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Amateur Genealogists
tell us how you are connected to The Tudors

They say we are bound to everyone
on this planet by a trail of 6 people-
what are your 6 degrees of separation?

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King Henry VIII
Sir Thomas More
Charles Brandon
Queen Katherine of Aragon
Anne Boleyn as played by Natalie Dormer
Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
Edward Stafford
William Compton
Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

Related Tudor(s):
King Henry VIIIKing Henry VIII
Family tree connection:
I am adding this information that I have gathered from other members of the Edwards family and sharing it.. This is not 100 percent proven information, it is only family legend so for those of you who do not know history very well or are just starting in your research on this line you should keep Richard Edwards father listed as William Edwards but you should also be aware of this family legend..It has not been proven as fact but I can share what I have learned and you all can make up your own minds as to what you want to believe.. Don't let people bring you down either..the tend to do that just becasue it is "their Henry" involved in this story. This is just fun and everyone is allowed to have family legends.. even if they do involve Henry VIII

According to the Legend My 11th Great Grandfather is Richard Edwardes.. Son of Agnes Blewitt (Bluet) and King Henry VIII , Agnes was his mistress while Henry was still with Queen Katherine of Aragon.

It is said she Left Court pregnant with The King's Son and She was able to avoid much of the gossip of being at Court..I have also found where she lived at Greenham Manor which was near The King's Hunting Lodge and this is where she conceived the Kings son.. Either way the fact that she was NOT at court helped in the Secrecy.

Agnes's Lineage is traced directly to Henry I, Edward I, Charlemagne of the Holy Roman Empire, and many other Kings and Nobles.

Some Of Richard's descendants , the Lewis family was granted a farm stretching from what is now Wall Street to Bleecker Street in Manhattan, and it was a specific land grant from the Crown .

Although Richard was referred to as the "Bastard " son of Agnes and Henry .. Henry was noted as being very fond of the boy.
Henry VIII provided a stipend for Richard's childhood support, and guaranteed and paid for his education at Oxford. Richard's mother, Agnes Blewitt, was allowed to add the Tudor roses to her personal crest.

Though educated at Oxford to be a lawyer, Richard Edwardes never practiced law, and instead became a cleric in the Anglican Church. He was a poet and playwright of some renown, writing such rousing plays as Palemon and Arcite for the entertainment of (his supposed half sister) Queen Elizabeth. His passing was noted by a contemporary of the time as being a writer of the same class as Shakespeare.
In 1566, Edwardes' Palamon and Arcite was performed before Elizabeth I at Oxford when the stage fell — three people died and five were injured as a result. Despite the tragic accident, the show continued to play that night. Damon and Pythias (written in 1564, published in 1571), a comedy, is his only extant play. Ten of Edwardes' poems appear in the first edition of the Paradise of Dainty Devices, though publisher Henry Disle says the poems are "written for the most part by M. [Master] Edwards." Edwardes possibly compiled the manuscript on which the Paradise of Dainty Devices is based.

Update.. New info.. This was posted by a Scholar of
English literature with a specialization in Rennaisance English literature

"Richard Edwardes was, indeed, a well known and admired poet, playwright, composer and songwriter at the time of the reign of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. He was one of her closest friends and as such his name is found on the List of the Queen's Chamber and the List of the Royal Chapel. There is a painting of him standing with Elizabeth on the steps of St. Mary's Church. He was the Master of the Children's Choir under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. He wrote Philaemon and Arcyte, a play with music in 1566 and many songs, among them, When Gripping Griefs, and others which he composed for voice and lute. He, also, composed liturgical music. Much of this music is available today as sheet music and some on CD. While some of his works may be lost others survive and can be read on line or in the many books published today about him, his works and his influence on the literature and music of his time. Other plays are Misogomus, and Palamon and Arcite. His most famous poem is Amantium Irae Amoris Redintegratio Est or Going to My Naked Bed (also can be read on line) which was published along with 9 more of his poems in Paradyse of Daynte Devices. It was even reported in the contemporary news what he wore at both Queen Mary Tudor's funeral and Queen Elizabeth's Coronation."

Here is one of Richard Edwardes Poems . The Amantium Irae, which he composed and read for the pleasure of His half-sister Queen Elizabeth I Tudor

Amantium Irae Part I,Poem by Richard EdwardesAmantium Irae Part 2, Poem by Ricard Edwardes

Many think that adding Richard Edwardes as a son of Henry VIII is "Royalty Hunting" But if his step-father, the William Thomas Edwardes line is traced through to its early sources in Wales, it descends on a direct line through generations of Welsh kings to Coel Hen, the last Dux Brittorium, or King of All Britain, ca between 150 and 400 A. D.

I have found some more info about Richard Edwardes for those who are interested..This is from a forum written by a person called Tyburn.. It is a very interesting theory.. Here is the Link;

This is some more info found on The Tudor Genealogy page..

