You know your obsessed with Anne Boleyn When . . .

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Anne Boleyn You Know your obsessed with Anne Boleyn
when . . . ?

add your reason or wacky idea to the list!! want to call your firstborn girl Elizabeth just because she did want to get her badge tattooed to your left shoulder start singing to Greensleeves because you think it was dedicated to her defend her openly no matter who trashes her start quoting the actual things that she actually said start telling people that you only have 'a little neck'
........thinking of mottos, "Grumble all you like. This is the way it's going to be" comes to mind first've argued on several occasions that she is innocent and should be pardoned consider her a great role model dress up as her for a fancy dress competition and win want to have a necklace that bears the initial of your name just because she had one recite every line of her execution speech when you watch the final episode of the second season while your friends look at you with a raised eyebrow start to count all the things you have in common with her look for her photos on the internet, and stare for a hour
..........your kids know everything there is to know about her ..........she takes over your dreams as well as your waking life talk about her to your friends all the time and because of this they start calling you "Boleyn" hear that her daughter reigned England for 45 years hear her laughing and saying to the king "Seduce me" can't stop watching the scene where she says: "Seduce me..write letters to me and poems...I love poems..." start referring to her as "my lady" want to be brave and ambitious just like her
You dress as her for any and every costume party, even a Zombie party. Hey, a little fake blood around the neck, you're sorted. .............You start drawing your own loving portraits of her.
.........Your screen name online is something to do with her. ............ you wear black on May19th in memory of her
You get really annoyed when people don't call her Queen Anne.