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Anthony Knivert as played by Callum Blue

possibly died in 1512 (?)

Character's backstory:

Fictional Character possibly based on a young English nobleman called Sir Thomas Knyvett or Knivert or Knevet who was a close associate of King Henry VIII shortly after he came to the throne. According to Hall's Chronicle Knyvett was a frequent participant in the jousts and pageants of the new king's glittering court.

When Henry declared war on France in 1512, Knyvett, along with Sir John Carew, was given command of the royal flagship, the Regent. With a number of court favourites commanding other vessels a small fleet set sail for the coast of Brittany. On August 10, 1512 they engaged a slightly larger French fleet, and a violent melee ensued. Knyvett's ship grappled with the French command vessel, and was engaged in boarding her when the French powder magazine blew up (some say it was deliberately ignited). The two vessels burst into flame. Knyvett and Carew both perished, along with the French captain and more than 1700 men, both French and English.


Position: Gentleman of the Royal Household

Personality type: serious and patient, he usually does not meddle in business & relies on the good graces of the King.

Signature look: dark robes

Endearing trait(s):Silent, stays out of trouble, has a very serious demeanor that keeps him from attacking and loyal to Henry and his friends, William Compton & Charles Brandon even when he tells him he wants something in return, he still is patient and silent.

Annoying trait(s): Does not speak out, has no voice or vote in the situations, neither attacks nor supports. He is lusty like Charles but keeps to himself. He is ambitious and sees friends as advancement for himself to be obtain titles and estates.

Anthony Knivert  played by Callum Blue
Callum Blue as Anthony Knivert

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Family members:
Fictional character possibly based on Sir Thomas Knyvett or Kryvett (brother in law of the Howards) who was First Master of the Horse & rode with Brandon as challengers against Henry's answerers in tournaments but was killed in battle.

Romance(s): If Based on the real Knyvett - married to Muriel daughter of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk 1443 - 1524)

Friends: Usually two: Charles and the King.

Enemies: None, for his seriousness and neutrality towards others, even though he supports the King as always, he still has not managed to gain strong enemies like his friends have so far.


  • King Henry: "You Almost Lost An Eye. Sir Anthony Knivert: "Never Use That One Much Anyway."
  • King Henry "You are wonderful!"

  • "Omnia et vincit amor"



Callum Blue as Anthony Knivert

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There is a A. Knivet that lived in the end of the 16th century and was a sailor. You can read his book here:
The book is called: "The admirable adventures and strange fortunes of Master Antonie
Knivet, which went with Master Thomas Candish in his second voyage to the south sea". It was written in 1591.
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Are you saying that he was second cousin to both Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour and that both ladies was somewhat related? Please please explain i am confused?
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Does anyone know why the character Anthony Knivert left the show, he just kindof dissappeared/
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