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JRM as King Henry VIII & Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn - S1E5
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Season: 1

Original Air Date: 4/29/2007

Michael Hirst

Brian Kirk

Name of Episode: Arise, My Lord

Special Guests: Kate O'Toole as Lady Margaret Salisbury


The King's efforts at political alliances face setbacks when his ally, Emperor Charles V releases the King of France, their mutual enemy from prison. When Anne Boleyn is insulted by Henry's offer to make her his sole mistress, it merely redoubles his passion and resolve to one day marry her. Henry begins to realize that severing his alliance with the Emperor may prove easier than gaining an annulment from his wife.

Full Recap

At Whitehall Palace, Henry makes Anne Boleyn's father Lord Rochford. He also has a title in store for his natural son, Henry Fitzroy. The child is made Duke of Richmond and of Somerset, as well as Earl of Nottingham. A highly displeased Queen Katherine watches Henry put a crown on his son's head and place him on the throne. Lady Blount tearfully says goodbye to her son and makes him promise to be good and remain humble. After the ceremony, Wolsey pays Katherine a visit and she demands to know if Henry Fitzroy has now surpassed Princess Mary in line to the throne. Wolsey confirms that it is so, but points out that a legitimate son would rank above the boy. The queen cannot believe that her husband would place his bastard son above their legitimate daughter, especially since Mary is engaged to the emperor. Wolsey informs Katherine that the emperor has broken the terms of the engagement and married Princess Isabella of Portugal.

Henry reads a letter from Anne Boleyn, where she once again declares that she is unworthy of his affection. She sends him a locket with her picture in it.

On a ship heading back to England, Princess Margaret and Charles Brandon are snuggling together in bed. She wonders if anyone suspected that she killed her husband and Brandon tells her that this is likely. However the new king was far too busy being glad to have a crown to question the circumstances around his father's death. Margaret wonders what they will do about their budding romance once they return to England. Brandon asks her to marry him.

Back in England, Henry believes that his sister is mourning and instructs Wolsey to take very good care of Margaret when she returns. Wosley tells the king that he has set up an ecclesiastical court to handle the matter of the annulment. He also tells him that the emperor has released king Francis of France. Henry is furious that he was not even consulted in the matter.

Henry travels to the Boleyn estate to see Anne. He offers to make her his maitresse en titre and to not take any other mistresses besides her. He is surprised when she is offended, rather than thrilled. She tells him that she will give her virginity to her future husband, whomever that may be, and she refuses to be a mistress to anyone. Henry is frustrated but she doesn't back down. She has seen how it goes for women who become mistress to the king, and she does not want to end up like her sister. Henry apologises for offending her and assures her that he spoke out of love, before storming off.

Queen Katherine's play session with her daughter is interrupted by Wolsey, who brings good news. Henry has decided that his daughter should have her own establishment at Ludlow castle in the Welsh Marches. Katherine does not perceive this as good news at all, and accuses Wolsey of putting the idea in Henry's head. Wosley tells her that people often accuse him of things he had nothing to do with, but Katherine won't hear it and declares him her enemy.

Henry meets with the Spanish embassador and lets him know just how angry he is at the emperor for breaking his word. The embassador tries his best to smooth things over and points out that Henry hasn't kept his full end of the deal either. A furious Henry sends him away. On his way out the embassador stops to congratulate Boleyn on his elevation, and lets him know that the emperor is willing to pay for the priviledge of having friends at the English court.

Compton comes to listen to Thomas Tallis playing in the catherdral. He praises Tallis' for his musical skills, and with a smile walks off. Tallis follows him with his eyes and Compton turns around to exchange glances.

George Boleyn snatches a letter his sister is reading and teases her about it. Anne's strong reaction to his teasing causes George to wonder if she returns the king's affection.

More is shocked to hear that Henry wants a divorce from Katherine. Wolsey explains that it's an annullment, not a divorce and why the king feels this way. More argues that the papal dispensation makes Henry's argument moot. Wolsey insists that Henry feels that God has shown that the dispensation was wrong, but More won't have it. However Henry would not be the first king to get divorced and popes have always been able to find justifications for it in the past. But More remarks that Katherine, in addition to being very popular in England, is a great queen, and the daughter of a great king and queen. The English people are not likely to forgive their king if he abandoned their beloved queen.

Katherine attends mass together with the poor at Lambeth Church. After the sermon she distributes alms to the unfortunate. Thomas Cromwell watches her.

Compton arrives at a tavern and meets up with Brandon. Compton wants to know why they are meeting at a tavern, when everybody is expecting Brandon's and Margaret's return at court. Brandon reveals that he and Margaret are married. Compton laughs, until Brandon insists that Compton must deliver the news to the king.

Henry visits Katherine in her chapel and bluntly tells her that he considers their marriage to be over, if there ever was a real marriage. He struggles through his explanation and as Katherine begins to cry he tells her to decide where she wants to live and retire there as soon as she can. When she doesn't respondm he assures her that everything will work out for the best. He leaves and she sinks down on the floor, crying.

