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The Tudors Fan Scripts
Joely Richardson as Katherine Parr

You finished watching the last episode of The Tudors,
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The Day Henry VIII Died

Whitehall Palace
January 28, 1547

Queen Katherine Parr is in the Chapel already dressed entirely in black. She is deep in prayer for her husband, Henry who is dying. Katherine truly loved Henry almost as much as she feared him. Even though Henry almost had her arrested and had begun to look at Catherine Brandon, her dearest friend as her replacement, yet she loved him still. The Henry that Katherine had fallen in love with when she was just a young girl, really had died long ago.

Katherine rises to her feet and looks up to the portrait of Mary and her Son Jesus Christ on the wall before her. She closes her eyes for a moment then looks again to smile sadly at the portrait and touches the foot of Mary in the portrait.
Quietly she begins to leave and looks at the others who are kneeling in prayer for the King of England the Chapel.

Just as quietly she returns to the Queen's Chambers and leaves her ladies in waiting to sit quietly outside
alone. Numb from shock and disbelief Katherine feels none of the cold January air nor does she notice the dark clouds overhead. This dark and dreary day seems appropriate. She can hardly hear the weeping from a few of her ladies for the thoughts racing in her head.

Katherine waves a hand at one of her ladies in waiting who offer her a wrap to keep herself warm. Wisely her ladies leave her alone to grieve.

Even being outside katherine can hear a soft knock from inside on the Queen's Chamber door and Archbishop Cranmer enters the room. Katherine's heart seems to stop and her body grows numb. She can hear Cranmer whispering to her ladies. Then she hears the bells begin their toll. Katherine closes her eyes. The door behind her opens and a gentle hand is on her shoulder. Cranmer tells her by the sorrow in his eyes the news that she already knew.

Her husband is dead. King Henry VIII is dead.

Katherine turns and nods to Cranmer and he bows to her with tears in his own eyes and he goes back inside. Many ladies are openly weeping now. Katherine is silent.

Katherine is left alone as she looks up to the cold, cloudy sky she begins to cry as the raindrops begin to fall.


Katherine is resting in the Queen's Chamber. Henry was buried today along side his beloved Jane.
The palace has been so quiet and dark since Henry died. The silence has become more than she can bear.
Is it possible that what was always said about Henry was true. Henry was like the sun.

Katherine is almost asleep when she hears a noise coming from the King's Chambers. She jumps up and runs to Henry's chambers. For just a moment ...believing that these past few days were only a bad dream. When she opens the door all she sees is a young man dressed in Tudor green quietly packing Henry's things.

She motions for him to leave. She picks up a favorite goblet of Henry's that had fallen to the floor. Katherine of Aragon had sent it to Henry one Christmas. Katherine smiled remembering that her brother had told her that Henry refused the goblet because Anne Boleyn was present when it was given to Henry. Then later that same evening Henry secretly accepted the present from poor Katherine.
Henry cherished that goblet and several times Katherine herself would notice Henry look at the goblet from his first wife and watch him sadly smile.

Katherine moves towards Henry's great bed. She lies down on it and holds one of Henry's pillows close to her chest. The Henry she loved was the man she met long ago as a child while he was still married to Katherine of Aragon. This is the Henry she chooses to remember.

Katherine always believed that the changes in Henry were not all his fault. His health and the many things that happened in his life were to blame. Many nights she and Henry had lain on this very bed and she would quietly listen as Henry would remember days gone by and listen as Henry talked of all his regrets. On this bed many nights she tried to give comfort to her husband when he was in so much pain. He always wanted to keep his pain hidden from everyone but her. Henry talked about his children and his love for them that he was too proud to show. It was on this bed that she held Henry all night while he shed tears for his loyal and dearest friend Charles Brandon when he suddenly died. And it was on this bed she had spent one sleepless night afraid of the morrow knowing her sleeping husband was going to have her arrested the next day. Some nights she could not give her husband comfort and had to endure his rages. Some nights her husband would whisper sweetly to her and give comfort to her.

It is so quiet, hardly a sound in the castle. The quiet seems to pulsate in her very being almost as if it were alive and wanted to drive her mad.

