Reasons to Love James Frain/Thomas Cromwell

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We love a bit of Cromwell round here, but everyone has that special reason why...whether it's looking bafflingly delicious in tights, managing to keep his cool even when being swatted about by Henry, or somehow not having enough security on his bedroom to stop the court Fool from wandering in whenever he likes. And what about the man behind the sexy Secretary? Here's the place for YOU, the fans of this very delectable man in black, to list your reason (or indeed reasons) why you love Frain and Cromwell. Feel free to add as many as you like!

Reasons to Love James Frain

Reasons to Love Thomas Cromwell

Reason: Q..Is it too much to list every part of his body? ..mmmm...(ok i'm not that shallow...i'll save it for crommie perv threads)...He's just all round a great guy, and a truly amazing actor.
From: Cromwellian1540 - Dani
Reason: He's so brave. The man had values, scruples, loyalty, love and above all, an amazing mind...all of which he had to set aside at some point to serve the King. What a man!!
From: Cromwellian1540 - Dani
Reason: *goes into Perv overdrive* Ok i'll keep this clean...I think he is a brilliant actor (I have loved the movies I have seen him in so far) and he has turned one of the most villified Tudor figures into a "human being".
I just wanna snuggle up with him....

From: Eternity123 - Gloria
Reason: His dedication to his work, loyalty to the King and his complexity. IMO he one of the most intruging figures from the Tudor dynasty; I love reading/finding thing(s) out about him. Keep 'em coming Crommies!!!

From: Eternity123 - Gloria
Reason: The reasons why I love me some James, well let me tell you.
For one, and I'm going to be shallow, he is extremely easy on the eyes. Come on, look at him, he's pure sex on a stick. :D Another important reason I love James, is that he is one of the most talented Actors, ever. With his ability to go from being a nice guy to a super creepy dude always sends shivers down my spine. He is pretty good with accents too. :D
Although there isn't known of the man James, he has always seemed to be a very nice man, funny, and charismatic.
Just all around, the best man ever.

From: Maggie-AnneB.- Maggie <3
Reason: Thomas Cromwell...
On the outside he wasn't the best looking (although James as Cromwell... *drool*), but Thomas in the inside, he was a beautiful man. He was a kind, and loyal person. Although he did some not so great things, at least he did it with integrity. Strange but the truth.
In all honesty, Thomas was/ is just my kinda guy. He was ambitious, successful, intelligent, and trustworthy. Thomas Cromwell was simply amazing.

From: Maggie-AnneB.- Maggie <3
Reason: I love james frain, i saw him the first time on the tudors and he is one can cromwell play so good like him!!!!!

Reason:oh thomas cromwell, my absolutly dreamman.he is so cool, beautiful and secretly.he does so much for his king and nobody said ´thanks`so bad.he is amazing!! i love thomas cromwell

From: cromwellfan86
Reason: Just a really sexy, handsome and intelligent man plus a terrifice actor - he's the best!

From: Tiily
Reason: He was a progressive who believed in the education of the common people, not just a select elite.

From: HeroineAddict - Kate

Reason: The ears, i just want to grab them, and the old raising of the eyebrow in every scene when someone walks into his office, i love that, he looks so disgruntled!!! He's also presented us with an amazing portrayal of a character hated and despised throughout history, finally we have a human Cromwell, Frain has given us a man that wasn't simply a villain, he was a man who suffered much in his life, and was greatly affected by these tribulations!

From: Reggie19
Reason: Highly intelligent, self made man with a clear vision and a desire to do the best for his King and country, very very interesting charactor beautifully played by you know who.

From: Tilly
Reason: Reggie and I seem to share an obsession with his ears and his eyebrows :) I love the fact that one of his eyebrows is on a totally different level to the other one! But aside from being generally adorable, he's one of these rare actors who conveys so much with incredible subtlety, and you can see he totally invests in every character he plays.

From: HeroineAddict
Reason: He worked his bum off and rose from nothing to become the instigator of the Reformation, one of the greatest phenomenons to ever occur in the Catholic Church. Though of low-birth, he never let it hold him back, he was intelligent, determined and true to his beliefs, and above all, was loyal to those he trusted and considered his true friends!

From: Reggie19
Reason: All of the reasons above and oh yeah has anyone mentioned how sexy he is?

From: Roxykat
Reason: He was sooo hardworking and really wanted to change things for the better

From: Roxykat
Reason: His Beautiful Hair and sensitive eyes

From: Libejin
Reason: He looks so good in Tudor garb, and (right or wrong) he's very hard-core

From: Libejin
Reason: He was brave enough to be completely vulnerable and raw and totally convey Cromwell's heartbreak in one of the most devasating death scenes ever!

From: HeroineAddict
Reason:He always had the King's best interests at heart. He was a true reformer, and because of that, helped to change the world a great way. He was a self made and self educated man...he learned most of life's lessons in the 'school of hard knocks'...yet he was as gracious and as courtly and learned as any noble in the court of Henry VIII. He simply was Henry's best man.

From: Teri
Reason:Because he's got the most expressive and lovely eyes. His hair is the best hair ever LOL His voice is so deep and soothing, yet can tremble with such moving's just damn sexy :) He's adorable, some times even adorkable, but always stunning in his look and his talent.

What's not to love? He's Brilliant

From: Teri (aka scooter&buster)

Reason: He`s a very good actor, not to mention sensationally good looking to boot!

From: Hannah (Elliemental)
Reason: A self made man, he came from nowhere and rose to become the Earl of Essex. I between that, He completely revolutionised the way people lived, and dedicated his life to bettering, and modernising the country.

From: Hannah (Elliemental)