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Jane & Henry - S2E7
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Season: 2

Original Air Date: May 11, 2008

: Michael Hirst

Director: Dearbhla Walsh

Name of Episode:
Matters of State

Special Guests:


As Thomas Cromwell's increasingly ruthless 'reforms' spread terror through an even more vulnerable Catholic Church, Anne Boleyn has nightmares that her position at the King's side is under threat from the continued existence of former Queen Katherine and her daughter Mary. Meanwhile Henry is occupied by sad news and a happy encounter.
Katherine dies and Anne is thrilled as now she "is indeed Queen".
The dissolution of the monasteries continue. Anne confronts Cromwell as to how the wealth from these religious houses is being allocated. She subsequently threatens Cromwell and is chastised by her father for her behavior.
Thomas Boleyn is increasingly concerned about Anne's erratic behavior and the consequences it will have on the family's position.
Anne seeks consolation from Mark Smeaton and her brother. They are often in her chambers comforting her. Anne's Ladies-in- Waiting look at this as rather odd.
Henry and Brandon are hunting and decide to overnight at Wolf Hall, the residence of Sir John Seymour and his family.
Henry meets Jane Seymour and later offers her a position at court as lady in waiting to the Queen.
Anne is with child and is happy once more.

Full Recap

Queen Anne is seen riding through the woods towards a group of men including, amongst others, Mark Smeaton. One of them, Thomas Wyatt, walks towards her and presents her with an apple. She waves her hand over it and they form two lines. Anne walks between them towards a female figure. It is an elderly woman with long hair wearing a cross on a chain around her neck. Anne turns around and suddenly her father is there as well, extending his hand to her. She accepts his hand but then walks on, alone. A flash of red and she's wearing a red dress and men put her in a body-shaped cage. They carry the cage and put it on a small raft. The raft with the cage is surrounded by men and women, one of whom, the Lady Mary, has a torch and lights the cage, burning Anne alive.
Anne wakes up from this nightmare, alone in her bed.
Thomas Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Cranmer visit king Henry. They present the king with the results of the study into the religious practices in the kingdom. It lists the wealth of the clergy and its corruption, fraud and evil practices. Boleyn mention how Henry's treasury, in contrast, is much depleted.
Anne is seen staring at a mirror and expects her brother George to visit when Sir Henry Norris arrives, paying his respect to one of Anne's ladies in waiting, her cousin Margaret 'Madge' Sheldon. He also confesses his respect for the Queen and they appreciate each other as evangelicals. When Sir Henry and Madge leave, George Boleyn arrives. She tells him she had the dream, again. He tells her to be more like Katherine and not show her real feeling, she should at least seem happy. He even shakes her by her arms. George leaves and a lady in waiting sees Anne adjust her dress sleeves.
At a rural monastery, father John runs towards the abbot with a letter from the king. They are to be suppressed by order of Cromwell.
William Brereton, one of the king's staff is seen tasting the king's food before serving Henry and Anne. Anne suggest talking to the French ambassador about their daughter's betrothal. Henry asks her if he should go and beg. Anne is sniffing her food and Henry tells her that it has been tasted. He tells her that they might be better off with an alliance with the emperor. When Anne complains that this would suit Katherine, Henry reminds her that it might be for the good of England. He reminds her to worry about the little things and leave the greater things to him.
Archbishop Cranmer and his wife have supper with Thomas Cromwell. They discuss the suppression of religious institutions. Cromwell also plans to abolish some holy days. They will release injunctions requiring the clergy to preach the king's supremacy and to teach their children and servants the Lord's Prayer, the Creed and the Ten Commandments, in English rather than in Latin. Cranmer's wife tells them they do not go fast and far enough. She tells them the practices of the Catholic Church are evil and Cromwell agrees that the Catholic Church is corrupted. She then tells him to smash and destroy it. utterly before leaving the table.
Thomas Wyatt visits Katherine's lady in waiting, who's scrubbing the floor. She tell him she won't leave the queen and that she is a Catholic who believes in her faith.
John Leland, the King's librarian visits the monastery that received the letter from the king. He asks about their library and is told it contains many old manuscripts and texts. He informs the abbot that he has been tasked by the king to peruse monastic libraries and remove manuscripts of religious houses to be suppressed.
The young princess Elizabeth comes to court and Anne is very happy. From the window, Brereton observes them.
Thomas Boleyn is talking to his son George about how the king does not seem to love Anne all that much. George is ordered to talk to his sister again. He finds her having a small party with dancing and music. He asks Thomas Wyatt about his love for Anne and he says he loves someone else. When the king enters, everything goes quiet until he orders Mark Smeaton to play on. Henry and Anne dance, wildly, interspersed with scenes of them making passionate love. After making love, she tells him she can't conceive while they are still alive; they meaning Katherine and her daughter.
Katherine is shown lying in bed, very ill and she complains to her lady in waiting she's not seen her daughter in four years.
In Rome, the Pope is seen talking to a group of cardinals when Allesandro enters. The boy kisses the boy and leaves and the Pope tells the cardinals that he will make a fine cardinal. Of course, Allesandro was the Pope's original name and the boy is his grandson. They discuss Michelangelo's commission to paint the Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel. They also talk about King Henry's Great Matter and he tells them a story.
In England, French Huguenots are seen demolishing the monastery and taking away statues, or idols.
Anne intends to visit the king, but is told he has gone hunting with the Duke of Suffolk. She clearly did not know this, but acts as if she did.
After Henry kills a stag, he does not want to return to the palace. Charles Brandon suggests Wolf Hall, Sir John Seymour's house.
The abbot is seen wandering around outside his ruined monastery while Sir John welcomes the king at his home.
At court Mark Smeaton is playing sad music for Anne.
Katherine is shown on her deathbed while Henry and Charles reminisce with Sir John about a campaign against the French.
Katherine hallucinates that her daughter Mary is visiting her.
Anne confides in Mark Smeaton and kisses him on the cheek, this too is observed by her lady in waiting.
King Henry is introduced to sir John's daughter, Lady Jane Seymour.
Anne talks to Cromwell about the closing of all religious houses in England. She mentions how the wealth of those houses will go to the treasury and suggests that some of that wealth should be used as endowments to charitable and educational causes, as even Wolsey did.
Cromwell expresses surprise that she questions the king's policy and she says she wonders whether it is the king's policy. She then threatens Cromwell.
On her deathbed, Katherine dictates a letter to King Henry who reads it after Katherine's death and cries. When Anne is informed she proclaims: "Now I am indeed queen."
Thomas Wyatt visits Katherine's former lady in waiting, Lady Elizabeth and finds her hanging from the rafters.
Mary receives her mother's belongings.
A celebration is going on with Morris dancers and archery. Charles Brandon introduces his wife to Sir John Seymour. Thomas Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell, George Boleyn and his wife and Mark Smeaton are all there when King Henry and Queen Anne arrive. George talks to Mark and Mark asks whether he's told his wife about them.
Henry tells Sir John Seymour that his daughter Jane should come to court, as a lady to Queen Anne.
Henry then plays for a while with his daughter, Elizabeth.
Thomas Boleyn berates Anne about her quarrel with Cromwell and they have an argument. She tells him not to worry because Katherine is dead and she is pregnant.