Katherine jumps up from Henry's great bed and runs from the King's Chambers. She kept running with tears flowing down her face. Running past the Queen's Chambers down the quiet dark hallway with her gown flowing behind her, she passes a guard who looks up at her. She stopped before a stairwell for a minute. Then she turns and runs down stairs.

Still, it is silent.

Finally she stops in the middle of the room.
Looking up she sees a portrait on the wall in front of her. She smiles sweetly at the face in the portrait.
She walks closer to the wall never taking her eyes from the portrait.
Katherine extends a trembling arm towards the portrait as she gets closer and as her hand touches the foot in the portrait and she looks up again and smiles again at the face in the portrait.

For a while Katherine just looks into the face in the portrait. There is no one else present. Just Katherine, the portrait and the silence.

KATHERINE: What am I to do?

She takes a step back from the portrait as one tear drop falls from her face.

KATHERINE: Already they keep me from seeing Edward. They have sent Elizabeth away. They have sent Mary away. Lady Seymour has most of my ladies taken from me.

KATHERINE: What am I to do?

For a moment she stands quietly looking at the portrait on the wall before her. She touches the foot in the portrait again stroking it lovingly.

KATHERINE: It rained that day! It was as if the Angels wept.

She takes another step back and then looks at the face in the portrait.
KATHERINE: We buried you today.
Henry, we buried you beside your precious Jane as you wanted.
What am I to do Henry, now that you are gone?

She raises a shaking arm and motions around the room looking at the portrait of Henry VII, her husband
on the wall.

KATHERINE: Do you see Henry... how quiet and dark it is here now without you?
It is true what they have always said about you Henry.
You were like the sun and now the sun is gone.
You were like the moon and the stars
now you are gone.

She has fallen to her knees and tears flow down her face. Her voice is shaky.

KATHERINE: What am I to do Henry? Answer me!
I loved you Henry. I love you still... but I am so afraid. I feared you so much Henry,
But I would rather face your anger and your rages instead of this darkness and the silence without you...
Not even you Henry could make me feel the fear I have now.

She puts her head into her hands and weeps. After a little while a gentle hand touches her shoulder.
She lifts her head and looks up into the face of Thomas Seymour.

KATHERINE: What am I to do without Henry, Thomas?

Quietly he holds her in his strong arms as she weeps.
COMMENT: Very good - well done!
BY MEMBER: Juliana-Angela
COMMENT: Alright, this one made me love Kate even more...I liked it, breath-taking sad...
COMMENT: Wonderful! Brought tears to my eyes. Thankyou for sharing this with us.
BY MEMBER:Elliemental.

SCRIPT TITLE: The Day Henry VIII Died: Elizabeth

Whitehall palace
January 28, 1547

I notice my wonderful stepmother Katherine as she enters the Chapel. I wonder why she seems so sad
and worried for a man who would have had her killed and 'replaced' with her very own best friend IF she had not been smart enough to save herself.

I know my father is very sick. I am also suprised at the many who seem to already be in mourning for my father. I notice Edward Seymour's hateful wife and her friends as I walk to my chambers. Whispering, always whispering. Already my stepmother's ladies change sides and my father not quite dead yet.

As I walk by I hear the word I have heard all my life 'Bastard". Also the 'stares' as if I were evil.
I wish I could give them the 'evil eye'. I walk by hold my head up and glare at tiem in my best imitation of my father i can do.

I have mixed emotions about my father dying.

One part of me is pleased and relieved and I feel so much guilt for feeling this way. but..the other part of me wants to go to him while he is unable to rise from the bed and ask him WHY?
Father, Why did you do all those things against my mother.

Yet again a part of me wishes I could just speak to my father and ask him.

'Tell me of my mother when you both were young and in love. What was my mother like?"

Like he would sit and have a father daughter talk with me about my mother. Most likely he would have my head cut off in the Tower Green if I came to him with that!

I cannot remember my mother very well. All I do remember is a smiling dark haired lady telling me constantly that she loved me. Then I remember her telling me she loved me but her voice was different and she no longer smiled.
I remember that because she started also telling me 'Elizabeth never forget that I love you.' Then she would hold me and cry.

