The Frain Attraction

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The Frain Attraction
Ever wish there was a place where you could keep your finger on the pulse of Mr Frain's every action without compromising your dignity and /or restraining order? Well, look no further! The Frain Attraction goes that extra mile for you, and all from the comfort of your computer screen.

The Frain Attraction - The Tudors Wiki
WHAT: 'Dark Relic'. James plays Sir Gregory in the movie set during the First Crusades.

WHEN: 27 March 2010

WHERE: The SyFy Network

True Blood
WHAT: 'True Blood'. James plays Franklin Mott, sexy vampire boyfriend to Tara Thornton in the third season of the HBO drama.

WHEN: June 2010

WHERE: HBO (US) FX & Channel 4 (UK)
Tron Legacy

WHAT: 'Tron Legacy'. James plays Jarvis in the movie starring Jeff Bridges.

WHEN: 17 December 2010

WHERE: Worldwide!

This page will be updated as and when news reaches your roving Frain reporter!