Wolsey opens the ecclesiastical court and once again repeats the reasoning behind Henry's request for an annullment. The gathered bishops seem to see things Wolsey's way, until Bishop Fisher voices his disagreement. He argues that any obstacles against the marriage were overcome by the dispensation and therefore the marriage is legal. There are no grounds for an annullment and the church does not allow divorce.

Katherine says goodbye to Princess Mary before she leaves for Ludlow. Speaking to her daughter in Spanish, Katherine reminds her never to forget who she truly is. The granddaughter of Isabella and Ferdinand of Aragon and the only legitimate child to the king of England. One day Mary shall be queen.

Henry has just received the news of his sister's marriage. He asks Compton if Brandon is begging for his forgivness, and realises that he doesn't. Compton is sent away and Margaret is sent in. Henry demands to know why she isn't dressed in mourning, when her husband is dead. Margaret replies that her husband is alive. Henry furiously reminds her that he never gave his permission for Margaret to marry Brandon and that he never would have. She says that he promised her she could marry whomever she wished once her husband was dead, but he shouts back that he never actually promised anything. He is her lord and master, not her sibling, and both Margaret and her husband are banished from court and must leave London. Before she leaves, he tells her that he has yet to decide whether Brandon will be executed or not.

Thomas Tallis walks down a dark corridor and runs into Compton, who urges him to say yes. Tallis walks away but Compton follows and asks him again to say yes. Tallis denies Compton because he does not love him and because Compton is a lord while Tallis is a commoner. However when Compton leans in and kisses him, Tallis does not refuse him.

Henry receives a pin in the shape of a ship from Anne. He interprets the gift as a sign that she is saying yes to being his official mistress.

Wosley informs Henry that king Francis now wants to ally himself with England, against the emperor. Henry demands to know which friends the emperor still has in court. Wolsey shows him a letter Katherine has written to her nephew. Katherine's loyalty to the emperor causes Henry to pursue a new peace treaty with the French.

Henry rides to see Anne and the two end up kissing on her bed. He makes a claim for her virginity, while she in turn promises to give him a son when they are married. Henry decides that they will honour her maidenhead until they are husband and wife.

Meanwhile, Margaret is throwing a fit, as well as throwing anything she can find in her husband's direction. She blames him for the situation she is now in, while he assures her that Henry will come around as soon as his pride will let him.

Henry dines with More and tries to make him see things Henry's way. He insists that his only reason for wanting the annullment is to ease his conscience, and that if the dispensation is found to be valid then he will happily stay with Katherine for the rest of his life.

Anne Boleyn waits on queen Katherine as she gets ready for bed. Katherine knows who her rival is and takes a good look at the competition.

The ecclesiastical court continues, with Bishop Fisher being the one opposing the annullment the strongest. When asked if Henry is looking to remarry, Wolsey admits that he probably would wish to find another wife in order to produce an heir. One of the bishops remarks that the king has an heir in Princess Mary, a suggestion Wolsey finds ridiculous. Wolsey gets into an argument with Fisher, who comments on how Wolsey has reached for more than he could grasp this time.

Tallis tries to compose music as Compton sleeps next to him.

Arrangements have been made to set up a new treaty with the French. Wolsey suggests that Henry's daughter should once again be betrothed to one of the French princes, since the emperor married someone else. Henry isn't too interested; he wants to know what progress has been made with his annullment. Wolsey has to inform him that no conclusion has been made and suggests applying directly to Pope Clement. Henry agrees, but slips a threat Wolsey's way.

At the party welcoming the French, Anne and Henry dance together as Katherine watches. Norfolk and Boleyn keep an eye on Wolsey while further plotting his demise. Boleyn points out that when the wheel of fortune is at its highest peak, it has nowhere to go but down. The party is interrupted by a messenger who arrives to tell everyone that Rome has been sacked by the emperor's mercenaries. Churches and relics have been destroyed, thousands of priests have been tortured and killed, and the pope is imprisoned at Castel St. Angelo. Henry glares at Katherine, as if she is to blame for her nephew's actions, and storms off.

Henry Fitzroy has died of the sweating illness. A mourning Lady Blount pays him a last visit. The king cries over the loss of his son, while looking at the crown he placed on the boy's head when he made him a duke.

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Unanswered Questions

Best Moments

  • Anne turning down Henry's offer to be his official mistress.
Episode 1.05 - The Tudors Wiki
  • Henry tells Katherine she is no longer his wife.
Episode 1.05 - The Tudors Wiki

  • Charles Brandon asks Margaret to marry him
Margaret & Charles

  • Henry banishes Margaret and Charles from court
Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon with Gabrielle Anwar as Margaret Tudor

  • Henry Fitzroy dies
Fitzroy dies

    Best Quotes

    • Cardinal Wolsey -'It is my considered opinion that we should apply to His Holiness,Pope Clement,for a ruling on this matter.Since he loves Your Majesty,I'm certain he will rule in your favour.
    • Henry VIII -'Oh,I hope so.I certainly do hope so,for your sake.

