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Be a support for our Chief Minister of State

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Members of Team Frain/Cromwell - The Tudors Wiki

Member of Team Cromwell

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Reason for joining
Regina Reggie19 Want to know more about a man, whose seen in many biased views
Liz AnnebQueen I would love to learn more about him. I think he is very interesting.
Jen eryniel I love how interesting James has made this character.
Teri scooter&buster James is an awesome actor who has brought to life a man that is so often vilified in history. He's made the character real, more relatable, and even sympathetic. He makes you want to know more about the real Cromwell. And, well, Frain is adorable :) I've been a fan of this actor's for many years. He deserves all the recognition.
Carol CushyB James Frain! His multi-layered, very complex, utterly human portrayal of Cromwell, actually as it is with all of his work, just his very presence in this series, elevates the quality of the entire project.
Maggie Maggie-AnneB. Cromwell has become one of my most favorite figure in the Tudor Dynasty. He was just such a dedicated man, that it is very inspiring. James Frain by the way is very sexy.
Katie TillyT2 James Frain has made Mr C a fascinating charactor, and I'm now completely hooked on the show, it has re-ignited my interest in the Tudor period.
Henry King Henry VIII To say it Henry like... I Love him. And I Hate him. He is just very fascinating and has always been loyal to the King and to himself. I dont like the dissolution of the monastries, nor his try for a reformation with his head through the wall, neither what he did to Mark Smeaton. But there are just as many things about him that I like. But I think only James Frain made me love him, as I'm a fan of him.
May MaryJuana He's one of my favorite characters! James Frain is awesome as him. (Not to mention hot)
Lovey luvprue2 Cromwell is one of my favorite characters! I find him to be ruthless, yet sympathetic.
Gloria Eternity123 One of my favourite characters on the show, I have a love/hate relationship with him! Which goes to show that it's brilliant acting by James Frain. I'm gonna miss him *sobby eyes appear*. Historically he is IMO one of the most intruging, interesting figures. I love finding out more about him; and I admire his dedication to his work.
Gitta Mrs.Cromwell I have a major crush on James Frain's Mr. Cromwell - he plays an extremly fascinating, intelligent and complex man - by the way Mr. Frain is adorable and very hot...
Becky Roxykat My fav character/actor on the show - will need lots of support for season 3...
Kelly booklvr44 I find him to be a historically interesting character who has a significant impact on British history. Also, I think James Frain is adorable!
Dani Cromwellian1540 My love of James Frain and of the life and times of Thomas Cromwell drew me to the wonderful place. It's a pleasure to be around people who think the same. James Frain is a remarkable actor and portrays Cromwell beyond anything I had ever imagined he could be on screen. I will be dissapointed to see him killed off in S3, but i'm hoping it will be historically accurate, because that will be amazing to see.
Nadine cromwellfan86 of the film the tudors i like thomas cromwell the most.i love him.he is so cool and sweet. no one is like him.he is my absolutly dreamman!!!! i am so happy that i found him.
Livia libejin I feel him. And when he's wrong I want to make him a good meal and love him to distraction, in order to save him from his obsessive need to control England [even though I am sure he'd just go back to work after the food and sex].
rw royalwatcher James Frain is a sex god.
Caro *~Mary*Boleyn~* I just love Cromwell! He's definitely my favourite character. James Frain portrays him in a so amazing and cool way. He's a great guy :)

Izzy22 I'm always gonna be a Brandon girl but I've really been blown away by James Frain's portrayal of Cromwell- I think he's done a superb job of showing how complex the man must have been and I'll be sad to see him go!
Sarah Vivala I'm fascinated by English history and love complex, troubled, and potentially misunderstood charcters, especially if they are also clever and progressive. Cromwell clearly fits the bill. I also love James Frain, since he seems clever, complex, and insightful. He's also extremely beautiful and looks something like a very sexy panther. I think, with his subtle and nuanced performance and expressive green eyes, he brings Cromwell to life as a real human being and tragic hero rather than a villainous charicature.
Jill CromwellFan Thomas Cromwell is a very interesting man...I love his history and how he rose to be one of the most powerful men in England and was of low birth...Also, James Frain makes Cromwell SO sexy and I LOVE the way he portrays him in this series!
Donna Desilee Thomas Cromwell was a man who really wanted to change the way things were. I think he acomplished that. Only he took things to extreem. and did things all wrong, did the same thing the catholics did , push their beliefs on everyone. anyway James Frain did an excellent job ofportraying him. H e is Cromwell.
33 cheers for the Casting Director who cast all the actors to each charactors. deserve an award for the fine work you did. PS when cCromwell isn't Cromwell and is sweet James He is pretty sexy.LOL
Katrina heverhoney I just love how James portrays Cromwell! Not sure how well I would have loved the historical Crom but James' Crom makes me feel like I am seeing a dear friend grow through some stuff!!!
Peggy Kiki 52 James Frain is a marvelous actor who breathed life into a true Renaissance man. Thomas Cromwell was the son of a blacksmith, a troubled teenager who became a mercenary soldier, a merchant's assitant in Burgundy, then returned to London to study law.

