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Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon & JRM as King Henry VIII - S1E7
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Season: 1

Original Air Date: 5/13/2007

Michael Hirst

Alison MacLean

Name of Episode: Message to the Emperor

Special Guests:


As Tudor England is plagued by the fatal and mysterious sweating sickness, the King's natural optimism and confidence gives way to doubt and delusions. When the plague begins to subside, the king receives news that his mistress, Anne Boleyn, has miraculously survived. Meanwhile an envoy of Pope Clement is on his way to England to finally decide on Henry's request for an annulment.

Full Recap

A major outbreak of the sweating sickness erupts in England. Compton dies in bed, and when Tallis returns and visits his grave, he is so distraught that he shatters his lute against it. Anne and Henry visit Wolsey at his home, where he tells them of his plan to send two lawyers to Orvieto to petition the Pope on his behalf. Meanwhile, Ambassador Mendoza tells Katherine that Charles V has sent a missive to the Pope urging him to declare the marriage valid. Norfolk is told by Wolsey that he must go to East Anglia to supervise trade and agriculture.

Henry tells Brandon and Knivert that they must use infusions to avoid Compton's fate. Katherine's ladies in waiting, the twins Joan and Jane, again approach Tallis. This time, he asks to kiss Joan, telling her that he sees a halo of light about her head. 300 people die in the city of sweating sickness in one day. Henry's physician is summoned and tells him that infusions are useless but that diet, exercise, good mental attitude and isolating one's self are the best approach. The More family takes comfort in faith and prayer, while Brandon chooses to exercise by committing adultery.

When Anne's maid dies of the sickness, Anne is sent home to her family estate. Henry sends Katherine and Mary to Wales to protect them from contact with the ill. In the palace, Henry is beset by nightmares and visions of death. When a servant dies in his presence, Henry retreats to an isolated castle. Joan dies and Tallis comforts Jane. London, Cambridge and Oxford all have major outbreaks and there is rioting.

In Orvieto, Wolsey's emissaries are received by Pope Clement. He listens to their pleas, but does not give them an answer. Instead, he appoints Cardinal Campeggio to be his legate. He will travel to England to investigate the case and rule on Clement's behalf. Anne become ill and Henry sends her his physician who judges her a lost cause. Wolsey collapses from the sickness. More tells his daughter that there is little to fear from the sickness, because the righteous will go to heaven when they die. He is more worried by the illness of protestantism, which threatens men's eternal souls.

Anne and Wolsey recover. The epidemic comes to an end, and the royal family attends a memorial service where a visibly forlorn Tallis conducts a stirring piece of choral music. Henry and Anne reunite.

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Unanswered Questions

  • Why was Wolsey the one who told Henry that Anne was sick? Surely her father wouldn't want to relay information like that through him.

Best Moments

Anne - Sweating Sickness

  • Henry and Anne reunite after the terrible sweating sickness
Episode 1.07 - The Tudors Wiki

    Best Quotes

    • Henry VIII-"Katherine, she is not my mistress, I do not sleep with her, not whilst you and I are still married.....Our marriage was based on a lie but I still love you enough not to want you to die"

    • Henry VIII (to physician)-"The Lady Anne is sick, go at once to Hever Castle and for the love of God save her life"

    • Charles Brandon(to his mistress)-"Now, isn't that the best way to work up a sweat?... Let your husband lick it off..." -


    • This episode is rated TV-MA for nudity and adult content.

    The Cardinal asks Anne how the shrimp is and she replies its perfect - but she hasn’t even started eating and has only just put her napkin on her lap.

    Its true - Henry enjoyed making his own medicinal concoctions.

    When Henry rides at breakneck speed to escape the sweating sickness he starts off with no mask, in the next shot he has it round his mouth, it then progresses to being wrapped around his head and then back round his mouth again. It is also raining when they arrive at the rocky castle.

    Thomas Boleyn is “telling” his rosary beads as Dr. Linacre emerges from Anne’s bedroom

    Thomas Boleyn is evidently not relieved that Anne has survived simply because she is his daughter but because she has lived and therefore can further his ambitions.

    In the chapel at the thanksgiving\remembrance mass Anthony Knyvet can be seen sitting behind Henry and Katherine


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    William Compton dies of the sweating sickness
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    Henry and Katherine
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    Thomas Boleyn is very happy Anne has
    recovered from the sweating sickness
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    Katherine & Henry mourn the deaths from the sweating sickness
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    Henry races to see Anne after her recovery
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