You know you are obsessed with JRM when ...

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when ...

you rent/buy all his movies, even the bad independant ones (Killer Tongue) but of course you don't mind the movie, you got to see Jonny! you use the word code name "JRM" in a sentence about Jonathan Rhys Meyers and they say what is a "JRM"
Then you have to explain it's short for Jonathan Rhys Meyers (duh! get with the program like who doesn't know what JRM stands for)
you call out his name while being intimate with your mate your mate starts calling him germ instead of JRM just to be funny and because they are a tad bit jealous of JRM's hotness. Ha ha (okay that was not funny mister)
your kids/friends start calling him, "your man" you treat his birthday July 27th as a holiday and avoid work and stay at home watching his movies and pretty much anything that has his face on it as well as listening to his beautiful voice
you start calling him, "your man" you can relate something so insignificant in your day to something involving JRM ~ "You're last name is Louis? Why that was Jonny's name in 'August Rush'! "
you have uploaded one or more photos of him on your phone so you can look at him anywhere you go you claim him for yourself now that all your friends fancy him because you liked him when he was a cross dressing rock star in 'Velvet Goldmine' and they only started to like him as the 'Irish coach dude' from' Bend it Like Beckham'
you now refer to any appearances or pictures of him as, "your porn"
you refer to him as Jonny, not Jonathan or JRM, but Jonny... just as he prefers his friends call him
he haunts your dreams at night... in a very, VERY good way ;)