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Sir John Seymour as played by Stephen Brennan

born c.1474 - died December 21, 1536

Character's backstory: The father of Jane Seymour

Gentility: Descended from Baron Stourton and William Marshal, the 1st Earl of Pembroke

Position: Knight Banneret

Personality type:callous, senile, protective

Signature look:

Endearing trait(s):

Annoying trait(s): Infamous affair with his son Edward's wife, causing her to be thrown in a convent and her children to be declared illegitimate. Also accused of taking part in the plot to bring down Anne Boleyn.
Towards the last of his days, John Seymour was believed to have entered a state of Madness, growing senile in his old age. Jane Seymour and her brothers were believed to have returned to Wolf Hall to nurse him as he was very cantankerous. His death did not come as shock to the family.
When Jane apparently asked her father for approval to marry the king, John was said to be in a less than lucid state and could not comprehend the manner of the question asked.


John embarked on a love affair with his new daughter-in-law, Catharine Fillol (married to his son Edward Seymour). When it was discovered, the marriage was annulled, their children declared bastards (since their legal grandfather might be their biological father!) and Catharine was imprisoned in a local convent. The scandal damaged the Seymour family's reputation for many years afterward. Ironically, a proposed marriage between Jane Seymour and William Dormer was rejected by the Dormers partially due to the scandal and because of the family's less-than-noble pedigree: the Seymour family was of the gentry.

When he died, his royal daughter, Jane Seymour did not attend the funeral due to a royal commitment. None of his children seem to have been greatly affected by his death.

John Seymour as played by Stephen Brennan

"Sir John [Seymour]'s reputation was that of a 'gentle, courteous man'. That again was pleasant but not startling. But there was something outstanding about him, or at least about his immediate family. Sir John himself came of a family of eight children; then his own wife gave birth to ten children - six sons and four daughters. All this was auspicious for his daughter, including the number of males conceived at a time when women's aptness to procreate children ...was often judged by their family record"
~ Antonia Fraser's "The Six Wives of Henry VIII"

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Family members:
Margaret Wentworth: Wife (daughter of Anne Say who was a famous beauty of her time & muse of the Poet Skelton)
Jane Seymour: Daughter
Elizabeth Seymour Cromwell: Daughter (and Thomas Cromwell's daughter-in-law)
Edward Seymour: Son
Thomas Seymour: Son
John Seymour : Son
Henry Seymour: Son
Dorothy Seymour: Daughter
Anthony Seymour: Daughter
Margery Seymour: Daughter
Prince Edward Tudor: Grandson


Catherine Fillol, 1st wife of his son Edward Seymour


The Boleyns


  • Eveything will change for her. That kiss is her destiny and her fortune. (To which Edward replies " And ours")


  • When Thomas Boleyn looks down the row of people and realize John and Edward Seymour are sitting there.

John Seymour

John Seymour

John Seymour as played by Stephen Brennan
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