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Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn - S2E3
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Season: 2

Original Air Date: 4/13/08

: Michael Hirst

Director: Colm McCarthy

Name of Episode:

Special Guests: James Gilbert


King Henry must annul his marriage to Katherine of Aragon as Anne Boleyn is with child. He cannot wait for the Pope's decision any longer. Archbishop Warham has died, so there is a need to fill the vacancy of Archbishop of Cantebury. Henry appoints Cranmer and informs him he must reach a decision as to "The Great Matter". In the interim, Henry secretly marries Anne. Cranmer subsequently declares Henry's marriage to Katherine "null and void" and his marriage to Anne Boleyn "valid and lawful in the eyes of God".
In the meantime, Pope Paul III threatens Henry with excommunication if he does not leave Anne and return to Katherine. The Curia votes in favor of Katherine; Henry disregards this.
Anne Boleyn
has her coronation. The mystery hooded man, who we find out is William Brereton, is sent back to England with the Pope's blessing after his first assassination attempt fails. Brereton attempts to assassinate Anne during her coronation procession and kills someone else. Thomas Boleyn is furious with Charles Brandon for not being more vigilant as he is Grand Marshall and this was allowed to happen with the shooter not being caught.
Queen Katherine and Princess Mary are both informed they are no longer Queen and Princess, but Princess Dowager Katherine and Lady Mary. Neither is willing to accept this despite the fact that they know Henry has married Anne Boleyn.
Anne goes into labor and gives birth to a girl. Both Henry and Anne are disappointed as they were assured by an astrologer that they would have a male heir. Henry is visibly upset but states:" You and I are both young and by God's grace, boys will follow."
Henry begins to tire of Anne and finds comfort with one of Anne's Ladies-in- Waiting: Lady Eleanor Luke.

Unanswered Questions

Best Moments

  • Cromwell is appointed Chancellor.
Episode 2.03 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Cranmer's wife arrives to England in a wooden cart
Cranmer's wife in her box

  • Anne and Henry's secret marriage and Anne's subsequent coronation.
Anne Boleyn Wedding Set
Anne's Coronation

  • Brereton attempts to assassinate Anne

  • The birth of Elizabeth.
Anne gives birth to Elizabeth

  • The Roman Curia rules in favor of Katherine and threatens Henry with excommunication if he does not go back to Katherine.
Episode 2.03 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Henry takes Lady Eleanor as his mistress after Anne gives birth to a daughter
Henry and Eleanor Luke

Best Quotes

  • Anne Boleyn -You know what? I have a furious hankering for apples, such as I've never had before. It started 3 days ago. The King told me it was a sign I was pregnant, but I said it was nothing of the sort.

  • Henry VIII -"The fact is I now have a reason, a very good reason, not to wait for the Pope's decision. The annulment of my marriage must be declared immediately."

  • Pope Paul III -"For the fact is Campeggio that the Kings of Europe have power but no morality. I must act as their conscious. They are my willful children and I their father leading them along the paths of righteousness".

  • Henry VIII (to Cranmer) -"You are not beholden to Rome, Only to God and me."

  • "No English sovereign has been granted such absolute power."

  • Katherine of Aragon -"If I had to choose between extreme happiness and extreme sorrow, I would always choose sorrow. For when you are happy you forget about spiritual things; you forget about God, but in your soul he is always with you."

  • Katherine of Aragon -"As long as I live, I will always call myself the Queen of England."

  • Thomas Cranmer-"The union between King Henry and Katherine of Aragon is declared null and void and therefore the King's marriage to Anne Boleyn is declared both valid and lawful in the eyes of God."

  • Charles Brandon -'I'm going to have to attend on the King and that ***** of his at her coronation! What did Wolsey used to call her? 'The Black Crow'.'
  • Catherine Brandon -'Can you not plead some indisposition?'
  • Charles Brandon -'I could,even though the King has made me high constable for the day,but if I did,His Majesty would remove my head.And then,I should be genuinely indisposed!'
  • Catherine Brandon -"Very well. So keep your head. It's a pretty head, in any case, and I don't want to lose it either. But store up your knowledge and your anger. Don't act impulsively; it's always a mistake. But one day with others so disposed, use them both and if you can, bring her down and destroy her."

  • "I've been thinking about the past when I believed the King to be the most enlightened and promising Prince in Christendom. I was sure his reign would be a Golden Age; such high hopes."

  • Thomas Boleyn-"Lady Mary, I have come to inform you of the judgements made recently by His Grace, The Archbishop of Canterbury. His Majesty's marriage to your mother has been declared null and void. Your mother was never legally Queen of England and must now accept the title of Dowager Princess, just as you no longer have the right to call yourself Princess, but from now on must be known as Lady Mary. At the same time, His Majesty's recent marriage to Queen Anne has been declared legal and valid. Her coronation took place in London this past week."

  • Princess Mary Tudor -" I know of no Queen of England save my mother and I will accept no other Queen except my mother."

  • Henry VIII (to his courtiers while Anne is in labour) -'I've asked the French Ambassador to hold him at the font during his christening.If he drops him,it's a war!'

  • Henry VIII (to Anne) -"You and I are both young, and by God's grace boys will follow."


  • Princess Elizabeth was born at Greenwich Palace on September 7, 1533. Before the birth, the queen had already prepared the birth announcements for a Prince, afterwards an extra 's' had to be added to indicate the birth of a girl.

  • Anne really did brag to the whole court that she had a "furious hankering for apples."

  • The crowds at the coronation were very unenthusiastic as depicted, although not depicted is the fact that they spat at Anne and pointed at laughed at Henry & Anne's combined cipher which read "HA". Anne's father was said to have ordered the Mayor of London to tell the crowds to cheer. As Marie-Louise Bruce puts it in her book "Anne Boleyn", "this much put upon man" replied that it was in his power to control crowds but he couldn't control mens hearts. Even Anne's fool tried to lighten the event by remarking to the crowd that they must be keeping their hats on as they probably all had scurvy!


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Episode 2.03 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.03 - The Tudors Wiki
Secret Wedding

The Tudors Season 2, Episode 3
Episode 2.03 - The Tudors Wiki
Cranmer delievers the annulment
Episode 2.03 - The Tudors Wiki
Cranmer and his secret wife

Episode 2.03 - The Tudors Wiki

Episode 2.03 - The Tudors Wiki
Lady Eleanor Luke ~ Henry's new mistress
Episode 2.03 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.03 - The Tudors Wiki
Henry and Eleanor Luke

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