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"Episode 9"

Henry, Anne & Wolsey - S1E9
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Season: 1

Original Air Date: 6/3/2007

Michael Hirst

Ciarán Donnelly

Name of Episode:
Look to God First

Special Guests:


Cardinal Wolsey's fortunes begin to fail when he is stripped of office and is banished from court. Henry chooses an unlikely successor, his friend Sir Thomas More, who is very reluctant to take the post.

Unanswered Questions

Best Moments

  • Henry ignoring Wolsey's pleas
Episode 1.09 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Princess Margaret's death
Princess Margaret Dies

Best Quotes

  • Cardinal Wolsey (to Katherine)-"You know perfectly well what the king desires and what he will have!"

  • Tavern talk-"Here's to the Queen, who doesn't give a fig. Gawd Bless her"

  • Henry VIII (to Katherine)-"Alright so you were a f**king virgin. That's not the point"

  • Anthony Knivert (to Charles)-"Don't you ever get tired of it Charles?"
  • Charles Brandon-'Of course but then I go to sleep


  • Willoughby's testiment about what Arthur said the morning after he and Katherine were married, about having "been in the midst of Spain" and that having a wife was a "good pastime" where what the real Prince Arthur said, though these were probably just boasts, it seems likely they did not consumate the marriage.

  • The scene of Sir Thomas Cromwell tearing up a letter from Cardinal Wolsey is used in the opening credits.
  • The song King Henry VIII is heard playing is called 'Greensleeves' and according to a popular yet unproven legend,he actually composed the song.However,Scholars think this is unlikely,since its style was not known in England until after Henry's death.
  • This episode is rated TV-MA for brief nudity,adult language and adult content.
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It is interesting to note the difference in the reactions of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Keith Michell when it was stated about Arthur “being in the midst of Spain.” Jonathan Rhys-Meyers flinches and looks humiliated, whereas Keith Michell’s Henry actually laughed and enjoyed the story.
Katherine of Aragon wears a Peineta (Spanish comb) when Wolsey and Cromwell accost her in the chapel although the style became popular in the 19th century there is evidence that it had been used in Spain since the 5th century BC.
The picture on the tablecloth that covers the judges panel is the crossed key and Pope’s crown symbol of the Vatican.
When Bishop Fisher is accused of temerity, the guard to the side of him stands for a few moments with his mouth open and a man who looks like a priest can be seen standing up.
When Chapuys presents his credentials to Katherine, a chess set can be seen in the corner of the room.
During Katherine’s line “seek them out if you would know of things” the camera pans up as men gallop through the arch to where Wolsey is forlornly looking out of the window. If you look at the ceiling of the arch there is a small electrical light.


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