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Unanswered Questions

  • If Elizabeth, Katherine's Lady-in Waiting, is a devout Catholic, why does she hang herself?

  • What is going on with Brereton? Is he going to make another attempt on Anne's life? ANSWER: No - he is a gentleman of the King's chamber and has the unenviable position of food taster.

  • Cromwell's eventual reaction to Queen Anne's confrontation.
    Was it an accident that Charles and Henry needed a place to stay after their hunt, or did the Duke of Suffolk plan for the king to stay at the Seymour's house to meet Lady Jane?
  • Homosexuality was punishable by death in the sixteenth century. Why on earth would Mark Smeaton want George Boleyn to tell his wife about them as he is urging him to do?

Best Moments

  • Anne's dream that wakes her in the middle of the night and panics her so she is convinced that Mary wants to kill her.
Episode 2.07 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Anne's party in her chambers when Henry and her dance a Volta, played by Mark Smeaton.
Anne dances the Volta

  • The Pope addressing the Cardinals and giving an analogy of the King's situation in England.

  • Katherine's illness and deathbed scene when she writes Henry a final letter that moves him to tears.
Episode 2.07 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Anne dominating Henry during their sex scene, using violence such as smacking him across the face, grabbing him by the neck and holding his hands behind his head.
Episode 2.07 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Anne tells her father she is again pregnant
Yellow outfit jewels

  • King Henry meets Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour meets Henry

Best Quotes

  • Thomas Boleyn-" Meanwhile Majesty, your own treasury is much depleted. Isn't it not a thing to marvel at? The richness of those who ought by right to be your subjects and the poverty and debt of the English Crown."

  • Anne Boleyn -" I told you, I am her death and she is mine. So long as they are both alive, I can't be safe. Why doesn't Katherine just die? Everyone tells me how ill she is; why doesn't she die? I have a thought. The next time Henry goes abroad, I shall be left as Regent. I can just order their deaths!"

  • George Boleyn-"You're the Queen of England! Why don't you act like it?"

  • "Successful people only recognize fear in others."

  • Henry VIII-"Mark, play a Volta!"

  • Anne Boleyn -"I want to conceive again. I want to conceive a son. A son in the living image of his father. But I can't. As long as they're alive, I can't conceive a son."

  • Pope Paul III-"I will tell you a story. Once when I was a boy, I went swimming and the tide carried me away from the shore into the deepest water. It was then I prayed aloud to God and a friendly wave came and pushed me back to the shore. So it is with the King of England. He has been carried far from the shore but doesn't know it. He does not ask for God's help; he does not ask for our help. He thinks he can swim alone. But very soon he will realize he is not swimming, but drowning."

  • Thomas Boleyn-" I did not bring you up to have opinions or to express them or to quarrel with those closest to the crown!"

  • Anne Boleyn-"I know how I got there and it wasn't all you! It was not all you, or Norfolk, or George or any man! It was also me. He fell in love with me; he respected me and my opinions."

  • Anne Boleyn -" There is good news all around. Katherine is dead and I am pregnant. Do you understand? I am carrying the King's son. We are on the edge of a golden world!"

  • Anne Boleyn -'Now I am indeed Queen.'


  • Reports vary about the tasteless yellow worn at Katherine's death, some accounts attribute to both the King and Queen whilst others say it was only Anne.

  • Ironically Katherine was Anne's best protection. While Katherine lived Anne couldn't be cast aside as it would mean the King would have to take Katherine back, when Katherine died Anne was now vulnerable.


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Anne & her father
Episode 2.07 - The Tudors Wiki
Death of Katherine of Aragon

anne & cromwell
Henry & Anne
Episode 2.07 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.07 - The Tudors Wiki

Henry & Anne

Elizabeth & Anne
Episode 2.07 - The Tudors Wiki

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