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JRM as King Henry VIII & Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn - S1E6
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Season: 1

Original Air Date: 5/6/2007

Michael Hirst

Brian Kirk

Name of Episode: True Love

Special Guests:


Personal and political allegiances continue to change in Henry's court. The king grows ever more confident in his role as monarch and more enamoured of the young Anne Boleyn. Despite Cardinal Wolsey's influence and efforts the catholic church seems unable to make progress in Henry's petition for an annulment - much to the frustration of the King. This adds to the growing discomfort of the increasingly vulnerable Wolsey.

Full Recap

Norfolk and Boleyn plot with Anne to undermine Wolsey. Wolsey leaves for Paris to negotiate a treaty with the French against Spain and to convene a Conclave of Cardinals which he believes will grant him authority to adjudicate matters (including Henry's annulment) that the Pope cannot consider because he is a prisoner of the Spanish emperor. As he leaves, he shows that he is unaware of Anne's relationship with Henry when he cannot understand why such a "silly girl" would have an audience with the king. Katherine sends a message to her nephew, the Emperor, via Ambassador Mendoza. She wants him to know that Henry is trying to divorce her.

Tallis says goodbye to Compton before he and Wyatt leave on the trip with Wolsey. In Paris, the delegation is greeted warmly and King Francis produces his son who expresses his happiness at being engaged to Mary. Katherine tells Anne that she knows about the affair, but that she will always have Henry's heart. Cromwell tells Henry that Pope Clement has escaped to Orvieto and recommends Dr. Knight, who tutored Anne, as a messenger.

Henry and Compton go on a hunt once again, but this time Henry refuses to bring Brandon, and takes Anne with them. Boleyn and Norfolk ally themselves with Brandon, whom they intend to help return to court. Anne's brother, George, has a tryst with two of Katherine's ladies in waiting and hopes to get information from them useful in court intrigues. At dinner with Henry, Norfolk recommends forgiving Brandon, and Boleyn explains that Wolsey has been embezzling money.

In her bedchamber, Katherine confronts Anne again and calls her a servant and a *****. Wolsey intercepts Knight and tells him that the message to Pope Clement asks either for permission to remarry, or to take a second wife. Knight tells Wolsey that Anne is Henry's intended. After begging for forgiveness and beating Henry in an arm wrestling challenge, Brandon is allowed to return. More tells Wolsey that he will not support the Conclave if it rules in favour of an annulment, but the issue becomes academic when the cardinals refuse to convene now that the Pope is free. Wolsey returns to London and tells Henry and Anne that he could not get them the divorce.

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Unanswered Questions

Best Moments

  • Charles Brandon wins at arm wrestling with the King and is allowed to come back to court.
    Episode 1.05 - The Tudors Wiki

Best Quotes

  • Norfolk-"The King is plain in love with you. Don't you see ,niece, it makes a man,any man extremely vulnerable."
  • Thomas Boleyn -'How do you like your charge,sweetheart?'
  • Anne Boleyn -'I...At first,I confess,I did not like it so much.I did not care for the King,but now,I...Now I...'
  • Norfolk -'Anne,it would be wise for you not to be fooled by your own masquerade.It is your duty to use his love to our advantage in supplanting Wolsey.'
  • Thomas Boleyn -'The Cardinal stands between us...and everything.And it is now in your power to do him a great hurt,and we expect you to do so.'

  • Cardinal Wolsey -'Lady Anne,what are you doing here?'
  • Anne Boleyn -'I have an audience with His Majesty.'
  • Cardinal Wolsey -"What would a silly girl like you have to say to a King?"

  • King Henry VIII (about Brandon) -"Look,I don't mean he's banished forever, just as long as he breathes"

  • Thomas Wyatt (to Tallis)-"She is just a girl but if she has her way she will set our whole country in a roar"

  • George Boleyn-"I am a builder of fortunes"-

  • Anne Boleyn-"I am no *****, your majesty"

  • Katherine of Aragon -"He will see you for what you are and he will tire of you as he did all the others"

  • Henry VIII (to Anne)-'Your neck.I love your neck.'

  • Thomas Tallis -'I'm going away.'
  • William Compton -'You're going away,why?
  • Thomas Tallis -'Cardinal Wolsey is going to France.He invited me to go with him.With other musicians.'
  • William Compton -'Must you go?'
  • Thomas Tallis -'You know very well that an invitation from a cardinal is like an invitation from a king.We little people must put our hands into the fire if invited to.'


  • The letters Henry writes to the Pope are repeatedly referred to as 'bulls' even by a learned churchman like Wolsey.Bulls are only issued by the Pope,in his own hand,not by persons writing to him.
  • This episode is rated TV-MA for brief nudity,adult language and adult content.
  • Ousama Rawi won the 2008 CSC Award for 'Best Cinematography in a TV Series' for this episode.
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Its true - Cardinal Wolsey really did call Anne "a silly girl".

There is a portrait of Prince Arthur Tudor (Katherine of Aragon’s first husband and Henry’s older brother) hanging in Katherine’s rooms.

George Boleyn hiccups before he falls onto the bed


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Norfolk Cautions Anne
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Wolsey looks down his nose at Anne
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Thomas Wyatt whispers to Tallis
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Katherine is attended by Anne
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George Boleyn with the twins ( one of whom is named Jane)
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Brandon begs forgiveness
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Wolsey finally realises Anne's Power

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