Historical Timeline of Jane Seymour

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Historical Timeline of
aged 28
aged 46

circa. 1508 Various accounts have her birth date anywhere from 1504 to 1509. However, there were 29 ladies in her funeral procession indicating she was 29 yrs old at her death.

c. 1523 Lady-in-waiting to Queen Katherine of Aragon

1533New year - If Jane Seymour left court when Katherine of Aragon's household was reduced in the summer of 1533, she was back in Anne Boleyn's entourage as lady-in-waiting and received a gift from the king along with all her other ladies.

1535 September 10 - Henry stays at her father John Seymour's residence of Wolf Hall and possibly noticed her.

Late October - Anne Boleyn is pregnant again

November - Henry starts to court her. (she c. 27 & Henry 44)

1536January 7 - Katherine of Aragon dies

January - It is recorded that Anne Boleyn snatches a jewel from Jane's neck and finds it to be a gift from the King with his likeness in it. Some days later walks in and finds Jane on the King's knee accepting his advances. She is enraged and orders Jane from court which she ignores.

January 24 - Henry VIII's horse falls heavily in the tilt-yard at Greenwich knocking him unconscious for 2 hours

January 29 - Queen Anne Boleyn has a still born son. Katherine of Aragon was buried Peterborough Cathedral on the same date

January 29 - Chapuys' letter mentions a rumour of a third marriage but as he then had no name, he dismisses the tale even though from a "good authority'" - the natural conclusion is that the matter was of fairly recent origin - indeed he termed it "une nouvelle amour" (a new love)

February 10 - Henry's interest in Jane Seymour was first recorded by Ambassador Chapuys in his letter to Charles V

March - Henry sends her a letter & a purse of sovereigns. She returns it unopened. The letter implies a summons to the King's bed. Jane showed her price was now marriage and nothing less.

Late March - Ambassador Chapuys reports that Cromwell had fallen out with the Queen, probably because of his compliance in vacating his rooms for the Seymours. Cromwell begins to see Anne as a threat and starts planning to remove her from “power”

April - Jane's brother, Edward Seymour and his wife are moved to Cromwell's old rooms which are connected through a secret passage to the king's apartments and allows Henry private access to Jane Seymour

April 1 - Chapuys describes Jane Seymour as 'the lady whom he [Henry] serves", his courtly mistress. He also confirms the fatal split between Anne and Cromwell with a meeting with Cromwell himself.

April 25 - Henry calls Anne Boleyn his "entirely beloved wife" in a letter to his Ambassador in Rome, Richard Pate announcing "the likelihood and appearance that God will send us male heirs".

May 2 - Anne Boleyn is arrested on charges of treason

May 13 - The Queen's household is broken up

May 15 - The Trial of Anne Boleyn and her brother George Boleyn and both are condemned to death. That evening Francis Bryan brought the news of Anne's condemnation to Jane Seymour at Hampton Court Palace and soon after the King arrived for dinner, having been conveyed along the Thames with an almost festive air of pageantry.

May 17 - The Marriage between Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII was officially annulled by Thomas Cranmer on the grounds of consanguity since Henry had had an affair with Anne's sister Mary Boleyn. The Five men accused with Anne are executed.

May 19 - at 9 am Anne Boleyn was beheaded on Tower Green with a single blow from a sword and interred in the afternoon in an arrow box in the chapel of St Peter Ad Vincula in the Tower precincts . The night after Anne's execution, Henry left Whitehall and was rowed upriver to Hampton Court where Jane would meet him.

May 20 - at 6 am, Jane Seymour was conveyed from Chelsea "secretly by river to the King's lodgings". Henry was betrothed to Jane Seymour at 9 am (exactly 24 hours after Anne's beheading)

May 30 - Marries Henry

June 4 - declared queen consort

June - she accompanied the King to see the procession of the city watch

June 22 - Princess Mary accepts illegitimate status

July 6 - arranges for Mary & Henry to reunite

she asked for pardons for participants in the Pilgrimage of the Grace. Henry is said to have rejected this, reminding her of the fate her predecessor met with when she "meddled in his affairs"

1537January - she crossed the frozen Thames on horseback with Henry to Greenwich Palace

Early this year - Jane became pregnant

Spring - went with Henry to Canterbury to see the shrine of Thomas à Becket that had been demolished, so that he was not cheated out of his share of the plunder

September 16 - goes into confinement

October 12 - Son Edward born, after a difficult labour lasting two days and three nights

October 15 - Edward's Christening with Henry's daughters Mary and Elizabeth present. After the christening, it became clear that Jane Seymour was seriously ill.

October 24 - died at Hampton Court Palace of puerperal fever caused possibly by an infection due to retained placenta. (aged 29 & Henry 46)

November 12 - buried at Windsor Castle in St George's Chapel with Princess Mary Tudor as her chief mourner. The only one of Henry's wives to have a queen's funeral.