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A joint page for the mothers of the reformation, a step-mother that shaped her step-daughter to rule the golden age


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Pictures Showing Similarity

Cate & Elizabeth - Siblings
*Catherine's brother William Parr was not shown on The Tudors*

Both had one brother and one sister

Catherine had a younger sister Anne and a younger brother William.

Elizabeth had an elder sister Mary and a younger brother Edward.
Cate & Elizabeth - Loss of parent
Both lost a parent during childhood

Catherine lost her father Thomas Parr around the age of five.

Elizabeth lost her mother Anne Boleyn at the age of three.
Cate & Elizabeth - Queen Regnant
Both held the title of Queen Regnant

Catherine held the title for a brief term when Henry was overseas in battle.

Elizabeth held the title for fourty years as she inherited it from her sister and never married.
Cate & Elizabeth - Thomas Seymour
Both fell under the spell of Thomas Seymour

Catherine fell in love with Thomas before marrying Henry and Thomas started to court her, after Henry died Catherine married him making the marriage her only love match.

Elizabeth fell for Thomas her stepfather when she was residing at Catherine's Chelsea manor when Catherine was pregnant with her first child.
Cate & Elizabeth - Fashion
Both had a love for fashion

Catherine was known for her love of impressive jewels, sumptuous French and Italian gowns, and shoes (in one year, she would order 47 different pairs).

Elizabeth prompted the fashion of "V" bodices, there was a whopping 2000 dresses in her closet when she was Queen.
Cate & Elizabeth - Partiachs of the English Church
Both embraced and were matriarchs of the English church

Catherine was brought up Catholic, but by the time she was Queen she was a full supporter of her husbands church holding bible study groups with her ladies and quoted on being almost "Lutheran".

Elizabeth was a supporter of the reformed church because it was the church that noticed her claim to the english throne as Catholics did not believe in her parents marriage.
Cate & Elizabeth - Descendants of Henry II
Both were of English descent

Catherine and Elizabeth both descended from Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquataine.
Cate & Elizabeth - Danger
Both had close shaves with the axe

Catherine was a supporter of the reformation and was linked to a number of radicals including Anne Askew, once Anne Askew was imprisoned the Catholic party tried to bring Catherine down. When Henry started believe the accusations the Catholic party were feeding him he signed her imprisonment warrant and was going to start investigating, luckily someone accidently put the warrant infront of Catherine's doorway and she managed to sweet-talk Henry out of it and saved her head and her life.

Elizabeth was imprisoned by her sister for it was believed that she was helping the young Thomas Wyatt in rebellion to put herself on the throne in Mary's place. Mary didn't have the heart to put her younger sister to death so Mary put her on house arrest.

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Catherine's Instance

Pictures Showing Difference

Elizabeth's Instance
Catherine Married

Catherine married four times three for political reasons and one for love. She still has the record for most married Queen!.

Cate & Elizabeth - Marital StatusElizabeth never married

Elizabeth never married some say she never married to provide stability for her country others say that her ministers could never agree on a suitable husband.
Catherine became Queen by marriage

By marrying King Henry VIII of England she in turn became Queen Consort of England and later holding the titles of Queen Regnant and Queen Dowager.
Cate & Elizabeth - QueenElizabeth become Queen by birth right

Elizabeth became Queen by being Henry's daughter by his second wife Anne Boleyn. Even though Anne Boleyn was not considered to be the wife of Henry by the time of his death, Henry put Elizabeth in his will to inherit the throne after Edward and Mary.
Catherine was brought up catholic and became protestant.

When Catherine was born the country had yet to go through the reformation so she was brought up catholic. In her late 20's and early 30's she reformed to England's "new" religion later to become a supportive force of her husbands religion.

Cate & Elizabeth - Change of Religions
Elizabeth was brought up protestant and became catholic for a short while during her sisters reign.

The reformation in some sense was made for Elizabeth, the king wanted to divorce his first wife and the pope would not grant one so Henry made his own church to marry Elizabeth's mother Anne Boleyn to have male issue. Elizabeth was brought up in the religious ideas her mother and father had. When Mary came to throne the counter-reformation came about and Elizabeth had no choice but to reform to Catholicism. When Elizabeth came to the throne she adopted ideas from both religions but being more protestant than catholic.
Catherine had children

Catherine never had children by her first three husbands but it is speculated that she had a miscarriage sometime during her first two marriages. Catherine successfully carried a child to full-term and delivered Mary Seymour (some say she was named for Catherine's other royal step-daughter) who was the child of her fourth husband Thomas Seymour.

Cate & Elizabeth - Children/No Children
Elizabeth never had children

Elizabeth never married so she had no intention of having children. Elizabeth did have a choice of heirs out of the Scottish royal family who descended from her Aunt Margaret Queen of Scotland and the Grey's who descended from her Aunt Mary Queen of France.

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