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Signs of the Zodiac


Astrology of The Tudors

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(Tropical Astrology that modern horoscopes are based on)

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Astrology was important in Tudor times, although astrologers predictions were notoriously wrong about Henry obtaining a male heir. Unfortunately, we don't have exact birthdays for some of Henry's wives. In particular,
there are no known or even speculative dates for Jane Seymour, Katherine Howard or Catherine Parr.

& their Sign
Traditional Traits
& Psychology
AppearanceIn relationships
Henry VIII

King Henry VIII
Born June 28, 1491
sign of Cancer
(June 22 - July 22)
"The Player"

Other famous
Cancer men:

Julius Caesar
Tom Cruise
Harrison Ford
George W. Bush
George Orwell
Merv Griffin
Ringo Starr
Ernest Hemingway
Henry David Thoreau
Nelson Mandela
King Edward VIII
John Quincy Adams
Richard Branson
John D. Rockefeller
Giorgio Armani
Richard Simmons
Tom Hanks
Tobey McGuire
Josh Hartnett
Calvin Coolidge
Forrest Whittaker
Dalai Llama
John Cusack
Robin Williams
Sylvester Stallone
Brian Dennehy
Bill Cosby
Kevin Bacon
Dan Ackroyd
Mel Brooks
George Michael
Donald Sutherland
Franz Kafka
Ken Russell
Herman Hesse
Tom Stoppard
Gerald Ford
John Glenn
Gustav Mahler
Edgar Degas
Oscar Hammerstein
Neil Simon
Willem Dafoe
James Cagney
Geoffrey Rush
Yul Brynner
Billy WIlder
Ingmar Bergman
Vin Diesel
David Hasselhof
Cancer man is the Zodiac's 'Prince Charming' a self professed perfect gentleman -- clean cut, polite,coolly composed and thus seemingly tailor-made to the specifications of the traditionally minded woman. He appears caring, sensitive, nice and funny, the very picture of respect, moral soundness and earnest ambition. The consummate 'marrying kind' who feels an inbred need to nest, nurture (and be nurtured).

~Emotional and loving
~Intuitive and imaginative
~Shrewd and cautious
~Protective and sympathetic
~Changeable and moody
~Overemotional and touchy

Cancer feels overly responsible. He may live in a fantasy world, more of a dreamer than a doer. As a pretender he can fall prey to pretension. A role player, he can be overly sycophantic.

In relationships, he can be needy. He often suffers from disassociate feelings, a sense he is a phony or a fraud not in touch with his truest goals, feelings or desires. He can be reclusive if not agoraphobic.

He is a hopeless romantic, forever lost in daydreams that feature him in heroic roles, a veritable Walter Mitty with not just one secret fantasy life but typically a slew of them.

Cancer is intensely apprehensive if being ridiculed for his inherently sensitive side.

With men he is extremely guarded...terrified of masculine scorn, he learns early on to mask his thoughts and disguise his emotions in a vague attempt to go along with the guys.

Ruled by the moon, he can't escape the tidal ebbs and flows of natural callings surging through him and his infamous moodiness is due mainly to the internal effort pf suppressing his wilder sexual imaginings, all for the sake of appearances.

Like an actual crab who lives both on land and sea, the cancer guy inhabits two worlds at once, presenting himself as a concrete down-to-earth type while possessing a murky mysterious sensuality.
Cancer man tends to look more like a 'Mr Nice Guy' than any other male in the zodiac.

He's fairly well proportioned, neither overtly muscular or broad shouldered nor wimpily underbuilt.

Usually lighter skinned than other men....the texture of his hair tends toward fine and wispy and he'll have a rather high hairline.... probably the most distinct feature to his countenance is the form of his face, which is fittingly rather moon-shaped, oval or even oblong.

Cancer is rather sturdily built.....his figure may be ever so slightly reminiscent of a woman's. His trunk curves in, most high-waistedly, then rounds back as it leads down to his hips.

