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Princess Margaret Tudor as played by Gabrielle Anwar
Mary's Motto : La volenté de Dieu me suffit (The will of God is sufficient for me)
Margaret's Motto:
Rosa Sine Spina (Rose Without a Thorn)

*This Fictional Character is an amalgamation of Henry's two sisters, Margaret & Mary *
Margaret - born Nov 28, 1489 - died Oct 18, 1541
Mary ---- born Mar 18, 1496 - died Jun 25, 1533

Character's backstory
: Historically, Margaret was
King Henry VIII's elder sister, who became Queen of Scotland. However, on the show, the character combines Margaret Tudor's name with the actions (sort of *) of Henry's younger sister, Mary Tudor.

* Mary married the King of France Louis XII, not the King of Portugal. He died of natural causes within a few months and not by murder at her hands, after which she married Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. Even after her second marriage, Mary was normally referred to at the English Court as "the French Queen", and was not known as "the Duchess of Suffolk" in her lifetime, probably to remind her that she had married below her rank. Mary spent most of her time at the Duke's country seat of Westhorpe Hall in Suffolk. Mary opposed her brother's attempts to annul his marriage to Katherine of Aragon, who was her friend and disliked Anne Boleyn due to this. This caused relations between herself and her brother to be strained.

Gentility: Sister of King Henry VIII & daughter of Elizabeth of York and Henry Vll

Position: Princess, Queen of Portugal (on the show, Queen of Scotland or France in reality)

Personality type: Feisty Tudor Lass

Signature look: Sultry (in the series)

Quotes about Mary:
"Nature never formed anything more beautiful." ~ Erasmus
"a Paradise—tall, slender, grey-eyed, possessing an extreme pallor" ~ Venetian Ambassador
"She wore her glorious silken red-gold hair flowing loose to her waist" ~ Historian Hester Chapman

Endearing trait(s): Determination

Annoying trait(s): spoilt

Nickname(s): The Tudor Rose


Margaret - the Carthusian Priory of St. John in Perth (which was demolished in 1559)

Mary - St. Mary's Church in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

I think viewers have the intelligence to distinguish between Henry's daughter, princess Mary, and Henry's youngest sister, Mary queen of France. Too bad both their stories couldn't be told because they are equally fascinating in their own right. Charles Brandon was in fact quite a bit older then Henry's sister Mary when he eloped with her. Margaret became the scandal of the family for her marital escapades which of course could not equal her brother's.

(NOTE TO POSTING : here's a quote from the creator & writer of the series, Michael Hirst: "I didn't want two Princess Marys on the call sheet," he said, because it might have confused the crew. " Which one do you mean, Michael? Who do we dress?'"

So it seems it wasn't so much for the viewers but more for the crew who seem to have a problem when there are two people with the same name. Go figure)

Margaret Tudor

Margaret Tudor's signature

Softly love and to love softly
Dew on the sycamore branch and creaking gate
And my heart hurries afterwards
through the path of wheat along the briar
to that stone under which I lie
Margaret's last words (Season1 Episode 9)

Margaret Tudor Coat of Arms

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  • Erin Sadlack, The French Queen's Letters: Mary Tudor Brandon and the Politics of Marriage in Sixteenth Century Europe. (2011)
  • The Thistle and the Rose: The Sisters of Henry VIII by Hester Chapman
  • The Rose and the Thorn: The Lives of Mary and Margaret Tudor by Harvey Nancy Lenz
  • The Sisters of Henry VIII: The Tumultuous Lives of Margaret of Scotland and Mary of France, by Maria Perry
  • Tudor Women by Alison Plowden
  • Mary Tudor: The White Queen by W.C. Richardson
  • Lady Jane Grey and the House of Suffolk by Alision Plowden
  • The Earlier Tudors: 1485 - 1558. by J.D.Mackie


Father: Henry VII
Mother: Elizabeth of York
Brother: Prince Arthur
Brother: King Henry VIII
Brother: Prince Edmund (died as a young child)

Romances of (historical) Margaret:
1st husband - King James IV of Scotland (1503 - 1513)
2nd husband - Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus (1513 - 1527)
3rd husband - Henry Stuart, Lord Methven (1528 - 1541)

