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Anne & Henry - S1E10
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Season: 1

Original Air Date: 6/10/2007

Michael Hirst

Ciarán Donnelly

Name of Episode: The Death of Wolsey

Special Guests:


Cardinal Wolsey, although exiled, tries to gather last minute support from his old enemy, Queen Katherine. She hesitantly agrees to his plan, as she finds herself in a situation similar to that of the fallen cardinal. When their plot is intercepted by the King's new advisers, Wolsey is forced to pay the ultimate price.

Unanswered Questions

  • In the beginning of this episode was the King, for a lack of a better phrase, spanking the prince with a guy standing there holding a rag for him. I wasn't sure if he was passing a kidney stone or throwing around some baby batter. Is this how they did it back then and who makes sounds like that ? ( note to posting: you really must have led a very sheltered life LOL)

  • What happened to Wolsey's pension? In the previous episode, Henry told More that he was giving Wolsey a pension of 3,000 <a class="external" href="http://www.bignell.uk.com/16th_century.htm" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">angels</a> (1,000 sovereigns - more than four times what Mendoza offered Thomas Boleyn on the Emperor's behalf in 1.05) but in this episode, Wolsey has no money and can't even afford to hire servants.

  • Henry said that he wished Wolsey had lived - what did he have planned for him if he wasn't going to execute him for high treason?

Best Moments

  • When Cardinal Wolsey kills himself; the music is PERFECT!
Episode 1.10 - The Tudors Wiki
  • When Anne and Henry are having sex in the woods. I was SO disappointed... "No, you mustn't!" That was actually quite funny but then you can tell Henry is so frustrated with this.
Anne and Henry in the forest
Episode 1.10 - The Tudors Wiki

Best Quotes

  • Charles Brandon-"If all ambassadors were women I would be serving my country day and night"

  • Anne Boleyn-"I care nothing for Katherine, I would rather see her hanged than acknowledge her as my mistress"

  • Anne Boleyn-"I would only be unhappy is you stopped loving me"
  • Henry VIII-"London would have to melt into the Thames first"

  • Thomas More (to Chapuys)-"He may threaten to break with Rome but I don't think he will ever do so"

  • Charles Brandon -"When Satan was thrown from heaven was he ever invited back?"
  • Norfolk-"You were"

  • Thomas Wyatt (to Tallis about Anne)-"For what it's worth, I did f***k her"


  • The Cardinal was in reality arrested by Henry Percy who had been Anne's betrothed (and whom the Cardinal had refused permission to marry Anne to) not by a group of soldiers storming his house, dragging him out of bed and manhandling his mistress.
  • Anne really did say that she wished "all Spaniards where at the bottom of the sea" and that she would "rather be hanged" than admit Katherine was her mistress.
  • On Wolsey's death there really was a charming little masque performed at court depicting him going down to hell. The Duke of Norfolk later had it published!


If Henry did masturbate it is unlikely that it was done in such a public fashion (e.g in front of the pages and with Anne and her ladies sitting next door and listening) - the commonly held belief at that time was that masturbation meant you would burn in hell.
During the scene where Charles Brandon introduces Catherine Brooke to Anthony Knyvert, you can hear an extra in the background shouting “put your back into it lad!”
The Duke of Norfolk is seen at the King’s table sitting next to an unknown woman (this is probably meant to be the Duchess of Norfolk)
Although Wolsey was hauled away in his nightclothes someone was good enough to bring him his Cardinal’s cap.
During the masque depicting the Cardinal going to hell, when the actor playing Wolsey appears someone in the crowd yells out “hypocrite!”
The angel with the scythe in the mass is either meant to be St. Michael the Archangel or (less likely) Abaddon (Apollyon in some traditions) who is a destroyer.
When the mouth of hell is revealed a man is seen over Cromwell’s shoulder giving the thumbs down (Cromwell himself is bundled behind one of the damned)
What happens to Thomas Cromwell during the masque is ironic considering his later fate - he is caught up in the demons when they pull forth the red from the Cardinal’s gown, he is also hustled along with the damned to the mouth of hell.


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More witnesses the burning of a heretic
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Wolsey is arrested and says goodbye to Joan
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Henry is informed of Wolsey's death
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Henry attempts to consummate his love

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