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Girolamo de Treviso as played by Daniel Caltagirone
Italian painter, draughtsman, sculptor and Military Engineer

born 1508 – died September 10, 1544
Character's backstory: Also known as Girolamo di Tommaso da Treviso the Younger and Girolamo Trevigi,. He was an Italian Renaissance Painter. Born in Treviso, Italy. He is first documented in 1523 in Bologna but had probably arrived there c. 1520. Between 1515 and 1520 he produced an engraving of Susanna and the Elders and a series of drawings that were engraved by Francesco de Nanto, depicting scenes from the Life of Christ. Besides working in Bologna, which included sculptural decoration on the portal of San Petronia and grisaille paintings inside, he also worked in Genoa, Faenza, Trent and the Palazzo del Te in Mantua. Girolamo traveled to England to work as a military engineer for King Henry VIII and also worked as a painter there. His A Protestant Allegory in the Royal Collection shows the Pope on the ground being pelted with large stones by various figures.
While working as an engineer for Henry he was killed by a cannon shot during the Siege of Boulogne-sur-Mer in 1544.



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Giralmo de Treviso as played by Daniel Caltagirone

"Around 1538 - 1540, Henry commissioned from Girolama de Treviso a painting of the Four Evangelists stoning the Pope [below], which was executed in grisaille highlighted in gold. It hung in the King's privy chamber at Hampton Court, outside his bedchamber, and is the only known surviving picture, other than portraits and the great narrative paintings, from Henry's collection. Treviso had been one of Raphael's students in Rome before working for the Gonzaga tat the court of Mantua. Henry retained him not only for his artistic talent, but also for his skills as a military engineer and architect. The King's enhanced prestige had also given impetus to his programme of building, restoring and acquiring houses, since the royal palaces were now to be the magnificent, glittering setting for the New Monarchy and craftsmen like Treviso would be much in demand" ~ Alison Weir's Henry VIII and his court

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Treviso played by Daniel Caltagirone
Protestant Allegory by Girolama de Treviso
Protestant Allegory by Girolama de Treviso
which can be seen at Hampton Court Palace
Giralmo de Treviso as played by Daniel CaltagironeInsert Dexter image here!