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Team Richardson/Catherine Parr Past News
keep up to date with the news that has been in Team Catherine Parr's News Box
Date:24/05/09 Posted By:Neta07 News:Team Leaders,
Hello my fellow Team Parr members theothertudorgirl and I, are pleased to say that we are now Team Parr leaders and will be adding pages and creating banners in the following weeks!. I know i'll be adding a team poll pretty soon. As Catherine Parr isn't on the show yet we would love to hear your views on who you think should play this fantastic woman. Take a look round and enjoy Team Parr.

till next time
Date:31/ 05/09 Posted By:Neta07 News:Team Pages & Member Banner.

Hey guys theothertudorgirl has created a banner for all of you to put on your profiles if you haven't already. Also The Team Jane leaders and Team Catherine leaders are pleased to announce that we have a joint page with them, though, it is still under construction you can still visit it at: Team Jane and Team Cate joint page we hope you like it!. PS watch for new pages being created under this team over the next weeks!.
Date:22/07/09 Posted By:Neta07 News:Casting News?
Team Joely Richardson and Catherine Parr?
According to various sources especially <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">The Ausiello</a> Joely Richardson who has been on Nip/Tuck has scored the part of our Queen!. I don't know if the source is 100% ligit, but it has made us more hyped up for Catherine Parr to appear on the show.
Date:23/07/09 Posted By:theothertudorgirl News:Casting News!
Team Joely Richardson & Catherine Parr!
Okay Guys, It is official. Joely Richardson is playing Catherine Parr, as Showtime has released a press statement saying so. YAY!! We finally have our Catherine Parr. Just waiting for the first stills now to update all of our graphics!
Date:24/09/09 Posted By:Neta07 News:On Set!

Joely Richardson arrived on set (23.09.09)Joely Richardson arrived on set (23.09.09)
Here are some pics of Joely Richardson as our Queen Cate on set. Not to sure about the look?, Maybe she might have a cloak over top.
Date:27/10/09 Posted By:theothertudorgirl
News:Updated HomePage Graphic

Since we have the first image of the lovely Joely as our Queen Cate (I am really excited to see her performance), I decided to update the top HomePage Banner. Hope You All Like It! I will hopefully be adding Joely to our 'Proud Team Member Banner As Well!

Until Later,

Date:30/10/09 Posted By:Neta07 News:Tudor Elections,
<a href="../thread/3426244/Tudor+Election+09%3F+%26+Nominees" target="_self">Catherine Parr - made by theothertudorgirl</a>
Thanks to theothertudorgirl there are going to be elections this year for President, Vice President and First Lady. REMEMBER to VOTE! for our Queen Cate at this thread: <a href="../thread/3426244/Tudor+Election+09%3F+%26+Nominees" target="_self">TUDOR ELECTIONS 09? & NOMINEES</a>
Happy Voting!
Date:23/11/09 Posted By:Neta07 News:New Promo Pic,
ET Weekly pic
Thanks to <a href="/account/HeroineAddict" target="_self">HerioneAddict</a> we have a promo pic of Joely as our Queen, she is wearing what we saw her in when picture's came out of her on set but with a cloak :-D. Not to sure about Henry's look :-/.

Till more news
Date:06/11/09 Posted By:Neta07
News:Tudor Election, Christmas & New Years messages
Catherine Parr For Vice President - made by theothertudorgirl
Thanks ot all those who rallied behind our Cate,she is now running for Vice President to VOTE for our Queen click the following link or the picture up top: TUDOR ELECTION 09/10.

Also we have our Holiday messages up again, If you are new and have no idea why we do this well it's to share the love with other teams who participate and make sure that there is no hate between us. Its also an area were we can give messages to the team, other team members and on the important holidays a chance to give a message to Joely Richardson (although she might not read them). To add YOUR message add them here:

Team Cate - Christmas & New Years Messages.

Happy Voting
Date:06/11/09 Posted By:Neta07
News:Tudor Election Results
Cate - Tudor Vice President
Thanks to all members who voted for Queen Cate in the elections she won the post of vice president. May I express my thanks to wiki member and our other leader theothertudorgirl for holding the elections.

Also there is a fabulous new Tudor Promo for season four If you are like me and was anxious to see our Queen well you will be deeply dissapointed as she didn't make an appearence :-(. But hopefully she will in more future promo's!.

