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Team Cromwell and Team Wyatt Joint Page
Team C&W Joint Page

The Teams:
Team Frain/ Cromwell
Team Wyatt/ King
-if you have any other ideas please contact any of the leaders of these teams.

Photo Album of Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Wyatt
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Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Wyatt Videos
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Best Cromwell and Wyatt moment EVER!!!
Created by: CallXenaWarrior

Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Wyatt Memorable Moments in History and the Series
Any particular moment between these two men that you liked, please add the quotes or descriptions to this row:

Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Wyatt
Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Wyatt
  • Both shared reformist ideals!
  • While Thomas Cromwell dealth with many issues occuring within the English court, Thomas Wyatt spent most of his time abroad!
  • Both married women named Elizabeth!
  • While Thomas Cromwell was ambitious in pursuits such as the Reformation, Thomas Wyatt did not share his dedication!
  • Both died in the 1540s!
  • Thomas Cromwell died a widower and was executed, Thomas Wyatt died still legally married and of a fever!
  • Both could speak Italian!
  • While Thomas Cromwell was of low birth, Thomas Wyatt was born of a highly respectable family!
  • Both shared the position 'Clerk of the King's Jewels'!
  • Thomas Cromwell had never served at court in his youth, while Thomas Wyatt served as Sewer Extroardinary at the age of thirteen!
  • Both men were charged with treason!
  • Thomas Cromwell was charged with treason once and died for those charges, Thomas Wyatt was charged with treason twice but given a reprieve each time!
  • Both men entered the King's court under the patronage of 'usurpers', Cromwell under Wolsey, Wyatt under Cromwell!
  • Both of their patrons died after falling out of favor, but Wolsey died of natural causes, while Cromwell was executed!
  • Both shared a common dislike for certain Dukes, Wyatt despised Charles Brandon (the Duke of Suffolk) while Cromwell disliked Thomas Howard (the Duke of Norfolk)!
  • Thomas Cromwell was an expert in financial matters, Thomas Wyatt lacked seriously in this department!
  • Both men lost their children, Thomas Cromwell lost two daughter - Anne and Grace, and Thomas Wyatt lost three sons - Thomas, Edward and Henry!
  • Thomas Wyatt was certainly the most sensitive of the two men, being a poet and heavily involved in matters of the heart, while Thomas Cromwell was zealous, being heavily involved in politics and state affairs!
  • Both men had older daughters named Anne!
  • Thomas Wyatt had mistresses, Thomas Cromwell did not!
  • Both men reached high as a result of their intelligence!
  • All of Thomas Cromwell's children were legitimate, Thomas Wyatt had three illegitimate children!
  • Neither of the two were of noble birth, while Thomas Wyatt came from a well-respected family, they were not a noble one, and Thomas Cromwell is very well known for his low-birth status!
  • Thomas Wyatt still possessed some friends when he was charged with treason on both occasions, who were powerful enough to ensure his release, Thomas Cromwell did not!
  • Both men were close to the Boleyn family, Cromwell through their reformist interests, Wyatt through his own family!
  • Thomas Cromwell was a devout reformer, Thomas Wyatt shared this interest, but wasn't devout in it!
  • Both the Cromwell and Wyatt family suffered greatly under charges of treason, the Cromwell family had their belongings repossessed as a result of Thomas Cromwell's charges, the Wyatt family were banished as a result of both Thomas Wyatt the younger's, and Edward Wyatt's charges.
  • Thomas Wyatt received an honorable burial in Sherborne Abbey, Thomas Cromwell's head was boiled and placed on a spike, his body intered in Peter Ad Vincula!
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