howard
Simon George Hans Holbein Paintings & Sketches - The Tudors Wiki
Simon Geoge of Quocote
c. 1532 - 3
Sir Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex

Designs :
Holbein also found time to perform numerous services for Henry. He designed the king's state robes and made
drawings that were the basis of all kinds of items used by the royal household, from buttons to bridles to bookbindings.

Jane Seymour Cup Holbein design
Cup Design for Jane Seymour
The inscription records that Anthony Denny gave a clocksalt after this design to Henry VIII as a New Year’s gift in 1545

Figure of a Woman
design for a dagger
A Young English Woman Design for a dagger by Holbein

Two Views of a Lady Wearing an English Hood Holbein -coverdale bible
Two Views of a Lady Wearing an English Hood c.1535
Title-page Design for a New Testament
The Coverdale Bible published in English

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