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JRM as King Henry VIII - S2E5
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Season: 2

Original Air Date: April 27, 2008

: Michael Hirst

Director: Ciarán Donnelly

Name of Episode:
His Majesty's Pleasure

Special Guests: Katie McGrath


Attempts to legitimise the King's marriage and increase his power hit unmovable obstacles as Sir Thomas MoreTower of London they face likely execution unless they take the Oath of Allegiance. Meanwhile Henry's wandering eye continues to roam.
Thomas More's wife, Alice, and daughter Margaret visit him in his cell in the Tower. Alice tries to persuade More to give in to the King's demands and sign the oath, but he tells her that the King broke a promise to him saying he would not do anything to make More act against his conscience and that he does not "willingly seek martyrdom".
Anne miscarries and Henry tells her they will not publicly announce this fact.
Both More and Fisher are executed for refusing to take the oath as Parliament passes a law that it is high treason, punishable by death, to maliciously deny the King's supremacy.
Mary, Anne's sister, has married William Stafford without consent. She is with child and is banished from court by Anne.
and Bishop Fisher insist that only God can be head of the church. Imprisoned in the

Unanswered Questions

  • Did Henry really abduct a woman in the woods?
Answer : "In the late 1530s, a man called William Webbe complained that, while he was riding in broad daylight with his mistress near Eltham Palace, they encountered the King, who took an immediate fancy to the "pretty wench", pulled her up onto his horse, and rode off to the palace where he ravished her and kept her for some time." - PG. 337 Alison Weir, Henry VIII: The King and His Court

Best Moments

  • Fisher's last words on the scaffold before his execution.

  • Alice and Margaret's plea to Thomas More to take the oath and return to his family, followed by More's rationale as to why he cannot comply.
Margaret More as played by Gemma Reeves

  • Peter O'Toole's wonderful performance as Pope Paul III and his view of martyrdom.
Pope Paul

  • Henry continued lust, snaring unwary travellers with attractive companions as he bedfellas.
Henry & Bess

  • Anne's increasing sense of isolation.

  • Thomas More's execution
More executed

  • Henry's scream of regret after the execution of Thomas More
Henry screams as More is executed

Best Quotes

  • "Your Majesty, we had a great success throughout the whole country in the swearing of allegiance to Your Majesty as head of the church, also in favor of your marriage to Queen Anne. But, we cannot persuade either Fisher or Thomas More to swear the oath. However, they may swear to part of it. Sir Thomas has already told us he has no argument with the Act of Succession."

  • Henry VIII-"There can be no compromise, for if we allow them, of all men, to swear to what they like and nothing else then they will set a precedent for others to follow. In this matter, Your Grace, it is all or nothing."

  • Alice More-Well Thomas More, I marvel that you have always been taken for such a wise man. That you will now play the fool, here in this dark, filthy prison and be content apparently to be shut up among mice and rats."

  • Thomas More -" I want you to understand, please. I do not willingly seek martyrdom. I will do everything I can to accommodate the King and his desires. You must remember that he once made me a promise that he would never force me to do anything against my conscience; to look first unto God and only after, unto him."

  • Ambassador Chapuys-"I truly believe that man to be an emissary of Satan."

  • "Poor Fisher. He was a lion in my defense; now he will die alone and ashamed in a prison cell."

  • Pope Paul III-"You and I Campeggio have done well to avoid the craft of women. Celibacy is an immense relief."

  • Pope Paul III-" On the other hand, in the days of the founders of our church, it was considered a privilege to be martyred like Saint Peter and the other Apostles. Our church was founded upon the blood of these martyrs. So perhaps it is a pity that you and I Campeggio, unlike Cardinal Fisher, no longer have the opportunity to die for Christ."

  • Thomas Boleyn-"You and your fine, honest young man can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned!"

  • Henry VIII -Sir Thomas, why will you not take the oath? Thousands have; many I'm sure share your beliefs and your faith, and yet not your scruples."

  • Sir Thomas More-"Master Cromwell, you and I are the same, the only difference is that I will die today and you will die tomorrow"

  • Anne Boleyn -" This is all I know of Mary: that she is my death, and I am hers."

  • Cardinal Fisher on the scaffold- "I am here in my wedding clothes"................"Good people, I ask you to love the King and obey him for he is good by nature even if he is not right in his religious policies; that I am condemned to die for wishing to uphold the honor of God and the Holy See. Now good Christian people, I ask for your prayers. I am only flesh and fear death as much as any man. It's true that I long since made up my mind to die if need be for Christ and his church. Now that the moment is at hand, I need your help."

  • Thomas More on the scaffold- " I ask you to bear witness with me that I shall now suffer death in and for the faith of the Holy Catholic Church. I beg you earnestly to pray for the King. Tell him I died his good servant, but God's first."


  • Anne not only banished her sister from court she also took her son from her and placed him in the house of a nobleman.
  • Anne did often say about Mary that "she is my death and I am hers".


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Episode 2.05 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.05 - The Tudors Wiki
Henry encounters a couple in the woods and takes off with the wife
Anne Bolyen
Bishop Fisher
Mary Bolyen
Sir Thomas More
Episode 2.05 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.05 - The Tudors Wiki

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