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Francis I, King of France (French: François I, Roi de France) as played by Emmanuel Leconte
(Birth Name: Francois d' Angoulême)
Motto: "Nutrisco et extinguo"

Born 12 September 1494 - Died 31 March 1547
Succeeded Louis XII 1 January 1515
Crowned 25 January 1515

Francis I - The Tudors WikiCharacter's backstory: Son of Charles of Valois, Count of Angouléme, and Louise of Savoy. He was born at Cognac, Poitou, France as Francis, Count of Angoulême. His father, Charles, was the great-grandson of King Charles of France V. He inherited the throne by Salic Law which forbade women from succeeding to the throne of France. His wife, Queen Claude, was the daughter of the monarch Louis XII whom Francis succeeded. If not for the Salic Law of France, Queen Claude would have succeeded as Queen of France.

Francis I was a true Renaissance Monarch and wanted to make France a center of the Renaissance. He patronized painters, sculptors, architects, scholars and writers. He was a close friend of Leonardo da Vinci.
He was also a shrewd diplomat and strengthened centralized rule in France. He had immense charm and humanity and a great lust for life. He was also daring and courageous in battle. There was, however, a darker side to King Francis. Throughout his reign he waged war against Spain for control of Italy. He used deception in foreign policy, frequently breaking his word to advance his own interests. Even though he was Catholic, he formed alliances with Muslims and Protestants to oppose Spain which was Catholic. His downfall would be his futile rivalry with Charles V. He died at age 52 at Château de Rambouillet, Île-de-France, France. He was buried at Saint-Denis, Île-de-France, France.

Gentility: Cousin of Louis XII and Queen Claude (his wife). First King of the Royal House of Valois-Angoulême. Capetian Dynasty, House of Valois.

Position: King of France, Duke of Brittany (by marriage to Claude of France), Duke of Valois, Duke of Milan, Dauphin of Viennois, Count of Valentinois and of Diois as 'Francis III of Viennois', Count of Provence and Forcalquier as 'Francis I',
Count of Angoulême & Count of Provence

Personality type: His character was at once authoritative and weak. He was determined to be master and to decide everything himself, but he allowed himself to be dominated and easily persuaded. Favourites, too, without governing entirely for him, played an important part in his reign.Hunting, tennis, jewelry and his gallantry were the chief preoccupations of his life.

Signature look: Of noble bearing, and, in spite of a very long and large nose, extremely handsome, he was a sturdy and valiant knight. Also renowned for his great height of 6' 6 1/2 " even making Henry look short.

Endearing trait(s): affable, courteous, a brilliant talker and a facile poet. He had a sprightly wit, some delicacy of feeling, and some generous impulses which made him amiable. These brilliant qualities, however, were all on the surface

Annoying trait(s): frivolous, profoundly selfish, unstable, and utterly incapable of consistency or application. The ambassadors remarked his negligence, and his ministers complained of it.

Francis I - The Tudors Wiki

Known as
"the Father and Restorer of Letters"

Kingdom of France - Capetian Dynasty, House of Valois


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Family members:

For full details see: Ancestry of Francis I

Father: Charles, Count of Angouleme (French: Charles d'Orléans, Duc d'Angoulême)
Mother: Louise of Savoy, Duchess regnant of Auvergne and Bourbon, Duchess of Nemours (French: Louise di Savoia)
Paternal Grandfather: John of Orléans, Count of Angoulême,(French: Jean d'Orléans, Comte d'Angoulême)
Paternal Grandmother: Marguerite of Rohan (French: Marguerite de Rohan)
Maternal Grandfather: Philip II di Bresse, Duke of Savoy (French: Filippo II di Bresse, Duca di Savoia)
Maternal Grandmother: Margaret of Bourbon (French: Marguerite de Bourbon)
Princess Marguerite of Angoulême, Queen consort of Navarre, Duchess of Alençon, Countess of Armagnac and Perche (French: Marguerite d'Angoulême, Reine de Navarre)

Half Sisters by his father's mistress':
By Antoinette de Polignac, Dame de Combronde:
Jeanne of Angoulême
Madeleine of Angoulême
By Jeanne Le Conte
Souveraine of Angouleme


Henry VIII, when it suited them both
Charles V, when it suited them both

Queen Claude of France
Queen Claude, Duchess of Brittany
Daughter of Louis XII of France
(1499 - 1524)
7 children

For children see: Queen Claude of France

Eleanor of HabsburgEleanor of Castile, Queen consort of Portugal and of France.
Charles V's sister
(1530 - 1547)
No children

Francoise de FoixFrancoise de Foix, Comtesse de Chateaubriand.
Official Mistress: 1518 - 1526

Anne de PisseleuAnne de Pisseleu d'Heilly, Duchesse d'Etampes
Official Mistress: 1526 - 1547

Mary BoleynMary Boleyn


  • How can you say that mon ami? He made me his prisoner, he squeezed my balls, I had to pay him millions in randsom and my eldest son is still his captive! How can I make peace with that piece of ****? -Response to Wolsey's suggestion of making peace with the Spanish King.

  • Francis and Henry have a wrestling match after Henry angrily challenges him after francis mocks him. They wrestle for a short while before Francis defeats Henry by knocking him over.

  • When he advises Charles Brandon not to trust Campeggio or Wolsey regarding the King's great matter (i.e the divorce)


Francis I as portrayed by Emmanuel LeConte
Francis I by Clouet
Francis I King Francis I
Louise de Savoy
Louise of Savoy,
Duchess regnant of Auvergne and Bourbon,
Duchess of Anjou & Angoulême, Duchess of Nemours
Francis I and Princess Marguerite's mother. She was a
major influence in both their lives. Louise of Savoy remained politically active on behalf of her son in the early years of his reign especially. During his absences, she acted as regent on his behalf. Louise served as the Regent of France in 1515, during the king's war in Italy, and again from 1525 to 1526, when the king was at war and during his time as prisoner in Spain and in 1529.

Francis I and Marguerite of Navarre
Francis with his sister, Princess Marguerite, playing chess.
Francis I.