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Tudor Rose
Hampton Court Palace
located in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
(south west London)

Aerial view of Hampton Court Palace

Two palaces in one, the red brick Tudor Palace of Henry VIII
and the Baroque palace first occupied in 1700

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Hampton Court by the Thames RiverBuried beneath the palace are remains of the first known house, built for the Knights Hospitaliers of St. John sometime before 1338. It was a holy order's priory created to provide funds for crusaders to the holy land.

In 1494, Giles Daubeney, one of King Henry VII's most senior courtiers, leased Hampton Court and it is from his time that we see the earliest parts of the palace.

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey acquired Hampton Court in 1514. He quickly began to turn the manor house into a palace in which to entertain his king and receive foreign dignitaries. He built the first long gallery overlooking new gardens and added a great new entrance courtyard. Taking advantage of diplomatic missions to France, he bought many fine tapestries and hung the halls with them.

By 1525, Wolsey formally presented what had truly become a palace to Henry VIII while continuing to live in it. Unfortunately he would fail Henry in his Great Matter and would be removed from the Palace in 1529. In the next decade the equivalent of many millions today would be spent to create a suitably magnificent setting for a King and Queen. New queen's lodgings were planned but Queen Anne Boleyn would never use her new apartments because she fell from grace in 1536 before they were finished.

In 1537, Jane Seymour would provide the King with the son he craved, Prince Edward who was baptised in the Chapel Royal beneath its celestial new ceiling. After Jane's untimely death following childbirth, Henry's great building project came to a close. Later it was here that he divorced Anne of Cleves after another all too brief marriage in 1540, and it was at Hampton Court too that Katherine Howard's alleged infidelity was reported to the King in his chamber by Thomas Cranmer. Finally, in 1543, the marriage of Henry and Catherine Parr took place at the Palace. Four years later, King Henry was dead and his young son King Edward VI sat on the throne.

Hampton Court from the Bridge over the ThamesGates of Hampton Court
Hampton court throught the gatesGate at Hampton Court
Hampton COurtHampton Court
Anne Boleyn's GatewayCeiling above Anne Boleyn Gateway
Hampton Court - Henry's arms and mottoHampton court - new wine fountain
A ceiling in Hampton Court PalaceTudor Chimneys at Hampton Court
Hampton court - new wine fountainTudor Chimneys at Hampton Court
Tudor Chimneys at Hampton CourtHampton Court
All above photographs by <a href="/account/MsSquirrly" target="_self" title="MsSquirrly">MsSquirrly</a> taken Jan 2011

Click here for :Inside Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court
Hampton Court Palace Entry
Hampton Court

Anne Boleyn's Gateway
Anne Boleyn's gateway
design under the gateway
Tudor Historical Locations - The Tudors Wiki
Close-up: you can see "H" and "A" for Henry and Anne
H and A at Hampton Court
Inside Henry's Apartments there are still 2 carvings in the wood that have the H & A as a reminder of
Henry and Anne.

Tudor Historical Locations - The Tudors Wiki
Henry's coat of arms

Tudor Historical Locations - The Tudors Wiki
Henry's Motto
"God & My Right"

Gardens at Hampton Court
Gardens at Hampton Court
<embed height="350" src="http://widget.wetpaintserv.us/wiki/thetudorswiki/widget/youtubevideo/52b91f5033607d7f49c37c2b005f52f274f4e556" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" wmode="transparent"/> As part of the celebration of Henry VIII's 500th anniversary of his accession to the throne, Hampton Court Palace has an exhibit called "Henry's women".
<embed height="350" src="http://widget.wetpaintserv.us/wiki/thetudorswiki/widget/youtubevideo/e3d693a4edba1e1616171193b1d718dafe092539" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" wmode="transparent"/> The history of Hampton Court Palace is in fact the tale of two palaces ... a magnificent Tudor palace, developed by Cardinal Wolsey and later made infamous by Henry VIII, alongside an elegant baroque palace built by William III and Mary II nearly 200 years later.

Here, Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, gives an introduction to this magnificent pleasure palace.
<embed height="344" src="http://widget.wetpaintserv.us/wiki/thetudorswiki/page/Hampton+Court+Palace/widget/youtubevideo/881d6577a8ec0aeabc16b8ec76e252300f3cc71a" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" wmode="transparent"/> Archaeologists working at Hampton Court Palace recently unearthed the earliest surviving building ever discovered at the historic site - along with evidence of an original Tudor water feature and the site of a fire started by Edward III
<embed height="350" src="http://widget.wetpaintserv.us/wiki/thetudorswiki/widget/youtubevideo/6d644b09087b2eb74a784d2c4d3f494e8e56df4c" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" wmode="transparent"/> A Tudor Christmas at Hampton Court - December 2008

For those who haven't been able to join us, here's a selection of the Tudor fun that's been on offer at Hampton Court Palace over the festive season, including some unusual Tudor facts, much singing and music - and a fire breathing fool!
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Henry VIII's 500th Anniversary to the Throne
Hampton Court
Hampton Court