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All entries to be kept in the spirit of good will and fan appreciation. NO HATERS, please.

Cromwell and Henry - explaining plays

Insert your caption in the boxes provided. Only 5 captions allowed for this photo. Have Fun!

Caption #1 Seriously your Majesty, why do you make me carry these papers everywhere!


Caption #2 Cromwell - "Well, your majesty...I was thinking...if I just drop these papers and won't execute me right?"

Henry - "Don't even, move...GUARDS!!!!!!"

(Cromwell legs it through the door!)


Caption #3Just count on me your majesty. We'll lick that pope yet!


Caption #4 What the...?! First you're making me carry all these papers after you for weeks and now you're telling me you never wanted to sign them in the first place?!

Caption #5

Voting for the best caption begins on completion of all 5 captions.