The Tudors Superfan Quiz

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How much dost thou hearteth The Tudors?

Season Four was over before you could even count how many times Henry had beheaded someone. Let us count the ways, ahem, points with The Tudors Superfan Quiz for Season 4!

The Tudors Superfan Quiz

Dost thou wish to move forwardeth? Hark and prepare thyself!
We will now testesth thine Tudors superfanship:

The Tudors Superfan Quiz #4 - The Tudors Wiki

The Tudors Superfan Quiz
The Tudors Superfan QuizQuestion #1: What type of weather event does Chapuys mention in his first letter?
Choose wisely, Lords and Ladies....

A. The Queen and her Ladies are playing in the snow


B. Hail is preventing the court to go on progress

C. There are thunder storms which Chapuys thinks it's a sign that Gods unhappy with England

D. Extreme heat is affecting the court

The Tudors Superfan Quiz