I remember one day that she held me close as she chased my father begging him to speak to her.

Then I saw her no more.

I remember that I was loved by my father and he always gave me lots of attention. I remember living in a very fine castle with lots of servants who seemed afraid of me. Then one day I was sent to a dreary castle with very few people. I remember when I first heard the word 'bastard' I was crying begging to see my father and then I was slapped and told "Your father does not wish to see you you are a bastard now."

I had no clue what that meant except it meant I was now unloved by my father.

I remember my clothes were becoming rags and my father did nothing to help me for a long time.

I remember seeing my father for the first time in many years and I was so afraid and happy to see him.

I love my father. I wish I had been born a boy so my father would have loved me better.
I hate my father for all he has done to me and to my mother.
I was glad to hear that my cousin Catherine slept with another man. Good father deserved it. But then father had her head cut off like my mothers. Was my mother guilty of all the things 'they' say she did? Why will none speak to me about my mother?

I see Thomas Seymour and he is so handsome. If I cannot marry him then I shall not marry. I start to walk over to Thomas then I hear those dreadful bells...I know now for whom they toll.
My father is dead and I did not get to tell him that I loved him and hated him and wanted to be like him. My heart feels as if it would burst with my sorrow.

My brother is king. Now my brother is the 'Lion of England' But he has no heart for it. I may not be a lioness but I have the 'lion's heart unlike my brother and sister. I am just like the 'lion' our father was I have all my father's redeeming qualities. I am my father in female form.

Father I already miss you. But, I will not shed tears for you. I just wish my father had loved me more......

The Day Henry VIII Died: Henry

Whitehall Palace
January 28, 1547

I can tell by the way they are looking at me I am soon to die. I wave Cranmer away. I need to talk to God alone first.

What would I have done differently?
Many things.
Would I have married Katherine of Aragon?
I am sure that I would have. I loved her. Then I fell in love with another simply because I wanted to feel young again. I can see that now. After Arthur died I hated my father for how horribly he treated Katherine and how he shut her away in a cold far off castle. Then I in turn do the same as he did to her. I pray that she will forgive me but even saying this I already know that she has.
If only Katherine and I had sons that lived. If only I had treated her better.
Would I have went against the Catholic Church if Katherine had given me sons? Somehow I feel that was destiny.
I regret ordering the deaths of More and Fisher. I regret losing Wolsey. In many ways maybe I should have listened to Wolsey more towards the end.
What about Anne? She did much evil on her own. But she never committed adultry against me. I had her closely watched. I should have just divorced her and sent her on her way. But she would not have went quietly. Francis would have possibly helped her on the sly. Now here I lay on my death bead and if Anne were alive she would now be making plans and raising an army to take the throne from Edward for Elizabeth.
I regret that I allowed her to be accused wrongly. I wonder if she would forgive me?
Jane sweet Jane. She gave me my son. But I was becoming so bored with her. What would I have done against her If she had not died or if she had not given me a son?
My sister Anne of Cleves I wish I had never married her. She is a burden to the Crown.
I miss Crum. If only I had not listened to those who hated Crum he would be in this room with me today.
he, Cranmer and Charles are all I trusted. I hope Crum has forgiven me.
Little Kitty Howard how I wish I had not married her.
My sweet Kate was the perfect wife for me after all. I wish we had married sooner and she and I would have had sons.
I am sorry to leave Kate in the mess she will be in. I am sorry for the many things I have done. Many wrongs I regret.
My Kate knows them all.
My son is not strong I can see that. My daughter Mary is so bitter and I am the cause of that. I hope that Mary can forgive me. My Elizabeth! If only Edward were more like her. Lying here waiting for death I can see that Elizabeth will outlive and outsmart them all.
I started out in this world to be in the Church then became a king. I pray that God forgives me of my many sins that I have committed against Him and the many wrongs I have done to so many people. I wonder if the world would believe that King Henry VIII of England lay on his death bed and begged God forgiveness. Will people wonder if I am in Heaven or hell.
COMMENT: Oh alas! Those are not my thoughts! haha. No also, I liked that one!! But from my kind of view Henry would never think some of those things above.