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[Better page name]
Perv Central

Are you fed up with trawling from team to team looking for some decent perv opportunities at the expense of the many gorgeous guys on The Tudors? Then this is the place for you!! As much pervyness as we can cram in to this- soon to be significantly larger- team partnership page, here you can stare, oggle and drool to your heart's content.

Wave goodbye to your sanity- there's little room for it here.

Share your most inappropriate, crazy and slightly stalkerish thoughts- chances are we were thinking it anyway.

Most of all, embrace your inner perv and get lost in the madness :D

*None of the comments, threads, wild kidnapping plots found on these pages are meant to be taken seriously- we're just having a bit of fun and don't want to offend anyone. If any of the above comments made you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable, it might be best if you leave now... things are only gonna get worse :) *

Teams Involved

home - The Tudors Wiki
Team Leader: <a href="/account/KingHenryVIII" target="_self">KingHenryVIII</a>
Team Frain/Cromwell
Team Leader: <a href="/account/Naphae" target="_self">Naphae</a>
Team Wyatt/ King
Team Leader: <a href="/account/Reggie19" target="_self">Reggie19</a>

Our Motto:

Quando mecum pariter potant, pariter scortari solent,
Hanc quidem, quam nactus, praedam pariter *** illis partiam

*All credit for the motto goes to WickedRose for the suggestion, if anyone wants a translation (its very good) message me- Izzy22

Under Construction...

Perv Tour 2009
Tour 2009

Coming soon to a 'secluded mountain range as far from civilisation as possible' near you
Perv Tour 2009
Perv Tour 2009- OH YEAH!

Another banner for us Pervs.... Seriously though, these men are just about the most sexiest men... Ever. :D

Perv Tour 2010
Perv Tour 2010

The Men of The Perv Tour

Both 2010 Contributions Made By:

Team Cromwell/Brandon/Wyatt Holiday Banner