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Elizabeth, Anne & Henry - S2E9
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Season: 2

Original Air Date: May 25,2008

: Michael Hirst

Jon Amiel

Name of Episode: The Act of Treason

Special Guest


Anne has lost a son and with it her last chance at a lasting marriage with Henry. The King's affections are shifting anyway: the Seymour family are awarded rooms at court and seem likely to replace the Boleyns as royal favourites. Several in the court begin to move against Anne who is accused of adultery. Arrests are made of suspected lovers and of Anne herself. All, including the Queen, are sentenced to death.

Unanswered Questions

Best Moments

  • When Anne Boleyn chastises Cromwell for selling off the profits from the Dissolution of the Monasteries to courtiers, saying "Our Reformation was never meant to be about personal gain, religious houses should not be sold off but converted to better uses.
Anne & Cromwell

  • Henry gives Jane Seymour a locket with his portrait in it, which Anne sees and rips from Jane's neck and is eventually returned back to Jane by Madge Sheldon.
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki

  • The way the Boleyns bombed their chance to make diplomatic alliances with both Ambassador Chapyus and the Ambassador of Milan (calling the French liars, while they were depending on French protection from an eminent war with Spain)
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Cromwell's "questioning" / badgering of Anne's ladies-in-waiting to give names of the men she committed adultery with, Jane Rochford cooperation with Cromwell
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Brereton's arrest as he was praying naked in front of a crucifix
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Cromwell convinces Cranmer to abandon their support of Anne as their great ally in the Reformation in order to survive to fall of the Boleyn faction
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Anne runs after Henry with Elizabeth in her arms and tries to convince him of giving her a second chance
Elizabeth, Anne & Henry - S2E9

  • Anne is arrested and taken to Tower
Anne taken to Tower

  • Anne watches the executions of four innocent men
Anne watches executions

Best Quotes

  • Dr Lincare-"The child had the appearance of a male about 4 months old. However, the fetus, there were signs of deformity, of abnormality. Perhaps after all, the Queen's miscarriage was a blessing in disguise."

  • Jane Seymour-"Thank you. I will treasure this all my life. And if they ever open my grave, they will find it again, right next to my heart."

  • Anne Boleyn-"Let me tell you something, Lady Rochford. The King cannot satisfy a woman. He has neither the skill nor the virility."

  • Charles Brandon-" As your oldest friend as well as your most loyal subject, I feel it my duty, however painful, to report some truths to you. There are some rumors about the Queen's behavior. It seems she entertains men in her room nightly, flirts and behaves intimately with them."

  • Henry VIII -"Jane, for very good reason I want you to leave Whitehall with your father...I want to tell you, in this slippery world you represent to me all that is innocent. Everything that is good, unsullied, uncorrupted. It will not be for long. And after that, after that we can have our heart's desires."

  • Anne Boleyn- "I mean you suppose if anything were to happen to the king then you would think to have me."
  • Henry Norris- "Madam, if ever I had such a thought then I wish my head were cut off."
  • Anne Boleyn- "Oh, that can be arranged!"

  • Anne Boleyn -" Nan, get them to fetch Elizabeth to me tomorrow. I want to see my daughter. And Nan, if anything should happen to me, will you promise to care for her?"

  • Henry VIII- You were no virgin when you married me! You were not what you seemed. Your father and your brother arranged everything."

  • Thomas Cromwell -'And! AND?!'
  • Madge Sheldon -'I saw her hugging and kissing her bother!'
  • Thomas Cromwell -'Her brother!!'

  • Thomas Cromwell -'Do you believe this to be true?'
  • Lady Rochford -'I believe that is true,yes.'
  • Thomas Cromwell -'You believe that your husband committed incest with the Queen!?'

  • George Boleyn -"Whatever my sister has done is not with me or mine. I am innocent Mr. Cromwell. I swear to you; I swear on the blood of Christ."

  • Anne Boleyn-"My lords before you go I beg you, to beseech the King's grace to be good to me."

  • Thomas Cromwell-"Sometimes Your Grace, in order to defeat evil you must learn to consort with the devil."

  • Thomas Cromwell -"The Queen was tried yesterday at Westminster Hall. She pleaded not guilty to all the charges against her, but the evidence being overwhelming...she was sentenced to death, either by burning or decapitation according to the King's pleasure."
  • Thomas Wyatt -'And her accomplices?What of us?'
  • Thomas Cromwell -'Smeaton,Brereton,Norris and George Boleyn,all guilty as charged.'
  • Thomas Wyatt -'Thomas,what about me? Am I to be tried too?
  • Thomas Cromwell -'No.We found no evidence against you.You're to be released...eventually.
  • Thomas Wyatt -'BUT I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO'S GUILTY!!!'

  • Henry VIII -'What of the others?'
  • Charles Brandon -'Smeaton, Brereton,Norris and George Boleyn have been found guilty,and are to be executed tomorrow.
  • Henry VIII -'You know what Cromwell told me? He told me she'd had to do with over a hundred men. A hundred ******* men,Charles!You know what? My daughter,Mary,owes God a great deal for escaping the hands of that poisoning *****! Oh she planned to have her poisoned,Charles,it's true.Just like she poisoned Katherine.We have proof. And her baby.Her baby was deformed;did you know that,Charles?So how could it have been mine!? Perhaps Elizabeth isn't even mine!That ******* *****!'


  • Even though the executioner needs several strokes to chop Brereton's head off,during the second attempt no head or blood can be seen on the block.
  • Mark Smeaton is the last man to be executed but even though the executioner has chopped off several heads before,the blade of the axe is bloodless as Smeaton is placed on the block.Then,when the executioner raises the axe,the blade is stained with blood.
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Jane & Anne

anne & her dad

Anne & Cromwell
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.09 - The Tudors Wiki


anne confronts henry
Episode 2.10 - The Tudors Wiki

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