Historical Art of Catherine

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Historical Images of Catherine
16th Century - 19th Century
Catherine Parr - Jersey Painting
Disputed image of either Catherine or Lady Jane Grey.
The full-length format was very rare in portraits of this date, and was usually used only for very important sitters.

Catherine Parr
Lambeth Palace portrait. Probably painted around the time of her second marriage to Lord Latimer c. 1533.
Katherine Parr
Another disputed painting of Catherine Parr.
Catherine Parr- Parliamentportrait of the lovely Katherine Parr
Parliament engraving of Catherine Parr, probably based on the portrait at left or the Master John (see below)
Catherine Parr Art Gallery - The Tudors Wiki
18th century engraving based on a painting of Catherine Parr, original from National Portrait Gallery, London.
Catherine Parr
19th century engraving
Cathine Parr
18th Century Sarah Essex depiction of Catherine.
Catherine Parr
18th-19th century engraving of Catherine. Depiction taken from an Original Portrait in Lambeth Palace. Along with her autograph.
Catherine Parr

Henry Pierce Bone (1779–1855) Portrait of a lady called Katherine Parr (1512-48) 1844 Enamel4.8 × 3.9 cmPurchased by Queen Victoria from the artist in 1844Signed, dated and inscribed on the counter-enamel: Katharine Parr/ London Febr 1844/ Painted by Henry Pier./ Bone Enamel Painter/ to Her Majesty & H.R.H./ Prince Albert &c. From/ the Original in/ Lambeth Palace.
Catherine Parr (Attr. William Scrots, c.1545)
Catherine Parr, Attributed to William Scrots c. 1545
oil on panel, circa 1545, 25 in. x 20 in. (635 mm x 508 mm). Purchased with help from The Art Fund, the Pilgrim Trust, H.M. Government and Gooden &amp; Fox Ltd, 1968. Primary Collection, National Portrait Gallery 4618, London, England. On display in Room 2 at Montacute House.
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Catherine Parr (unknown artist, possibly after a lost original by Hans Eworth, painted about 1543-1547 (copy would be later)

At right, the famous full-length portrait thought originally to be Catherine Parr, then Lady Jane Grey, and now again thought to be Queen Catherine. See Historical Profile of Catherine Parr for a full description from the National Portrait Gallery. The full-length format was very rare in portraits of this date, and was usually used only for very important sitters.
Catherine Parr (Master John, c. 1545)
Historical Art of Catherine - The Tudors Wiki
Miniature, in the style of Lucas Horernbout (Catherine Parr?)
Catherine Parr by Unknown Artist