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Did Elizabeth I have children?

I have had the opportunity to see a painting of a woman who looks like Elizabeth I shown as pregnant. Please go to sirbacon.org to discover more and view the pictures in the gallery. Supposedly, Bess and Dudley had secretly married and she had a child in 1561. That child was known as Sir Francis Bacon. He was recorded in the Bacon registers as Mr. Francis Bacon, a title not given to a common child. She is also rumored to have been the mother of Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex. There are extant letters from Nicholas Bacon's wife who writes of the child as 'good as her own' or something to that extent. I'm having computer problems and had written something here, but deleted it instead of saving. Read all the pages and view the gallery. It makes an interesting story sparks the imagination of Bess actually not being the Virgin Queen. Here is the portrait in question at Hampton. My question, How did Bess pull off 2 secret pregnancies, and did she really marry Dudley?


Mystery Painting At Hampton Court

There have been numerous debates as whether Elizabeth was the mother of not only Francis Bacon but also Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford. Both of whom are also suspected of being William Shakespeare.

There is a book called , Oxford, Son of Queen Elizabeth I by Paul Streitz who maintains that in the summer of 1548, young Elizabeth gave birth to a bastard child by Thomas Seymour while in seclusion in Cheshunt. To cover up the scandal, the boy was raised as the son of John de Vere, ultimately inheriting de Vere’s title as Earl of Oxford.

How true it is, we will never know. The portrait above is not officially recognized as being Elizabeth and who knows if if was mischievously painted to infer that Elizabeth gave birth. It was over 400 years ago, after all.

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