He's usually less hairy than other guys in his family...
His stomach, especially, will be accentuated by hair. Cancer man's lower abdomen is protrusive, perhaps due to the signs rulership of this area and his pelvis is broad, which, what with his rounded sides and requisite hint of love handles, makes him look somewhat hippy,

With strong shoulders and ample, naturally toned arms, as well as a fairly flat butt, he is saved from ever looking pear-shaped.

His legs are well defined and sturdy as they are graceful, lending him the air of a dancer.

Literally wide-eyed, his lenses are usually paler than those of other family members....his lids look opalescent, pale pink beneath a light brow, his eye socket shallow and somewhat Asian in character even when he isn't. As a rule, he has a beaky nose and a somewhat pinched upper lip that lends him a lisping quality....
For Cancer, sex is an act of worship, whereby he gives himself utterly to a woman, investing his every emotion.

The one man born under the Mother Principle, Cancer personifies the male role in what he perceives to be a matriarchal world --as a consort to any number of queens -- recognizing the female as the authority in the cosmos...the cancerian man is wedded to a woman -- he is her eternal bridegroom, doing right by her--deferring to the female in his relationships as the one who wears the pants --at least up to a point.

...he is forever ...that proverbial charming prince looking for his perfect match, groomed to be wed and to live happily ever after with some godmother-fueled Cinderella.

Sex, in particular, is not something about which he will ever be cavalier --casual contact is typically anathema to the straight Crab....Of all the guys on the zodiac he's the one who will voluntarily save himself for marriage...

Cancer man is the romantic hero, the Perceval whose reputation for purity proceeds him, just as he is the sacred and sacrificial consort on queens.....Likewise, the medieval Perceval must fulfill...the mystic meanings of chivalry. Cancer man is about being the perfect moral and emotional consort, the chivalric ideal.

More than being reborn in his romantic relationships, he is rather allowed to rediscover his true self, complete with a full range of feelings -- from moony-eyed in love , to deeply melancholic when dejected. Its little wonder Cancer makes such a convincing actor, as in one way or another, he's been pretending all his life.

He aims to too attract a powerful alpha female --one, as nature would have it, who is singled out to breed (mothering in the strictest sense) -- as he hopes such a woman might provide a nourishing motivational environment in which he can cultivate, indeed incubate, a feeling of psychological wholeness.

Queen Katherine of Aragon
born December 16th, 1485

Sagittarius sign
(November 22
- December 21)
"The Maven"

Other famous
Sagittarius women

Jane Austin
Dame Judi Dench

Jane Fonda
Maria Callas
Edith Piaf
Tina Turner
Geraldine Page
Patty Duke
Mary Queen of Scots
Margaret Mead
Mother Mary K. Drexel
Emily Dickinson
Louisa May Alcott
George Eliot
Anna Nicole Smith
Christina Onassis
Ellen Burstyn
Teri Garr
Bette Midler

Kim Bassinger
Jamie Lee Curtis
Mariel Hemmingway
Tyra Banks
Teri Hatcher
Christina Rossetti
Julianne Moore
Jennifer Connelly
Geraldine Page
Betty Grable

In Life's rich pageant, Sagittarius woman is the contestant most likely to walk away with the crown. A radiant regal figure, she presides over experience, exuding an air of deservedness directed to all that she desires.

~Optimistic and freedom-loving
~Jovial and good-humored
~Honest and straightforward
~Intellectual and philosophical
~Blindly optimistic and careless
~Irresponsible and superficial
~Tactless and restless

She appears the perfect leader, one who has it all -- brains, body, beauty and the ability to amass as much devotion from others as she does coins from her coffers.Wealth, it would seem. is her personal birthright. A vividly glamourous figure...

...despite such signature resplendence she tends to be skittish, often harbouring emotional anxieties and low self-esteem ....

She has a pathological need to be liked. She is people pleasing and often falls into two-facedness. She can be overly materialistic and succumb to a "let them eat cake" attitude.

