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Basic Rules for
on "the Tudors" wiki :

  • Remember we all have our opinions, try not to dominate threads by repeating your opinions over & over.

  • Don't attack a person's character even if you disagree with their opinion.

  • Avoid creating cliques or camps (eg. Anne/Elizabeth versus Katherine/Mary camps) . This is divisive and the opposite of what a collaborative wiki stands for.

  • Discussions about Religion & Politics should be in the appropriate context of the series and not for you to advance a personal agenda.

  • Trolling (non-constructive, negative comments for the sake of being disruptive) is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by any user on this wiki, proper response to a troll is to ignore it and contact a moderator who will take appropriate action.

  • Threads or posts will be deleted if they are <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">flame</a>-baiting (attempting to start a non-constructive, contentious argument especially with the use of insulting words). A moderator has the right to delete a post or thread they believe is flame-bait.

  • The discussion forum is not the place to air grievances and any complaints about other members should be made to the moderators, not posted on threads for discussion.

  • Use good netiquette and avoid posting in all capitals as this is considered yelling. If you have issues with using the shift button, it is better to type all in lower case. If you have vision issues, change your monitor settings to a higher resolution.

  • A moderator has the right to delete threads or responses that contain spam advertising, irrelevant content, personal abuse, inappropriate or offensive language or content.

  • Before posting, check the age of the thread as there is no point in posting an answer to someone who is no longer taking part in the wiki discussion. Threads which are really old (ie. more than 2 years old) and many pages are not worth adding to. It is better to start a new thread on the subject.

  • Threads will be locked when they have "run their course" and appear to be degenerating for one of the reasons above but still contain interesting information.

<a name="anchor3">Discussion Forum Etiquette</a>

No Flaming includes:
  • Profanity (This also includes posting profanity in another language.)
  • Racial slurs.
  • Insults.
  • Mocking.
  • Overbearing and/or demeaning comments.
  • Disrespectful comments.
  • Boasting in an obnoxious manner.
  • Pro or Anti-religious comments.
  • Sending a PM containing any of the above.
Any thread that hosts a flame war will be locked by one of the Moderators.
-Also, please remember to not feed the trolls. This will only serve to make things worse since it is what they want. For more information, see [with Flame Wars and Internet Trolls|Dealing with Flame Wars and Internet Trolls.]

  • Locking of thread(s).
  • PM Warning.
  • Three're out. On the third warning, you will be banned.
No Irrelevant posts includes:
  • Posting a thread/post with:
    • Gibberish
    • Small Talk
    • Randomness
    • Profanity
    • Inappropriate comments
    • Ads
    • Anything irrelevant to the functions, features, or materials of the page they were posted on.
  • Replying to a thread and forcing it to go off topic by posting anything irrelevant to the original topic of the post.
  • Deletion of threads and/or replies.
  • PM warning to offender. If the warning is ignored or disregarded, then you will be banned.
This is our definition of Irrelevant:
: Does not relate in any way, shape, or form to the topics, material, functions, or features of The Tudors Wiki
C. No posting of personal information includes:
  • Personal information of someone other than you.
  • Credit Card numbers from you or anyone else.
  • Phone numbers
  • Home address and/or mailing address. This includes those of yourself and of other members.
  • Passwords belonging to you or anyone else.
  • Another member's age and/or date of birth unless that member has either given permission or posted it on their own profile.
  • Immediate removal of information.
  • PM warning.
  • Depending on the severity, you may be banned.
D. No Begging includes:
  • Posting multiple threads requesting to be promoted on the Wiki
  • Sending multiple PMs to the Moderators requesting to be promoted on the Wiki. This is considered harassment and will not be tolerated.
  • Deletion of threads.
  • PM warning.
  • If PMs and/or threads persist, then you will be banned.
E. No Forum Necromancy
The definition of this term is: Posting a reply on a long-dead thread when your reply adds no value to the conversation. More information may be found on this useful page:<a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Forum Necromancy">Forum Necromancy</a> This can be distracting to older members and serves no purpose. This rule does not apply to featured threads.

*Bumping a thread if you haven't had your question answered is fine.
  • PM warning, and possibly a warning in the resurrected thread. As well as the thread resurrected being locked.