"It is suggested in some documents including in the book 'Edward's Legacy' by David Dean Edwards (1992), that it was whispered among some Tudor researchers that Agnes was mistress to King Henry VIII of England and that the son RICHARD was fathered by King Henry and not by William

It is documented that Agnes did have a son named Richard, but only 2 sons, William and Henry are shown to be positively the sons of William. Richard is said to have kept his Edwards last name out of shame for the indecency that his mother engaged in.

* Note ** It has also been suggested that Agnes was the wife of William Edwardes, born ca. 1500 in England and died ca. 1547. The son Richard is the son that cannot be positively linked to William because records suggest that he was born from another man, King Henry VIII. He is known as the "bastard child" of Agnes.

There are those who believe if it is not written in the history books then it is not true..I say to those of this belief that we as simple humans have many faults..There are some who do evil for money, power, glory.. Surely you don't believe they wouldn't lie to you?
Henry VIII and his council could orchestrate the divorce his wife, the be-heading of another wife..As well as many others.., kill his mentor Thomas Moore, abandon his child, etc..etc..
Yet he wouldn't neglect to make sure the record of His "bastard" Son was 100% verifiable for you? There are many things that are true whether we have documented accounts or not....

Below are the Pictures of Henry VII and Henry VIII. Some people say I resemble them though I know that is not very charming to look like a man..

Henry VII HalsAngels Henry VIII

I have just recently found out I am a descendant of William Cecil,Lord Burghley from Queen Elizabeth I Council, through his son Sir Thomas Cecil ,Earl of Exeter.

DESCENDANTS of the Tudors - The Tudors Wiki

I have also found I am related to King Francis through his sister Marguerite of Navarre
Francis I ValoisMarquerite of navarre, King Francis's sister

I have also found that I am a descendant of Sir Andrew Windsor and Arthur Plantagenet of Lisle , son of Edward IV of York who accompanied King Henry VIII to the Field of Gold Cloth in Calais..

Field of Gold cloth

I am also related to Sir Richard Rich "Baron of Leighs" and Lord Chancellor of England.. He is portrayed in the Show By Actor Rod Hallett.. Sir Richard Rich is now notorious for his evidence against both Sir Thomas More and Sir Thomas Cromwell.. As well as his part in the "Dissolution of the Monasteries"

This is His Portrait painted by Holbein

Sir Richard Rich

Related Tudor(s):

catherine of aragon Queen Katherine of Aragon (not by blood, but by a familial association).
Family tree connection:

I've always been a big genealogy nerd. Last year my grandparents gave me a packet full of detailed pedigree charts and reports pulled together by various family members. Through my maternal grandfather I'm descended from the de Soto Bermudez Aldao family. The de Soto Bermudez and Aldao families ruled the Dorron region in the 6th century. Later they were loyal supporters of Isabella of Castille, and according to one of the articles "one or more of the family members had been in Catherine of Aragon's wedding party". They were later honored by Emperor Charles I for their service to Katherine. Knowing my Tudor obsession, my grandmother quickly pointed it out to me lol. It's cool to know that I have a Tudor connection, even if it isn't by blood. I'm also descended from the first royal family of Portugal <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="link">link</a> , and can count Celine Dion as a distant cousin (which may be frightening to some of you lol). Genealogy has taught me that it really is a small world, and you never know who you may call family:)

Tudor Descendants - The Tudors Wiki Aldao Coat of Arms
Family Coats of Arms
Related Tudor(s):
Princess Margaret Tudor
Tudor Descendants - The Tudors Wiki
Family tree connection:
I am related to Princess Margaret Tudor though the JamesVI. Mary Queen of the Scots is my Great Aunt (Not really sure on the number of greats.) The current royal family are distant cousins. (All on my mother's Mother side of the family.)

The side that I have been told that we are related though is the Graham of Montrose on one side and the Stewards on the otherside.

I know that the Steward line is a direct line back to Margaret through her Great grandson, Granddaughter, and Son (James the VI of Scotland & I of England, Queen Mary I of Scotland, and James the V of Scotland) But as for where it all meets up today I am not sure. My great great grandmother told me this when I was little.

Related Tudor(s):
Like Duchess Grey below; I am a descendant or a cousin to all of the characters somehow; except for the fake ones.

6 Wives of Henry VIII

I am descended by two lines from the same family as Catherine Parr, Queen Consort of England. Catherine Parr's grandmother, Hon. Elizabeth FitzHugh, daughter of Sir Henry, 5th Lord FitzHugh and Lady Alice Neville, is my ancestress by her second marriage to Sir Nicholas Vaux, later Baron Vaux of Harrowden. Lady Alice was the niece of Lady Cecily Neville, Duchess of York and thus was a 1st cousin to Edward IV, Richard III, and his siblings. Her daughter, Hon. Elizabeth was the niece of "Warwick, the Kingmaker", the father of Lady Anne Neville, Queen consort to Richard III and Lady Isabella, Duchess of Clarence (mother of Margaret Pole (Plantagenet), Countess of Salisbury). Elizabeth FitzHugh and Sir Nicholas's daughter, Hon. Katherine Vaux was married to Sir George Throckmorton.