...she is notoriously dismissive of those in service positions -- waiters, maids, shop clerks for instance...

Sagittarius woman loves, indeed lives, to be seen. She makes a bold statement grandly entering a room, not so much hoping as assuring that all eyes will be on her. She is born understanding the power of first impressions and she is always determined to make a glorious one. Sag's arrival is announced by her voice, a laughing, built-in fanfare.....

For her, life is as much pomp as it is circumstance and she lives everyday as if in celebration -- similarly, she herself expects to be celebrated. So long as she meets with attention and appreciation, Sag is a beaming upbeat figure, one who positively glows...

Typically she grows her hair into cascading tresses.... With her protruding forehead, dramatic cheekbones and small nose with dramatically flared nostrils, deeply creased nasal folds, thin lips and a strong jutting jaw there is something extreme about her features.

Her chiseled countenance might even lend a masculine or handsome air which she takes great pains to compensate for.....

With large square shoulders and powerfully muscular arms, she knows to wear draped rather than fitted styles of clothing... Her appearance is all-important to the Sag, who knows that the body is the best advertisement for a superior mate. The long-range-minded Archeress leaves no stone unturned in making herself over in the likeness of some pampered queen who, at a glance seems strictly fit for a King.

Not one to live alone,she makes a successful match with a man who will share the auspice of "power couple", drawn to dashing father figures who indulge her trademark fairy-tale expectations.

Whether in business or in the bedroom, Sag's modus operandi is to make others feel empowered, often through simple flattery, which experience tells her turns people into putty in her hands. She is easy on the ego... when she is with a man whom she has earmarked for a potential mate, she not only tends to agree with everything the guy says, making him feel like a veritable genius, she makes it clear she shares his prodigious thoughts, on anything from politics to the philosophy of existence, to such a degree that the two of them are cerebrally and even spiritually connected.

Sag can be so unsubtle in her approach to a man she fancies, that at times she might just as well wear a sandwich board announcing her loving interest...

Naturally splendid looking, Sagittarius woman definitely appeals to a guy's vanity, ready to take on the role of Trophy Wife or girlfriend and run with it. ..she tends to marry young, eager to assume a position of a young society maven ...

She and her partner are true equals, their power-coupledom will stand the test of time.

...the Sagittarian female paradox in a nutshell: Despite her inherent might, cerebral or otherwise, she still wants most, in her heart of hearts, to be seen as a physically desirable, beguiling and indeed passive female.

Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn
born end of May /early June (Ives & Fraser) c. 1501/7
Gemini sign
(May 22 - June 21)
"The Gift"

Other Famous
Gemini women:

Angelina Jolie
Natalie Portman
Joan Collins
Judy Garland
Marilyn Monroe
Josephine Baker
Helena Bonham Carter
Stevie Nicks
Wallace Simpson
Joan Rivers
Sandra Bernhard
Rosemary Clooney
Isadora Duncan
Anne Frank
Anna Kournikova
LaToya Jackson
Elizabeth Hurley
Brooke Shields
Courtney Cox
Paula Abdul
Gisele Bundchen
Helen Hunt
Leelee Sobieski
Anne Heche
Annette Bening
Isabella Rosselini
Rosalind Russell
Jessica Tandy
Peggy Lee
Patti LaBelle
Rosanne Cash

Gemini woman rides a fine line between innate vulnerability and an aggressive need to assert her own agenda, both professionally and in her personal life. She is acutely aware of her feminine wiles, using them to her best advantage often playing coy or precocious in order to disarm people and gain necessary grown. Indeed no other female creates more of a stir; whether in expressing her signature out-sized spirit in awesome displays of talent or upsetting the proverbial apple cart in the trademark coups she's wont to launch or both.

