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Basically, I just love and admire everything about Queen Katherine, she was a fantastic Queen, mother, and such a strong person, etc, etc...
Team Leader
I could go on and on about why I love and admire Katherine, but the main reasons I find her to be such great woman are: Her ability to stand strong to her beliefs, never faltering. Her amazing ability to forgive those who had done her wrong, such as her husband. Her natural love and kindness that was recorded throughout her history. And her ability to be more than a common wife and queen of her time.
I have always admired her for her strengths, personal and religious. She was a devoted wife, a mother, and a much beloved Queen by her people.
Because she is truly a great woman. She was strong yet pious. She was a fighter and a true companion to those that chose stay on her with her and to those who turned their backs on her. She will always be a great Queen.
She was amazing. Her strength, dignity, self-respect, and her utter conviction to stand up for she believed in no matter what it cost her, are such inspiring qualities.
An infanta born to royalty, raised to be QUEEN OF ENGLAND. She was strong in faith and love. A beautiful mother. Even in the worst conditions she conducted herself as a TRUE QUEEN should. With dignity and class. Above all, she loved and forgave. She never forgot who she was.
Catalina was a strong and loyal woman, I really admire! MDK did a wonderful job, she is a great actress and singer too!
I have always greatly admired Katherine's strength and religious convictions; I'm a fan of MDK and love her as both a singer and actress (her "Mutter" album is great!)
Katherine of Aragon is a strong, kind, and honorable person, and I respect all that she endured.
Basicly, she is my heroine, she was called "the most beautiful creature in the world" and admired for her intelligence by such scholars as Erasmus, and friends with such amazing people as Saint Thomas More.She doesn't get enough credit! There's never even been a movie made just about her! Also she was so noble and royal, get this she was: An Infanta, Countess, Duchess, Princess, Dowager Countess, Dowager Duchess, Dowager Princess,Lady, Queen Consort, Queen Regent, and mother to a Queen! A truly beautiful royal woman! I could go on all day about how much I admire her!
Queen Katherine of Aragon was an amazing, strong, intelligent, beautiful,forgiving, and loving individual. She cared so much for her people, and especially her daughter, Mary. Even when Henry VIII sent her away, she remained a devoted wife, loyal and true to him, which she was her entire marriage to him. Maria Doyle Kennedy was amazing as Katherine! The casting couldn't have been better! :)
Do you really want to know why? She was the best queen of her time. Not many people know from the show but she was a really good military leader and kept the country in check while Henry was out on crusade. I also like her because she is Spanish and I love that accent. Maria Doyle Kennedy was the perfect choice for the part. Great acting! :)
Her loyalty to her crown and duty; her dignity in the face of so much humiliation and suffering; her forgiveness and unwillingness to provoke a war on her behalf; her religious love of God and total faithfulness; her resignation of fate but determination to protect her daughter's rightful role; her steadfast love for her husband in spite of being cast aside and brought down.
Mercè LadyKatta Why? There are a lot of reasons. I admire her a lot.She was so loyal to England, suffered much humiliation and pain with dignity, she was so religious and faithful, like her mother. There are many other reasons. Probably she's my favourite historical character. She was Spanish, like me. I'm very surprised that at Spain there are few people who knows about her...
And Maria Doyle Kennedy is perfect for the part. She's a great actress and plays Katherine so great. Great Actress ;)
I loved Maria Doyle Kennedy she's beautiful and strong looking, she just was perfect for the part of Katherine she did an exquisite job playing her that she is Katherine. I also think she really capture the Queen better than anyone I have ever seen.
She was a starter wife for Henry and she did love the king. she had to fight for her man and she portrayed that very well.
Because she was the best of the wives, she was the only true wife there was.

