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JRM as King Henry VIII - S2E1
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Season: 2

Original Air Date: 3/30/08

: Michael Hirst

Director: Jeremy Podeswa

Name of Episode:
Everything Is Beautiful

Special Guests: Peter O'Toole


King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn take Holy communion together while Queen Katherine of Aragon and Sir Thomas More pray.Thomas More welcomes Ambassador Chapuys who has brought a letter from the Emperor of Rome for Queen Katherine.Thomas asks him not to deliver the letter to him as he doesn't want to compromise his loyalty to the King. King Henry tells Thomas More that he has received a petition from the Members of The House of Commons, who are complaining about the clergys cruel behaviour. Thomas tells the King that he can not condone the new visions of private belief and personal grace, but that he would never speak in public against the King & Henry says he will hold him to that promise.

Parliament Westminster:
King Henry addresses those accused of supporting the authority of the late Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and the Bishop of Rome against the King and country. He tells them that Parliament is gathered to listen to their responses to the accusations against them. The Bishop of Rochester tells Parliament that the church is unable to admit the King as the supreme Head of The Church of England, in doing so would mean having to abandon the unity of the sea of Rome. The King is given a new title : Supreme Head of The Church and clergy of England .

In Rome the Pope greets Cardinal Campeggio who wants to discuss letters from King Henry that request an annulment to his marriage, and also
a letter from Queen Katherine urging the Pope to prevent the annulment. The Pope asks Campeggio why the King's mistress Anne Boleyn has not been gotten rid of.

King Henry tells Anne that he has been made Head of The Church of England, she tells him it is what he deserves and that he can finally rule as he wants. Henry tells her that he plans to have apartments in the Tower refurbished as preparation for her coronation as his Queen.

Thomas Boleyn tells Anne that although the King has been made Head of The Church of England it is only as far as the law of Christ allows,
which could invalidate the vote itself. George Boleyn is appointed to negotiate with the Bishops on the matter of the King's annulment. He speaks of Bishop's Fisher and Archbishop Warren who are especially opposed to the idea.

Thomas Boleyn pays a cook from the King's kitchen's to poison the Bishops who stand against the Kings decision being reached.
Thomas Cromwell presents Thomas Cranmer to the King, who welcomes him to court and appoints him as his personal chaplain.

he Bishops are all poisoned except for Bishop Fisher & Thomas More, when they eat the food laced with poison by the King's cook who is arrested for his crime. Thomas More tells the King of the news and that Lady Anne is being held to blame and that if he chose to ignore the crime it will be viewed that the murders were carried out with his blessing.

Anne is annoyed when she discovers that Queen Katherine still makes the King's shirts and challenges the King about it, and tells him that "you can't have three people in a marriage."

Queen Katherine of Aragon tells the King that their daughter, Princess Mary Tudor is ill. He tells her to visit her and to stay there with her, but the Queen replies that her place is by his side.

Anne is introduced to Mark Smeaton with whom she flirts with while he shows her how to play the violin.
Queen Katherine is asked to leave court while Anne and Henry are away on a hunting trip. She is also asked to turn over the Queens Jewels which she refuses. Thomas More calls her "Queen of Hearts" as she leaves and promises that more people will be there to greet her upon her return. A plot is set forward to get rid of Anne between Chapuys and a cloaked man.

Unanswered Questions

  • Who is the hooded man who Chapuys plots with to assassinate Anne Boleyn?

Best Moments

  • Archbishop Warham gives King Henry a new title, but with a caveat: Supreme Head of the Church of England, As far as the law of Christ allows.

  • Peter O'Toole as the new Pope discusses with Compeggio how they should handle the King's "Great Matter".
Pope Paul

  • The poisoning scene and More's subsequent confrontation with Henry as the rumors abound, suspecting Anne and her father for the deed.

  • Fisher's cook is boiled alive
boiled alive

  • Katherine banished from court
Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki

Best Quotes

  • Anne Boleyn -"You cannot have three people in a marriage."

  • Thomas More -" I cannot condone this new fangled vision of private belief and personal grace. For me, the church is the permanent and living sign of God's presence"

  • Pope Paul III -"Clement was a terrible procrastinator. Although it was very wrong for some people to dig up his dead body and stab it in the street, I can well understand their feelings. He was never popular."

  • Henry VIII -"Some people will blame her for everything. They'll blame her if it rains or if the rains fail. They blame her for the barrenness of the Queen or for the fact that I love her. They blame her for the winds that destroy our crops and the storms that sink our ships. It's all the fault of the Lady Anne!"


  • The episode takes place in 1533, the year Henry and Anne Boleyn were married, and the year of Anne's coronation. In the episode there is an aerial view of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome as it looks today. In fact, the design for the new St. Peter's Basilica with its characteristic dome had not been started by Michelangelo until 1547. The dome was not completed until 1590, and the entire redesigned basilica wasn't completed until 1626, nearly 100 years after the events the show portrays. It's an interesting anachronism because much of the Protestant Reformation, including the English Protestant Reformation, was a response (in part) to the abuse of the Roman Catholic Church selling indulgences (remissions for sin) in order to rebuild St. Peter's.

  • Thomas Cranmer is wearing an Easter Orthodox Cross (cross with three bars) when he is introduced to King Henry VIII,but that's a symbol that wouldn't be worn by an English cleric.
  • This episode is rated TV-MA for nudity,violence and adult content.
  • On the basis of the second season,Nuala and Frank Moiselle (casting),Mary Jo Slater (US casting),Steve Brooksbank (US Casting) and Stephanise Gorin (Canadian casting) were nominated for an Emmy for 'Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series'.
(source <a class="external" href="http://www.tv.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.tv.com</a>)


Someone indeed did try to poison Bishop Fisher. It was rumoured to be The Boleyns but unlike the series it was never proven who was behind it.
On July 14th 1531, Henry VIII really did leave Katherine of Aragon behind at Windsor without a goodbye leaving her to find out from others that he had left. The King sent a message that she was not to follow and she was to remove herself from court to another house. However, the demand for the jewels and Katherine's line that she would not "give up what is rightfully mine to adorn a woman who is the scandal of Christendom" came much later. Katherine did in reality send a messenger to enquire after the King's health but it is unsubstantiated that he took a beating from the King. It is known however, that the start of Henry's line "tell the Queen that I care not for her adieus!" is historically accurate even if the rest of the line isn't.

When Henry asks Anne if she would “like to go hunting tomorrow” the bell outside chimes five.
As Henry and Anne prepare to leave, Anne can be heard asking one of her ladies “did you remember to pack my new dress?”


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Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki

Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki

Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki

Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki
Episode 2.01 - The Tudors Wiki
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