~Adaptable and versatile
~Communicative and witty
~Intellectual and eloquent
~Youthful and lively ~Nervous and tense
~Superficial and inconsistent
~Cunning and inquisitive

Gemini is not a casual or even overtly considerate character, easily claiming the title of the nerviest creature in the zodiac -- she's capable of achieving the greatest triumphs as well as causing the greatest trouble.

She puts everything and then some, into scoring any goal, embodying a take-no-prisoners attitude in each endeavour.

Gemini is iconic, if not cyclonic: she leaves every circumstance and indeed each individual ,she encounters irrevocably altered in the wake of her presence.

Gemini is a tough little bird, a typically pint-size woman who packs enormous punch. Like a sparrow on the attack, the Twins female's sweet, unassuming appearance belies her capacity for sudden bursts of bellicosity. And like some teensy tweety this babe can't sit still for a second -- she fidgets and fusses, jumping in and out of her chair, dashing about, doing a handful of tasks simultaneously while making sure she doesn't miss one snippet of conversation -- that Mercury-ruled nervous system is forever on overload until she totally crashes, spent. Many a Gemini suffers from exhaustion nearly half the time.

Still despite her vacillating psychological state, all eyes in the room tend to be on the Gemini woman. She's quite simply captivating, an irresistible mix of childlike beauty and expressive exuberance .....her eyes bearing a lit-from-within sparkle.

She usually has apple cheeks, made all the more pronounced by her eyes that are deep set and slanted, even squinty and a delicate, if not too weak, chin. Gemini's nose recuses from her too cutesy a countenance, being straight and pronounced if not slightly beaky. Her lips are usually luscious and look glossed....

For all her heaven-sent beauty, there persists in Gemini a raw and pleasantly unrefined quality -- she's far too much of the gamine to ever completely pull-off looking stately or glamourous.

When it comes to relationships, she throws herself into situations out of an alternating need to indulge desire and impose dominance, Letting herself be swept away by curiosity. At time, she will full-tilt flirt with disaster. Eventually Gemini touches down and settles into an understanding bond in which she may safely swing between her two personalities -- helpless baby doll and ruthless boss.

Gemini is perpetually eager to play 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine', her infamous curiosity driving her at the core. Not only that: It seems that part and parcel of munching forbidden fruit is an attraction to a fellow who's extremely opposite to herself, causing controversy, first and foremost.....

She may be drawn to someone considered too old, too fat, too married: she may form a killer crush on an outright hoodlum... In short, her love life is all very 'West Side Story' characterized by a sort of social divide... or 'Romeo and Juliet'. What Shakespeare calls their 'death marked love" isn' t lost on the Gemini girl, for whom, as in all great romances, an element of the unrequited is de rigeur. First like Juilet, Gemini is living proof of love at first sight, all else fuzzing out of focus when she spots a boy who takes her sign-ruled breath away...

Although Gemini is a mental air sign, it is not a rational one.....For Gemini, it is unavoidable that she hurtle head over heels into the abyss of l'amour.

Anne of Cleves
born September 22nd, 1515

Virgo sign(August 23 - September 22)
"The Vessel"

Other famous
Virgo Women:

Mother Theresa
Grandma Moses
Agatha Christie
Maria Montessori
Cameron Diaz
Greta Garbo
Ingrid Bergman
Claudia Schiffer
Shania Twain
Faith Hill
Salma Hayek
Gloria Estefan
Cass Elliot
Lily Tomlin
Patsy Cline
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Joan Lunden
Jada Pinkett-Smith
Joan Jett
Mary Shelley
Sophia Loren
Lauren Bacall
Jennifer Tilly
Rosie Perez
Claudette Colbert
Fay Wray
Dinah Washington

Elizabeth I - The Tudors Wiki
Princess Elizabeth Tudor
born September 7, 1533

Virgo is the definitive 'earth mother', which by this very nature makes her a bundle of contradictions. She is at once an unassuming character and a powerfully feminine force to be reckoned with. Virgo woman is giving and nurturing but equally reliant on others.