She is the best queen of England, Ireland & France. She's elegant, intelligent, & a highly courageous woman. Because she challenged Henry, The Boleyns, and the Protestants.
Katherine was not only Henry's first love but the queen with the most guts! I mean the Queen lead the battle of Flooden and won =D
I may be an Anne fan but I can still love me some Katharine. She was a better monarch than Henry could ever wish to be. Her life was spent doing what she felt was right for others, for her daughter, and for God. She deserved and still deserves to be loved, adored, and admired for her strength and regal nature. Henry never deserved an angel like Katharine. May she rest in peace.
I am an Anne fan but I do admire KOA too.She was a courageous woman,great queen..
MDK was great..
I love Maria Doyle Kennedy, she is an amazing women, her singing is ok. I also like Catherine of Aragon she was a very religious and caring mom. RIP Katharine the Quene


King Henry VIII
Katherine has been the most loyal of all the wives. She was kindhearted, respectful, graceful and understanding.
Katherine was a strong, independent woman who was not afraid to say it like it is!
I've always admired Katherine for that and her love and adoration for her daughter is so very strong, I can't help admire that either!
May Queen Katherine find peace and live forever in peoples memory as the great Queen she was =)
because I think she was the true love of the King and the only woman who loved him sincerely. And Maria Doyle Kennedy is perfect for this role!
She was a strong willed woman who never gave up no matter what people decided. She had a VERY strong faith, "I would rather be in despair all the time, because in despair your faith is the strongest" (something like that) and she sacrificed her happiness for her daughter. Also, I felt bad for her. Anne got the same thing in the end as well.. so.. both get my sympathies.
Mistress Fraser
She was kind hearted and only wanted to help the English people, I believe Anne Boleyn's beheading was her just desserts for what she did to Queen Catherine. Here lies Catherine of Aragon a woman strong willed and willing to fight for what she believed in as well as for her daughter Mary, I'm glad Jane replaced Anne as queen, and helped Mary out. Go queen Catherine!
I don't think there is not enough room to describe how much I admire her. She is strong, loyal, she stayed to herself despite all Henry attempts to discount her. In my opinion he never deserved her in the first place. Go Catherine, queen of hearts!
I love my spanish Queen of Hearts! She was the true Queen!!
I love KOA, such a strong, courageous and dignified queen who (I believe) loved Henry the most. I admire her on so many levels, she is a true queen, wife and loving mother.
Katherine of Aragon is my favorite of Henry's wives. A great role model: regal, gracious, virtuous, and kind, she was the true Queen of England.
Full of grace and compassion and love and so much more, Queen Katherine is what every woman should aspire to be!
So much grace in her acting and a true woman
Madame, je me prosterne.
She was strong willed and gracious.
A woman who held her head high with dignity,and class in the true nature of royalty!
In my opinion Queen Katherine of Aragon was King Henry the VIII's true wife and NOT ANNE BOLEYN. Meaning that Princess Mary was the true Princess and legitimate heiress to the throne and NOT ELIZABETH. Also Katherine was a FANTASTIC Queen and I despise that people overlook her in history in favour of Anne Boleyn who usurped the poor woman's throne and position. She did not deserve to be discarded like that and even after all those years I believe that the King still loved her .
A strong and gracious woman. Probably the best queen consort that ever lived. She protected her country from the Scots, and was an amazing wife and mother. She was true to her faith and beliefs, and had an iron will. She was probably the greatest force that ever fought Henry and he basically had to cheat to win against her (create his own church to allow divorce). That shows what a mighty force she was. Maria Doyle Kennedy is the best actress in this show! She showed Catherine's strength and bravery but also her vulnerabilities. Ultimately Catherine was the bigger person because she could still forgive Henry after all he did to her and her daughter. You can't get more regal than that. Take note Anne Boleyn!


I think she was a very strong woman and queen and remained true to her country and Henry until her death.
Katharine has always been my favourite of the 'six wives' - strong, clever, patient and gracious
A beautiful, intelligent, strong woman who could do anything from lead an army to fight for women's education. A truly inspirational woman and my heroine!
I don't like her that much in the series, but in history her story is very tragic, and all for a boy?
She was a great queen, courageous, admirable, strong, I really admire her, she was a great woman and a great queen. And Maria Doyle Kennedy was amazing as KOA.
An utterly beautiful woman, and my heroine. Beautiful, intlligent, kind, and genorous. A huge influence on English politics, education for women, and a brave warrior queen. You can't really get a more regal woman.
Such a strong and brave woman. She stood up for herself in the face of adversity and never backed down. A true role model.
MonicaprinceedwardfanCatherine of Aragon is one of my favorites HenryVIII's wives.


princess212 I absolutely adore Katherine of Aragon
and she is my favorite of the wives! She's a strong woman who was the first female ambassador in Europe:), advocated for women's education, helped the poor, and more! She's the best!

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