    • Henry VIII (to Wolsey)-"Make sure they come to the right decision quickly"

    • Henry VIII -"Anne, I want to say something to you, if it pleases you to be a true loyal mistress & friend. To give yourself to me body & soul, I promise I will take you as my only mistress. I won't have a thought or affection for anyone else. If you agree to be my maitresse en titre. I promise I will serve only you."
    • Anne Boleyn -"Maitresse en titre? Your official mistress? What have I done to make you treat me like this? Your majesty I have already given my maidenhead into my husband's hands. And whoever he is, only he will have it. Because I know how it goes otherwise. My sister is called the great prostitute by everyone"

    • Henry VIII (to the Emperor's ambassador)-"His ******* uncle? How old am I?"

    • Henry VIII-"Katherine I have something to tell you. As far I am concerned our marriage is at an end. In fact there is no need to end something which has never been. You and I were never truly married. There was a misunderstanding of scripture & a papal misapplication of canon law. Its true I did not know about these things before but it has been brought to light by learned opinion & it weighs down my conscience. It has forced me to give up your bed and board once and for all. All that remains is for you to choose where you will live & to retire there as quickly as possible. I swear to you, all will be done for the best".

    • Katherine of Aragon (to Princess Mary)-"Be strong my daughter, remember who you are. Descendant of Isabella & Ferdinand of Castille. The only daughter of the King of England. Be strong and be true and one day ...One day you will be Queen".

    • Princess Margaret-'What are we going to do?'
    • Charles Brandon-'Isn't this enough?'
    • Princess Margaret-'No...yes...no.I shall come to England eventually.'
    • Charles Brandon-'Marry me.'
    • Princess Margaret-'What?'
    • Charles Brandon-'You heard me.Marry me.'

    • Henry VIII-'How dare you look at me! I am your Lord and Master,not your brother! You are both banished from court. You will relinquish your London houses. You will remove yourself from my sight.Do you understand?'
    • Princess Margaret-'Yes...Your Majesty.' -
    • Henry VIII -'And Margaret...'
    • Princess Margaret -'What?'
    • Henry VIII -"I have yet to decide whether to make your bedmate a head shorter."

    • Anne Boleyn (to Henry)-"I make you this promise, when we are married, I will deliver you a son."

    • Princess Margaret-'I hate you!'
    • Charles Brandon-'No,you don't!'
    • Princess Margaret-'Yes,I do.If it weren't for you I would still be the Queen of Portugal.And now,what am I?'
    • Charles Brandon-'You are drunk and you are foolish!'

    • Thomas More -'Katherine of Aragon is not only a great queen and the daughter of great kings,she is also immensely popular throughout the whole of the country.God forbid that the King should abandon her just to ease his own conscience.I don't think the English people would ever forgive him!'


    • In switching from shot to shot of Henry Fitzroy during the ceremony,his crown goes from tilted to straight and back again.
    • This episode is rated TV-MA for adult language and content.
    • Trevor Morris won the 2007 Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Main Title Theme Music' for this episode.
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    There is a portrait of Elizabeth of York (Henry's mother) on the wall of Katherine's rooms

    When Margaret is drunk and yelling at Charles she throws a vase at him, it doesn't break the window behind him but rather makes a smashing noise and knocks it open.

    Katherine is portrayed as being upset that Mary is to be "taken away". While this was naturally a distressing prospect for Katherine it must be noted that in reality Mary did not live with her parents intimately or even see her mother on a day to day basis.

    When Katherine and her ladies are playing with Mary around the lilly pond one of the ladies in waiting is seen to be carrying a hobby horse. It is probable that Mary could have had one as children have been playing with them for centuries.

  • Katherine's line to Mary about being a "descendant of Isabella & Ferdinand of Castille" is incorrect in its delivery. Isabella ruled in Castile and Ferdinand in Aragon and neither independently ( or until Isabella's death in the case of Ferdinand) of each other in their respective Kingdoms. In this line Katherine is implying that her parents where merely the King and Queen of Castile, rather than of Spain as a whole.

  • When Katherine is praying before Henry comes in to break the bad news about the divorce her altar reveals her to have about two statues (one of the Virgin, one unidentified), a standing crucifix, a reliquary (a box used for holding relics i.e. a saints finger, cloth pressed against a saints tomb, holy water from a shrine etc. Anne also appears to have one when Henry and she are in her bedroom) and a monstrance. A monstrance is used for displaying the eucharistic host (the communion wafer) but in Katherine's day it may have been used to display the relic in the reliquary. Whatever it is being used for, hers is empty.


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      Henry kisses his son Sir Henry Fitzroy, by Elizabeth (Bessie) Blount
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      Henry with Wolsey
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      Henry asks Anne to be his official mistress
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      Katherine with her daughter, Mary
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      Henry sadly informs Katherine their marriage is invalid
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      Princess Mary says goodbye to her mother
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      Henry breaks down on learning his son, Henry Fitzroy had died

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