~Modest and shy
~Meticulous and reliable
~Practical and diligent
~Intelligent and analytical ~Fussy and a worrier
~Overcritical and harsh
~Perfectionist and conservative

Physically even when she is small of stature, there is something of 'the brick house' about her, with dramatic curves and generous cushions in all the right places. She exudes an air of accessibility, indeed fragility that inspires a man's lustful and protective urges in equal measure.

Virgo projects a good-girl image no mater how hard she may seek to shatter it.....

The zodiac's anti-waif, she is eternally round and juicy, possessing sex appeal long after other women's charms have faded.

Virgo woman is , in a word, built. Typically both big-boned and curvy in the extreme, her status as the mutable-earth sign of the zodiac translates into an undulating physicality of majestic proportions. She's as inviting to man-kind as a lush landscape of rolling hills, possessing a soft, fertile, peasanty body...

With the exception of occasional extraordinary bursts of rippling laughter, she is reserved, participating sparingly in conversation though all the while wearing a somewhat vacant smile that she'll shine around a crowded room -- its her Virgoan veneer, as disclaiming grin that suggests she is devoid of strong opinions or judgements....

Generally shy, she often takes great pains to downplay a zaftig physique by wearing subdued clothing, if not something frumpish...

Feeling somewhat awkward, Virgo woman doesn't wish to attract attention to herself -- as if she's overcoming something gawky in her nature usually a throwback to having been one of the first girls to hit puberty and therefore, to tower over most of the male population.

As an adult too, Virgo may be quite tall, stooping somewhat to give her already rounded shoulders a even more delicate appearance.

Virgo has a beneficent face, one reminiscent of an antique cameo. Big, round soft puppy dog eyes are fixed above prominent cheekbones that tend to be obscured by a cherubic face. Her skin is smooth as porcelain though typically darker, more olive or oily than other members of her family.

Virgo is notably one of the roundest, most Rubenesque females on the zodiac typically tending toward bottom-heaviness....

She is eager to give herself to a man, especially in servile capacities. Pleasing a lover, tops Virgo's erotic agenda and more than any other woman, she treats a man like a sexual lord and master.

It is a testament to Virgo woman's angelic spirit that a guy won't readily "jump her bones" despite her often blatant invitations to do so. The zodiac's Virgin simply can't help but inspire respect for her "person" if even to the detriment of her conscious determination to incite lust.

She is simultaneously sacred territory and a remarkably sexy bombshell, embodying many of man's conflicting view of femalekind as Madonna and *****, all pieced together into one jiggling juicy package. Somehow wanting to lay her, rather than marry, protect and preserve her, is akin to littering the Grand Canyon.

Despite Virgo's designation as the zodiac's empty vessel... it is difficult for most men to resolve Virgo's double barreled aura of saintly sister and sexy mama. Indeed, men tend to impose a sexual double standard on all women; but Virgo, by flagrantly embodying such seemingly dissonant feminine (Madonna-*****) themes, forces every man she meets to reconcile these labels.

Queen Mary I - Historical profile - The Tudors Wiki
Princess Mary Tudor
born February 18, 1516

(January 21 - February 19)

"The Vision"

Other famous
Aquarius women:

Virginia Woolf
Germaine Greer
Ayn Rand
Gertrude Stein
Rosa Parks
Yoko Ono
Queen Beatrix
Caroline of Monaco
Stephanie of Monaco
Tallulah Bankead
Jennifer Anniston
Mia Farrow
Vanessa Redgrave
Geena Davis
Ellen Degeneres
Christina Ricci
Anna Pavlova
Charlotte Rampling
Molly Ringwald
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Eva Gabor
Vanna White


Cancer man/Sagittarius woman
(Queen Katherine of Aragon) :

She's unpredictable, something he's unequipped to handle. Sexually she falls into a category, fantasy fling. They share a soulful ideology. She uses sex to fasten his affections.

