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Showetime's The Tudors

Season & Episode
Type of Goof
Episode 1:1
The Tudors Goofs - The Tudors Wiki
Error in geography: When the action cuts to "Paris, France", the city pictured is Vienna, Austria. The famous Stefansdom is clearly visible on the left of the shot, and distinctive eighteenth century Viennese onion-shaped spires at the right.
Episode 1:1
Attention to detail: On the top of the gates of Whitehall and on the King's head, his crown is shown to have eight strawberry leaves and eight pearls — this is the coronet of an earl, which is a fair few ranks below the King!
Episode 1:1
Urbino Goof
Urbino Goof
Anachronisms: In the scene where Henry's ambassador to the Vatican arrives in Urbino, after leaving the carriage he walks past a door that has a very visible ID Card reader. There is also some type of switch box near the card reader and electric lights on the ceiling of the corridor.
Episode 1:2
Continuity: In the scene where Buckingham is being arrested for treason the collar on his coat is up and down several times in the same shot.
Episode 1:2
Continuity: When the Duke of Buckingham is too afraid to let go of the chopping block, Anthony Knivert comes up to stretch out his arms for him. In the next shot of the Duke, he is still holding onto the block, and then just before the ax falls in the last shot of him, his arms are stretched out again.
Episode 1:2
Anachronisms: In the scene when Anne Boleyn is talking to her father there is a hawk in the courtyard which he carries for a while. It is a Harris Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus) which is an American breed, not known in England in the 16th century.
Episode 1:3
Gabriel/Gabrielle Anwar
Miscellaneous: In the credits, Gabrielle Anwar is credited as 'Gabriel Anwar.'
Episode 1:4
Princess Margaret and Charles
Continuity: When Princess Margaret sails to Portugal they get into stormy weather. During that scene the actors and the lamps sway heavily but the wine in the glasses on the table stays completely level. And When Brandon is talking to Margaret in her room on the ship to Portugal we can see the hanging lamps swinging, and the camera swings too, but the glass on the table stands still.

Episode 1:06
"An expensive *****"
Miscellaneous: Katherine calls Anne "An expensive wh*re" in Spanish, Anne replied, but how did Anne understand what she said? Katherine spoke Spanish, English, Latin, French, and Greek. Anne spoke English and French. So therefore their only common languages were English and French.

Note: The Spanish ("puta") and French ("pute" / "putain") word for wh*re are so similar that a fluent speaker of either language might be able to catch the insult. Many people know insults in other languages without being fluent in them.

Episode 1:7
Continuity: Thomas Tallis is working on his musical score when he is approached by two girls. When he turns to talk to them the score is blank, however in the very next shot the pages have filled with notes
Episode 1:8
The Tudors Goofs - The Tudors Wiki
Anachronism : In the shot at the beginning of the divorce trial of Catherine and Henry, someone in the crowd outside the courtroom, applauding the arrival of the King and Queen, is clearly wearing a wristwatch with a black wristband and silver case
Episode 1:9
GOOFS on the Tudors
Anachronisms: Power lines shown in the back round.
Episode 2:1
The Tudors Goofs - The Tudors Wiki
Anachronisms:The episode takes place in 1532, but here we see a shot of the St. Peter's in its modern incarnation. The colonnade was designed by Gianlorenzo Bernini, who was not even born until 1598. The basilica that exists today was built throughout the 1500s, and in the 1530s was a construction site, far from the finished work depicted here.
And the large avenue that stretches straight from the Vatican to Castel Sant'Angelo was built by Mussolini in the 1930s.
Episode 2.1
Thomas Cranmer as played by Hans Matheson
Attention to Detail: Thomas Cranmer, when he is presented to the King, is wearing an <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Eastern Orthodox Cross">Eastern Orthodox Cross</a>. An English cleric wouldn't be wearing a cross with three bars.
Episode 2:1 etc
Mark Smeaton as played by David Alpay
As this series is set in the period 1519 - 1547, the fiddle or violin as played by Mark Smeaton represents a major anachronism for several reasons. Firstly, the instrument he plays appears to be a Stradivarius design, which is what most modern violins are based on, but Antonio Stradivari (who adapted that particular design) wasn't born until 1644. Secondly, until the 18th century the violin was held against the chest or stomach (this is well documented as in order to hold the violin under the chin and play successfully, a modification in the instrument design is required. That is, the angle of the neck to the body of the instrument needs to be changed. Most surviving violins by the old masters, including all that were actually used since the 18th century, have been modified this way.) Finally, until Francois Tourte (an 19th century violin bow maker) invented the reverse curve bow, violin bows looked more like a small archery bow. The violinist playing for Henry VIII is using an bow not invented until the 19th century. [source : IMDB]

Further, historically Mark Smeaton was not a fiddle player but a player of virginals, spinet and organ (keyboard instruments)
Episode 2:4

Brandon with his bow

In the scene where Thomas Cromwell visits Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk as he is teaching his young son archery.

1) The bows used by Brandon and his son lack horn nocks at the ends to protect the bow from the string, a characteristic feature of English bows of the time, even lighter sporting or hunting bows.

2) When shooting, both Brandon and Cromwell
draw the bow incorrectly for the period, drawing the bowstring back to the face and sighting down the arrow. Though English military archery was somewhat past its heyday by this period, and the bow being used was certainly not a full draw-weight (100 lbs+) war bow, no Englishman worth his salt would have dreamed of drawing a bow this way! The correct technique was to draw "in the bow", that is, to draw the string past the eye - until the nock end of the arrow is at or near the angle of the jaw - to get a deeper draw and use the full strength of the bow.

Episode 2:7
Anne dances the Volta
Miscellaneous: The "volta" Anne and Henry dance to is actually the song "Como Poden Per Sas Culpas" composed by King Alfonso X of Spain written in honor of the Virgin Mary.
The reformer king and queen are actually dancing to a song in honor of a Catholic saint
Episode 2:7
Tudor Goofs - Anne's necklace
Continuity: While Henry and Anne are in the passionate Volta scene Anne is wearing the necklace, but then in the next shot shes not then the shot after she is wearing it again all in the space of a few seconds.
Episode 2:9
Tudor Goof
Continuity: Mark Smeaton is the last man brought before the executioner. Oddly, even though the executioner has chopped of several heads, his axe is completely bloodless when Smeaton is placed on the block. When the executioner raises his axe to swing, the blood has magically stained it again
Episode 2:10
henry & the swan
GOOFS on the Tudors - The Tudors WikiMute swan
Continuity: The swans shown in the lake are Trumpeter Swans, but the swan that is stuffed at the end is a Mute Swan.
Episode 02:09

The Tudors Goofs - The Tudors Wiki

Continuity: The executionner is supposed to chop Brereton's head off and needs many strokes.
But during the "second stroke", you can clearly see that there is no head on the block (not even stained with blood) and that the "executioner" is only pretending to strike.

[Sorry for the french subs]
Episode 3:01

Wedding dress
Anachronism: White was not worn at weddings until Queen Victoria's times. In fact white was the mourning color of queens, not black.
Episode 3.02
The Tudors Goofs - The Tudors Wiki
Anachronism: A serving platter of star fruit (aka "carambola") is featured in a close-up before a scene with Henry and Brandon. The fruit is currently cultivated in Southeast Asia and parts of the American tropics as well as Florida and Hawaii. It was not imported to Europe or eaten by Europeans during the 16th century, in fact, star fruit came to Europe for the first time in the 18th century and it was first cultivated in Hawaii only one hundred years ago.