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Historical Timeline
of the Events in the life of
Sir Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex

c.1485Born at Putney in Surrey
1503 - 28 DecemberServes as a soldier with the French army when they are defeated by the Spanish at the Battle of Garigliano in Italy
c.1512Works as a secretary to English merchants based in Antwerp in the Low Countries
Before 1516Marries Elizabeth Wykes, daughter of a clothworker in Putney. A son, Gregory, is born
1520Advises Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in legal matters, and members of the nobility on financial issues
1523Becomes a Member of Parliament under Wolsey's patronage
1524Admitted as a lawyer at Gray's Inn and becomes Wolsey's solicitor and counsellor
1525 - 4 JanuaryAppointed to investigate five small monasteries to establish their wealth, and becomes Wolsey's agent in their suppression
1526 - 1529Suppression of 29 'decayed' minor monasteries and priories to fund Cardinal Wolsey's foundation of two colleges at Oxford and Ipswich
1527 - OctoberPurchases the manor of Tolleshunt D'Arcy n Essex; his accumulation of lands and property has begun
1528 or 1529His wife Elizabeth and his two daughters--Anne and Grace--all die. Their deaths are probably due to the sweating sickness epidemic (Thomas is aged c. 44)
1529 - 9 OctoberThe fall of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
1529 - 3 NovemberBecomes Member of Parliament for Taunton
1530Enters the service of King Henry VIII as parliamentary manager and ad hoc legal advisor
1539 - 29 NovemberCardinal Thomas Wolsey dies
1531 - JanuarySworn in as junior member of the King's Council
1532Appointed Receiver General. Also becomes supervisor of the lands at Oxford belonging to Wolsey's former Cardinal's College
1532 - MarchCommons passes 'Supplication Against the Ordinaries,' an anti-clerical petition
1532 - 14 AprilAppointed Master of the King's Jewel House (a shared position)
1532 - 16 JulyAppointed Clerk of the Hanaper and Master of the Court of Wards
1533 - 25 JanuaryKing Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn secretly marry at Westminster
1533 - MarchAct for Restraint of Appeals passed; it becomes the foundation stone of the English Reformation
1533 - 12 AprilAppointed Chancellor of the Exchequer
1533 - 23 MayArchbishop Thomas Cranmer grants annulment of Henry and Queen Katherine of Aragon's marriage
1533 - 8 AugustAppointed Recorder of Bristol
1533 - 7 SeptemberPrincess Elizabeth Tudor is born
1533 - 12 SeptemberAppointed Steward of Westminster Abbey
1534 - 27 FebruaryAppointed Joint Constable of Hertford Castle and Hertingfordbury, as well as Keeper of the Park there
1534 - 23 MarchFirst Act of Succession passed
1534 c. 15 AprilAppointed Chief Secretary to King Henry VIII
1534 - 20 AprilThe Nun of Kent and her accomplices are executed
1534 - SeptemberAppointed Joint Constable of Berkeley Castle and Keeper of the Park, Master of the Game, and Keeper of the Woods
1534 - 8 OctoberAppointed Master of the Rolls until July 10, 1536
1534 - 12 OctoberPope Paul III succeeds Pope Clement VII
1534 - NovemberAct of Supremacy passed
1534 - 3 NovemberTreasons Act passed
1535 - 1 JanuaryAppointed Vicar General and Visitor General of Religious Houses
1535 - 21 JanuaryKing Henry VIII commissions a General Visitation of churches, monasteries and clergy in England and Wales
1535 - 4 MayExecution of three Carthusian Priors, a Bridgettine priest, and another priest, all for denying Henry's Supremacy
1535 - 14 MayAppointed Steward of the Manor of the Savoy and Bailiff of Enfield, Middlesex
Appointed Chancellor of the University of Cambridge
1535 - 16 MayAppointed Steward and Bailiff of the Manors of Edmonton and Sayesbury, Middlesex
1535 - 20 MayPope Paul III creates Bishop John Fisher of Rochester a Cardinal
1535 - 19 JuneThree Carthusian monks executed for denying the King's Supremacy
1535 - 22 JuneBishop John Fisher executed for treason
1535 - 6 JulySir Thomas More executed for treason
1536 -7 JanuaryQueen Katherine of Aragon dies
1536 - 24 JanuaryKing Henry VIII injured in a jousting accident; five days later Anne Boleyn miscarries a male child
1536 - MarchAct for the Dissolution of Minor Monastic Houses is passed; it is supervised by Cromwell
1536 - 24 AprilCourt of Augmentations set up to control the Dissolution
1536 - 17 MayGeorge Boleyn, Henry Norris, Francis Weston , Mark Smeaton, and William Brereton are executed for adultery (incest) with the Queen
Thomas Cranmer declares the marriage between Henry and Anne Boleyn nullified
1536 - 19 MayAnne Boleyn is executed
1536 - 30 MayHenry marries Jane Seymour
1536 - 9 JuneAppointed Chief Steward of the Manor of Writtle, Essex and Keeper of the Park
1536 - JuneSecond Act of Succession passed
1536 - 1 JulyAppointed Keeper of the Privy Seal, with fees of 20 shillings a day
1536 - 9 JulyCreated Baron Cromwell of Oakham
1536 - 18 JulyAppointed Vicar General and Vice Regent of the King in Spirituals (religious issues); also knighted
1536 - 2 OctoberStart of the rebellions known as the Pilgrimage of Grace
1537 - JanuaryRebellions are suppressed
1537 - 26 AugustInstalled as a Knight of the Order of the Garter, at Windsor
1537 - SeptemberAppointed Dean of Wells Cathedral, Somerset
1537 - 12 OctoberPrince Edward Tudor is born
1537 - 24 OctoberJane Seymour dies of puerperal fever
1537 - DecemberAppointed Commissioner of the Peace for many Ridings; Warden and Chief Justice for all royal forests, parks, chases and warrens north of the Trent ;and Master of Deer Hunting in those forests
1538 - 22 MayExecution of John Forrest for heresy at Smithfield
1538 - SeptemberThomas Becket's shrine at Canterbury is looted and destroyed
1538 - NovemberAppointed Captain of the Isle of Wight
1538 - 16 NovemberRoyal proclamation controlling the purchase and use of Bibles in English
1538 - 22 NovemberExecution of John Lambert at Smithfield for heresy
1538 - 9 NovemberExeter, Montague and Nevill executed for treason
1538 - 17 DecemberPope Paul III prepares to promulgate Bull of Excomminucation against Henry
1539 - 4 JanuaryAppointed Constable of Leeds Castle, Kent
1539 - 12 JanuaryFrancis I and Charles V sign the Treaty of Toledo
1539 - JuneStatute of Proclamations passed
1539 - 28 JuneStatute of Six Articles against Protestant practices is passed
1539 - JulyDissolution of major religious houses begins
1539 - 6 OctoberAgreement of marriage of Henry to Anne of Cleves
1539 - 14 NovemberExecution of the Abbot of Reading for denying the King's Supremacy
1539 - 15 NovemberExecution of the Abbot of Glastonbury for treason
1539 - 20 DecemberMore apppointments
1540 - 6 JanuaryMarriage of Henry to Anne of Cleves
Appointed Steward of the despoiled Monastery of Furness
1540 - 17 AprilCreated Earl of Essex and Lord Great Chamberlain

1540 - 10 JuneArrested at Privy Council meeting at Westminster
1540 - 9 JulyMarriage of Henry and Anne of Cleves dissolved
1540 - 28 JulyBeheaded on Tower Hill (aged c. 55)
Marriage of Henry VIII to Katherine Howard

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