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Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond as played by Zak Jenciragic

Born June 15, 1519 - died July 23,1536/7

Character's backstory: Illegitimate son of Henry VIII & Elizabeth Blount. Raised by a nanny, Agnes Partridge along with her own son. He was the only illegitimate offspring ever acknowledged by Henry, and Cardinal Thomas Wolsey was even one of his godparents.The Duke of Richmond,Fitzroy was educated as befitted a Renaissance prince and the offices bestowed upon him included Lord Lieutenant of the North and Lord Admiral of England; indeed rumors abounded that Henry VIII intended to make him King of Ireland. Widely reported to resemble his father, in both looks and character, he weathered the difficult years of the Reformation far better than either his sisters.
He was given his titles at the age of six, was also given precedence over all but the King's legitimate heirs. At the age of fifteen his father made him the leader of his own large army. This was in addition to his existing retinue of 600 mounted men. He was called the Prince, he travelled in a royal procession, by the age of fifteen he was standing in for the King on state occasions. However he
died suddenly 1536/7 (aged 17/18) - *Unlike the series which shows his death at 6 yrs of age.* - after he had witnessed Anne Boleyn's execution, just as an act was going through Parliament enabling the King to nominate him as the heir to the throne. Immediately the King ordered a secret burial, and later all portraits, even the effigy on his tomb were destroyed. His death was possibly due to tuberculosis like his half brother Prince Edward Tudor. There is some research at present that their deaths & their uncle, Arthur Tudor's maybe connected to a similar condition or even poisoning.

Buried in Thetford Priory - later transferred to St. Michael's Church, Framlingham, Suffolk (wrapped in lead rather than in a traditional coffin). There is some mystery because there was no autopsy which was common and the funeral was held in secret.

Gentility: Illegitimate son of King Henry VIII

Position: created 1st Duke of Richmond,
duke of Somerset & earl of Nottingham 21 June 1524

Personality type:

Signature look:

Endearing trait(s):

Annoying trait(s):

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henry Fitzroy
Elizabeth Blount - The Tudors Wiki

"These early days with baby Henry Fitzroy,
in an informal household where mother, father and baby could spend time together, was a luxury not afforded to legitimate royal children, who were whisked away from their parents soon after the
birth. Henry had an opportunity, in Jericho and
his other hideaways, to spend time with women without the extensive etiquette that was expected
of him at court. Here he could relax. Here, he
could enjoy spending time with his newborn son.
He was probably closer to Henry Fitzroy than to his three legitimate children, and the two spent a large amount of time together".

~ Kelly Hart The Mistresses of Henry VIII (2009)

Henry Fitzroy - The Tudors Wiki


Family members:
Father: Henry VIII
Mother: Elizabeth Blount
Half-sister: Princess Mary Tudor
Half-sister: Princess Elizabeth Tudor
Half-brother: Prince Edward Tudor
Paternal grandfather: Henry VII of England
Paternal grandmother: Elizabeth of York
Maternal grandfather: Sir John Blount
Maternal grandmother: Catherine Pershall

<a class="external" href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a7/MaryHowardDuchessOfRichmond.jpg" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Image:MaryHowardDuchessOfRichmond.jpg</a>Marriage: Lady Mary Howard on Nov.28, 1533-1536 (only daughter of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk and cousin of Anne Boleyn - who worked for the pairing) for a larger view of this sketch see: Hans Holbein's paintings & sketches

Friends with the poet Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey - his brother-in-law. Surrey wrote a poem remembering "With a Kinges sonne, my childishe yeres did passe".
William Parr, 1st Marquess of Northampton, brother of Queen Catherine Parr and Lady Anne Herbert.
Sir William, Baron of Horton Parr, uncle of Queen Catherine and her siblings.


- Once, in an effort to work out the complicated Tudor succession while King Henry VIII & Queen Katherine of Aragon were still married, some suggested Fitzroy marry his half-sister, Princess Mary Tudor which was strangely enough sanctioned by the pope.

- On 10th July 1533, Norfolk and George Boleyn, caught up with the French court. While they were there both Surrey and Richmond became violently sick, at the same time. Richmond was so ill, that for a while, it was feared he might die. The boys had shared a cup of wine and the physicians thought the symptoms were characteristic of poisoning. Because the wine had been shared, Richmond had not taken enough to kill him. George Boleyn was found to have departed immediately the boys became ill, leaving all his luggage and entourage behind. Later, George Boleyn's wife stated that Anne and her brother had tried to poison the Duke of Richmond and Princess Mary.

- There were no political parties as such, but there were political factions. Anne Boleyn & her family represented one, Jane Seymour and her brother another, and the Duke of Richmond, another faction.

- he was sent to live in the north of England to help control the area, living in the castle at Sheriff Hutton just north of York, on his way there he stayed at the home of Lady Maud Parr nee Green (mother of Queen Catherine Parr, Anne Parr, and William Parr) whose brother-in-law William was in charge of Fitzroy's household, and her son William was a companion of Fitzroy's. Lady Parr's daughter would accompany them as far as Lincolnshire where the 11 year old Catherine was to marry Lord Borough's son.

  • "Blood Pact" By Tanya Huff
  • "This Scepter'd Isle" By Mercedes Lackey


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Henry Fitzroy
Henry Fitzroy by Horenboult
By Lucas Horenboult
in the collection
of the Earl of Orford

Henry Fitzroy
Bessie Blount watches her son invested
Henry Fitzroy Henry Fitzroy
Henry Fitzroy - The Tudors Wiki
Richmond's seal
Henry Fitzroy - The Tudors Wiki
Richmond's tomb; St. Michael's Church, Framlingham, Suffolk.
Henry Fitzroy has a serie!!!
it's "blood ties" he is a vampire.
here is the link
<a class="external" href="http://www.bloodtiestv.com/character-detail?item=13" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Blood ties site">Blood ties site</a>

Henry Fitzroy - The Tudors WikiHenry Fitzroy - The Tudors Wiki
Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy.
Henry Fitzroy - The Tudors Wiki
an 18th century engraving
from the miniature picture above