Cancer man/Gemini woman

(Anne Boleyn):

Typically passive, he pursues her anyway - Gemini's impish appeal makes him behave surprisingly, even shockingly. The crab appears the ultimate catch --Charismatic, clever. In bed, it's a mixed bag -- a mess if she is moody.

Cancer man/Virgo woman

(Anne of Cleves):

They become fast friends. Together they manage stresses. Life has a flow. She's happy to stay at home. Cancer softens into professional success...
Cancer + Sagittarius

Water + Fire = Steam

Sagittarius may look like a larger-than-life knight in shining armour to you. Yes, it’s true that the Moon and Jupiter, ruling your respective signs, are friendly and work very well together; however, Sagittarius is problematic for you.

This relationship may not be destined to work in the long run. Sagittarius is honest, blunt, at times insensitive. You’ll appreciate the honesty and the straightforwardness, but you’re very sensitive to criticism, and honesty will eventually bring criticism. You’ll try to hide it, and Sagittarius will sail smoothly on, not noticing, but somewhere down the line the searing heat of Sagittarius will steam your usually cool waters into a showdown.

Sagittarius will have to learn the art of diplomacy (not a skill they’re noted for) if they hope to make a successful go of things with you, and, on the flipside, you need a thicker coating of skin to handle the Sagittarian brashness.

Cancer is a sexual zodiac sign to Sagittarius, so there’s some hope for a hot affair. But this could be fleeting, because of the many differences between your temperaments.

The newly revised compatibility readings were written by Dadhichi Toth and appear in the 2009 Harlequin Mills and Boon Horoscopes Books.
Cancer + Gemini

Water + Air = Rain

Being a Cancer, ruled by the Moon, you are sensitive and emotional. You feel rather than think. Gemini is more intellectual and thoughtful, living in the head rather than the heart. This difference between you will have to be bridged if you are to build a deep and meaningful relationship.

Maybe it’s simply a matter of both of you accepting that the other is vastly different, and each of you handling the aspects of life suited to your personality. That way, the relationship stands a chance of lasting.

This difference was clear in the relationship between actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Nicole is an intellectual girl. Analysis would be her forte. Tom relates to people in a far more sensitive and emotional way.

Geminis find it difficult to get their emotions involved, even in love and sex. You want to connect with Gemini’s heart, but this could be too hard — their brain dominates them in everything. From Gemini’s point of view, if you fail to connect with them intellectually, they will lose interest.

They have a hard time learning about non-verbal means of communicating. You may be the star sign that can teach them this new level of understanding. So while you are not a perfect match, you can learn much from each other.

You will appeal to Geminis who want to communicate their deepest feelings. If you can, stay away from the bedroom until you have a good social and cultural connection with them. If you use this connection as a foundation, rather than sex, you have a better chance of surviving deeper romantic involvement.
Cancer + Virgo

Water + Earth = Mud

This is a rich and fertile combination of two feminine zodiac signs, ruled by the Moon and Mercury respectively. Cancer and Virgo in combination produce great results on all levels of experience. Your sensitive ruler, the Moon, and the intellectually brilliant Mercury of Virgo combine in the most wonderful play of heavenly forces.

Expect great friendship and understanding from this recipe, but remember, Virgo will sometimes have trouble understanding your mood swings. Virgo will say, ‘Think things through and don’t be so emotional about it’, and you’ll reply, ‘But can’t you feel what I’m feeling?’

You are at opposite ends of the spectrum: you, Cancer, are emotional, and Virgo is intellectual. Cancer is a friendly sign of Virgo, so Virgo will, over time, learn to be more responsive, to be more like you. Likewise, you can become more reasonable, more like Virgo, as the bond between you strengthens.

The one area you must learn to handle is Virgo’s tendency to criticise and judge. You tend to be too vulnerable for their ruthless and incessant demand for perfection. This will also affect your most private area, sexuality. Virgo demands a performance that is not in keeping with your slower and more receptive nature.

  • Sextrology by Starksy and Cox