The Best of Cromwell

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The Best of Cromwell

This is the place for you, the fans, to contribute and collect together what you consider to be the Best of Thomas Cromwell. Whether it be a scene from any of the seasons, a certain expression, a line of dialogue, or even if you just want to declare your undying love for his long black boots or that swishy coat of his, simply add an image or a description to illustrate your choice, as well as your reason, and let the best of Cromwell be known to all!

The Best Reason From
In season 1 (I believe), Cromwell met Thomas Cranmer's German wife who traveled in a box. I loved his reaction to her and remember wondering what his own wife was like. That was one of a few times where he was amused by something other than one of his own schemes, like ousting Wolsey or something. Libejin
Season 3 following Cromwell's last meeting with "His Majesty" Cromwell was so genuinely happy at that moment. He was feeling his power and glory when he walked out of that meeting (little knowing he was about to be one of the latest victims of that slippery slope of King Henry's whims for change; like Wolsey and Moore before him. Libejin
Season 2, Cromwell went to church to pray (for what he has done; -> Anne Boleyn) He looked sooo desperate Naphae
Season 3, Cromwell's black outfit Just cool and sexy Naphae
Thomas Cromwell
"Fifteen pound, for one stroke? Damn, he makes a damn good living" - Season 2, Episode 9
Lol, despite the fact they are speaking of the swordsman who is to execute Anne Boleyn, very insensitively i might add, i simply adore this scene. Cromwell seems so relaxed, with his feet up on the table, so unlike the rigid secretary we are so accustomed to seeing in his office! Reggie19
Cromwell and Wyatt
"I like you Mister Wyatt, i enjoy your company, but you have a reputation, you gamble, you *****, you sail close to the wind, god forbid it should ever throw you onto the rocks!" - Season 2, Episode 6
Love any and all scenes between Cromwell and Wyatt, for obvious reasons, this was my favorite one, and just look at that grin!!!

This is my favorite scene too. I really liked Cromwell at first I thought he was going to be the peoples hero at first.
but when he went to far to distroy the catholic church, instead of just starting a new church and making people hostile towards each other we might not have the pilgrims coming to america to have freedom of religion here in the USA. lol You are right about his cute little grin. LOL
Badass Cromwell Hello! Look at that smirk... *drools* I don't like cockiness, but uhmm... Cromwell could do it all day long and I'll just sit there, staring adoringly up at him.... Also, again, that smirk! *drools some more* He could beat Seymour and Brandon at any smirk-offs, anytime, anywhere, any day! ;D Maggie-AnneB.
The Best of Cromwell - The Tudors Wiki Hello again! Much sexyness...

Omg.. Roxy... I LOVE that moment... OMG... he really is just toooo sexy!

The Best of Cromwell - The Tudors Wiki LOL, well someone had to add it...The scene that inspired such perving!

...and many restless nights for our beloved Mister Frain, lol!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Everytime I look at it I think, "Torch, Footsteps, Floor Creaking"... Muahahaha! "We're Heerrrre"

The Best Of Thomas Cromwell You have to see the full scene to appreciate the full sexiness of this moment, but I've tried to capture a little snippet of it here. I love it! Elliemental (Hannah)