Hope you all had a fantastic Holiday period!.
Date:24/02/10 Posted By:Neta07 News: Promo Pic!!
SEASON 4Joely Richardson as Catherine Parr
Joely as our Queen Cate Parr has been featured on the first official promo pic of the fourth & final season!!. Isn't it lovely too see all of Henry's wives on the promo pic?. Also I have updated our Team Banner and am contemplating whether to update our "Proud Member" banner.

Hopefully there will be more promo pics soon.
Date:28/02/10 Posted By:Neta07 News:Trailer
<embed allowfullscreen="true" height="280" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="350" wmode="transparent"/>
Yay!! Our Queen has made her first appearance in this trailer. Looks like she doesn't want to be a Queen of Henry and it also looks like she is appointed by the Seymours? - like to see how that'll pan out considering her historic relationship with Thomas Seymour.

Hopefully there will be more promo's soon
Date:12/04/10 Posted By: Neta07News: Promo Pics
Catherine Parr as played by Joely Richardson
Henry VIII and Catherine Parr- First official Pic
We have two fabulous official promo pics of Joely as Queen Cate I must say JRM looks very at home with her!.

EDIT: Also check out -
<embed allowfullscreen="true" height="223" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="371" wmode="transparent"/>
it is a video with some fantastic scenes with Catherine Parr.

Till more news.
Date: 12/05/10 Posted By:Neta07News: Stills
Mary Tudor & Catherine Parr - Season 4, Episode 6
Catherine Parr, Earl of Surrey & Henry VIII - Season 4, Episode 6
Thomas Seymour & Catherine Parr
Catherine Parr - Season 4, Episode 6
We have four fantastic stills of Catherine's entrance into the season; be sure to watch next week!
Date:18/05/10 Posted By:Neta07 News: Stills & Vid
Hey guys!. We have an abundance of stills for the next episode but I'm too lazy to post them all so I'll post one still of Catherine's wedding - doesn't she look amazing?.
Season 4 Episode 7
Also I was browsing on youtube and found some scenes of Catherine's debut, I know if you are like me and live in another part of the world thats not America you would be very pleased to see some scenes of her. Make sure to vote on the new team poll.
<embed allowfullscreen="true" height="205" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="339" wmode="transparent"/>
Till the next episode airs, have a fantastic day!.

Date: 11/07/10 Posted By: Neta07 News: Team Re-Vamp
Old Team Cate Layout
Hey guys welcome to the new look Team Cate!, I got inspiration from the dress in our new homepage banner because I didn't feel the purple as Joely's Cate never wore that colour. Be sure to put the NEW "proud member" banner on to your profile and link it back to our team. I will be editing the other pages slowly because of personal reasons but the team should be fully re-vamped by the start of August.

Date: 30/10/10 Post:Neta07
New Pages & Deleted Scene,
Elizabeth Tudor & Catherine Parr
The picture corresponds to two subjects in our news post doesn't it just look lush?. First of all we have a new Team Joint Page with Team Elizabeth!, check it out here: Team Cate & Team Elizabeth Joint Page
as you guys voted that you were looking forward to their relationship the most. Hope you love the layout and colours and hope to see your contributions soon :-). Also check out this deleted scene: <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Ireland TV3 Tudors Deleted Scenes</a> as we have a cap from the same scene above. Be sure to vote on the new poll!.

Date: 19/01/101 Post:Neta07
News: New Leader & Poll Voting,
New Team Cate Leader: GoldenAged.ER
I would like to give a huge welcome to GoldenAged.ER who has kindly accepted my invitation to become a Team Leader of this fantastic Team, I am looking forward to her contributions and edits she will be a great asset as she has already added a ton of caps and all the work on Cate's ancestors page is hers. Also please please please vote on our poll we have only had 7 votes on the poll we have up and I do feel like we need to get over 10 as I like to have a new poll as soon as possible posted up.
Date: 30/01/2011 Post:
News: Bishop Tunstall
Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall

Catherine Parr's influential first cousin who was overlooked in Season 1:
Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall
Date: 04/04/2011 Post: GoldenAged.ER
News: Since the series is over but not forgotten why not join the page dedicated, and created by team leader GoldenAged.ER, to Queen Catherine Parr on [[1]]? On the page you will find continuing information and research about Queen Catherine.

Catherine Parr by Neta07
Date: 05.14.2011 Post: GoldenAged.ER
News: Katherine's complete works and correspondences are being published in one book by editor Janel Mueller. Pre-order today. The book is due to come out on 06.30.2011 <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Katherine Parr: Complete Works and Correspondence</a>
Katherine Parr: Complete Works and Correspondences