I think both the actor and the man are/were fascinating.
Amy theothertudorgirl I know that I am late to jump on the team but after the last episode I had to. I was never a Cromwell fan before I saw Frain's performance but I am know and it is upsetting that he died such a tragic death.
Ciara CicaB Just got tempted by the dark side girlies!!! (HC is still number one though!)
Nad Naphae I love Cromwell and his personality (so dark and fascinating)!! He was a great statesman and he did a lot for England. Unfortunately, history is written by the victors and he was thrown into darkness. REPUTATION! REPUTATION!
James Frain's portray of this great man is so amazing to see - just cool and sexy! ;)
Jeanie Nehms. I love Thomas Cromwell and his personality and his intellect- he certainly is intriguing, and James Frain, who may be the only person who can "be" Cromwell and make him so human and real (and sexy of course).
Cait caitthequeen Thomas Cromwell is a FASCINATING man, and James Frain does him SO WELL, its mindblowing!
Laura LadyLil James Frain plays Thomas Cromwell with poignant stoicism and yet with a uniquely vulnerable demeanor. You know underneath, he can never reveal to Henry how he feels. He knows that if he does so, Henry will destroy him. Because of James Frain's portrayal of Sir Thomas, I began to read history's view of him. James brings Sir Thomas to life. On a personal and feminine note from an "older woman", James makes me feel very good. Really good.
Tinka Cheburashka I just joined Tudorswiki because of him. He's my favourite, I love James Frain's voice, I will miss it the next season. He's a faszinating actor, he brougth some depth to the series.
Lia teabandit Cromwell is by far the most interesting character on the show, and James Frain effortlessly steals every scene he is in. I have to hold my breath when he is on screen because he is so mysteriously fascinating.The show will be losing a wonderful component without him, and I will miss him dearly!
Carol cbarham I liked the way Frain played Cromwell. I felt bad for him.
Emily QueenEmy191989 Okay,it's taken me a while to get on this path to being an official Thomas Cromwell/James Frain fan but I'm offically there! Always my favorite characters in the Tudors where of course King Henry and Charles Brandon but I believe the wonderful acting of mr.Frain has convinced me to be a Cromwell fan. I think in the second season I was convinced Cromwell was a fascinating man and interesting character to play. [Not to meantion that he is simply stunning as well...]
Not to meantion that I will miss him dreadfully in the next season....
Trisha JRMSLADY09 I have to admit it took me a while to get an idea of what Cromwell's angle was but,it seemed like even though he was using people more powerful than him to help advance his own agenda he did in a unique way!! I do love Frain's portrayal of him he did a truly remarkable job in making it look truly believable!! I say this being a fan of the show but being a really big fan of King Henry in particiular!!!
Patsieann courtwatcher I have enjoyed watching The Tudors as I have always loved that period in English history. Cromwell was probably the most influential figure of that time but left behind so little of his private life that he remains mysterious. Frain has done a wonderful job of giving an insight into the man behind the public figure.
Sabine Queen1536 Thomas Cromwell was such a complex and somehow mysterious character and James Frain did a great job! I changed my mind about Cromwell probably from one scene to another scene but basically I feel with him and his destiny!
Aly WickedRose Complex, intriguing,mysterious character. From hate to love was just a step.
Hannnah Elliemental A truly fascinating man, complex and grossly misunderstood. No saint, but not the Devil incarnate either.
Louise Topp AuraTodd A fasinating actor and I really loved the way he portrayed Cromwell (alhtrough the real Cromwell was a lot older then him)
Meg Megmaniac Cromwell was the best and i will miss him in series 4.
Jeremy jeremy.edT Even though I might be the only man, but why the hell not, right !? He's one of my favorite character in the show.
Greenwich77 Sadie He only did what he had to do!
Annabelle Annabelle_Jane I love him!! he is a great actor!
Sasha HeverRose I love a man with a dark side!!!
Anna AnneBrandon I didn't like Thomas Cromwell too much at first, but once I got to know him a bit better, I got addicted to his fascinating character... And he's by far my fave Tudors character now- James Frain has been doing a GREAT job, I'm missing Cromwell/Frain already <3
Jonny jonnye29 Thomas Cromwell is truley one of the most fascinating men of the tudor period, born of low birth it is amazing, like Wolsey, how he became one of the most powerful man in the Kingdom, His rise and fall is most interesting, also i love James Frain portrayl.


Without a doubt, a brilliant actor and very handsome for the eyes to look upon!!!! In history, he was a great man and loyal to his King and country. Unjustly accused and sentenced to death, his King came to mourned his loss.


He was beheaded for trying to help the King. Given an unreasonable death, the death on the Tudors saddens me and still does. Thomas Cromwell, R.I.P.
Thomas Cromwell is my number 1 fav characters in The Tudors & James Frain one of my fav actors. Well I LOVE Cromwell's character and afcorse I don't believe he was mean, he was very loyal and always did a great job for the king. James Frain is a sex good. lol. I'm kinda in love with both of them.



Thomas Cromwell is a true inspiration - he rose from very humble beginnings and became the second most powerful man in the country. As for James Frain, he's better than chocolate!