Romances of (historical) Mary:
1st husband - King Louis XII of France (1514 - 1515)
2nd husband - Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk (1515 - 1533)

Children of (historical)
With 1st husband King James IV:
James, Duke of Rothesay (1507 - 1508)
Stillborn Daughter (1508)
Arthur, Duke of Rothesay (1509 - 1510)
* James V, King of Scotland (1512 - 1542)*
Stillborn Daughter (1512)
Alexander, Duke of Ross (1514 - 1515)
* Mary Queen of Scots and King James I of England descended from this line

With 2nd husband Archibald Douglas:
Margaret Douglas (1515 - 1578) who was the mother of Lord Darnley, Mary Queen of Scots 2nd husband. Their son James VI of Scotland became James I of England after Elizabeth's death

Children of (historical) Mary:
with 2nd husband Charles Brandon:
Lord Henry Brandon (1516 - died bef. 1522)
* Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk (1517 - 1559)*
Eleanor Brandon, Countess of Cumberland (1519 - 1547)
Henry Brandon, 1st earl of Lincoln (1522/23 - 1534)
* Lady Jane Grey descended from this line

See also : Margaret and Mary's Descendants


  • "Please don't make me marry him. He's an old man"

  • "Don't tease me, I don't like it!"

  • "I don't know if you're really brave or if you're just a f*cking fool."

  • "Because you love me."

  • When she was forced to sleep with her new husband, the King of Portugal.
  • When she smothered the King of Portugal so she could return to Charles.
  • She and Charles making love on the boat.
  • When she's fighting with Charles and throwing glasses at him.
  • She and Charles making love on the kitchen table.
  • When she is caressing Charles as he is lying in bed half asleep.
  • Her death scene.
  • Charles standing at her coffin and asking her to forgive him.


King Henry VIII - The Tudors Wiki
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King Henry VIII - The Tudors Wiki
Margaret Tudor as portrayed by Gabrielle Anwar
The Brandons
Wedding portrait of the real Mary Tudor and her husband Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk
Margaret & the King of Portugal
in the series, Princess Margaret
marries her 1st husband, the King of Portugal
Princess Margaret Tudor & Charles Brandon
Margaret marries Charles Brandon
after killing her 1st husband - in the series
Mary Tudor, Queen of France
Mary Tudor, Queen of France
(close-up) by the French school (early 16th century). In this painting she bears a strong resemblance to her elder brothers, Prince Arthur and King Henry VIII. Her gorgeous red hair and snow-white complexion can clearly be seen here.
Margaret Tudor
Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland
(close-up) by Daniel Mytens, in the Royal Collection. In this painting she resembles her younger brother, King Henry VIII. She shares his auburn hair. In later life, Margaret became quite overweight - a problem her brother also developed.

Princess Margaret Tudor - The Tudors WikiPrincess MaryTudor
Louis XII of France was 52 yrs old
when he married Mary Tudor
( right) and she was 18 yrs old. Despite two previous marriages, the king had no living sons and sought to produce an heir; but Louis died on January 1, 1515 less than three months after he married Mary, reputedly worn out by his exertions in the bedchamber.
Their union produced no children.
Princess Margaret Tudor - The Tudors WikiPrincess Margaret Tudor
James IV of Scotland married
Margaret Tudor
(right) in 1503 when he was 30
and she was 14. He died at the Battle of Flodden in 1513.
Their union produced 2 children who survived infancy.
Mary Queen of Scots descended from this line.
Lady Jane Grey
Descendant of Mary Tudor
her granddaughter Lady Jane Grey "de facto" Queen of England. She was the daughter of Mary's eldest daughter, Lady Frances Brandon. She claimed the throne after Edward VI died causing conflict as she was technically not the next in line to the throne. Her claim came after Lady Mary, Lady Elizabeth, and her mother according to the will of King Henry and the Succession Act of 1543.
<a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Young Queen Mary of Scots">Young Mary Queen of Scots
Descendant of Margaret Tudor
her granddaughter Mary, Queen of Scots,
whose descendants inherited the English
throne. After her execution, which was ordered by her cousin, Elizabeth I, her son became James VI, King of Scotland. In 1603, after the death of Elizabeth, he would become King James I of England.

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