You Know Your Obsessesed with Katherine of Aragon when...

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KoA You know your obsessed with Queen Katherine when...
Add your wacky reasons to the list below!

Your favourite fruit is a pomegranate.
You know her speech in the legate hearing of by heart.
You have read every book there is on her. You keep hoping there will finally be a film made telling her side of everything.
You are prepared to argue passionatly on her behalf. You could spend hours making an icon/banner of her.
You can say you've watched every tv show/film/documentry about her. Your screen name is in some way related to her.
You want to kick Henry's ass for his awful treatment to her. You want to call your first daughter Catalina.
When you prefer the round hood. You shudder when you hear Anne B's name because of all the cruel things she said about KOA but you cry inside everytime Henry tells KOA it didn't matter whether or not she was a virgin and wonder how he has the nerve to say that after she had loved him faithfully for over 20 years WAY before Anne came along!
You get every question in the Queen Katherine of Aragon superfan quiz right! You are forgiving to a fault, even to those who have wronged you terribly.
Your personal motto is Humble and Loyal Your favourite place in England? Aragon, in Ampstead (Named after out favourite Queen, of course!)
It made your day to hear there's a new biography of Katherine coming out this year.