I am also related to Queen Catherine by her paternal ancestress Agnes Crophull, by Sir John Ros of Kendal and Katherine Strickland; and Sir Nicholas Harrington and Isabel English.
By her mother I am related by Sir John Throckmorton and Eleanor Spine; Henry Greene and Katherine Drayton; Sir William Haute and Joan Woodville; and more.

I also descend from Sir William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke (1423-1469), by two mistresses and his wife Anne Devereux (great-aunt x times removed of Sir Walter Devereux, Earl of Essex and great-great grandmother of Sir Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey and Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond). William was the grandfather of Sir William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke of the eighth creation; husband of Anne Parr.

Lineage still working on -- anyone who can help confirm this I would appreciate it. Sir Henry Neville, son of Sir George Neville, 1st Baron Latimer of Snape and Lady Joan Bourchier, daughter of Sir John Bourchier, 1st Baron Berners (son of Lady Anne of Gloucester Plantagenet) and Margery Berners. Lady Anne of Gloucester and Sir William Bourchier's descendants include John Neville, 3rd Baron Latimer (2nd husband of Catherine Parr); Lady Anne Bourchier (1st wife of Sir William Parr, Catherine's brother); Lady Margaret Bryan; Anne Stanhope; Stafford Dukes of Buckingham;

Also working on descent from Margaret Boleyn and John Sackville, sister of Sir Thomas and aunt to Queen Anne.

2nd cousins: Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester; Guildford Dudley; Lady Mary Dudley (whose daughter Mary Sidney married the 2nd Earl of Pembroke)

Descendant of the Sir Richard Rich and his wife, Elizabeth Jenkins by their daughter, Mary Rich who married Sir Thomas Wroth. Sir Thomas Wroth was a descendant of Queen consort Elizabeth Woodville's grandparents, Sir Richard Woodville and Joan Bedlisgate.

Descendant of Sir Anthony of Gidea Hall Cooke (scholar and tutor of Edward VI) and Anne FitzWilliam by their son Sir Richard. Sir Richard's sisters married well.
* Mildred, married William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley. She was mother to Robert, Earl of Salisbury and Hon. Anne Cecil, Countess of Oxford as wife to the 17th Earl of Oxford [a favorite of Elizabeth I].
* Elizabeth married Sir Thomas Hoby and secondly Francis, Lord Russell; her daughter by Russell, Anne, became Countess of Worcester as wife to Henry Somerset [later 1st Marquess].
* Anne married Sir Francis Bacon, the Lord Privy Seal. They were parents to Sir Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount of St. Albans.

Descendant of Archbishop Edwin Sandys of York and his wife, Cicely Wilford. He was Anglican Bishop of Worcester (1559–1570), London (1570–1576) and Archbishop of York (1576–1588) during the reign of Elizabeth I of England. He was one of the translators of the Bishops' Bible and is responsible for the name "Bloody Mary".

Also descendant of the Culpepper family from which Katherine Howard and Thomas Culpepper came from.

King Henry VIIIPrincess Mary Tudor as played by Sarah BolgerLady ElizabethA True QueenQueen Anne - Season 2
Jane SeymourAnne of Cleves - Season 4 - Livejournal IconKatherine Howard as played by Tazmin MerchantCatherine Parr - Season 4 - Livejournal IconCromwell
The SeymoursCatherine Willoughby, Duchess of SuffolkAnne Stafford, daughter of BuckinghamAnne StanhopeThomas Culpeper - Season 4 - Icon

Family tree connection:
Paternal grandparents and maternal grandfather's lineage.
Related Tudor(s):
Princess Margaret Pocahontas James I and VI
Family tree connection:
So, I don't know if I am directly related to the Tudors (jealously, my husband somehow has a Tudor rose in his family's he got to have the blood and I didn't is an injustice beyond me...), but I am directly descended from Mataoka (better known as Pocahontas) and John Rolfe. Pocahontas was introduced to James I and VI, great-grandson of Margaret Tudor, when she went back to England with Rolfe. I am not special in my distinction, however, as many whose family came from Virginia are direct descendants of North America's first settlers. And, Pocahontas' and Rolfe's descendants had LOTS of kids. And we don't even know if what John Smith said about Pocahontas rescuing him was true, although it has certainly confirmed that because of her diplomacy Jamestown survived. And of course, because of Rolfe, tobacco became popular. So my family is responsible for a myriad of problems and successes. And yes, even though I know all of the words to the songs in Pocahontas, I ABSOLUTELY KNOW IT TO BE TERRIBLY HISTORICALLY INACCURATE, LOL. I find it fun to shriek, "Don't do it Pocahontas! Keep it true for grandad!" every time Smith and Pocahontas make googly eyes at one another.

DuchessGrey DESCENDANTS of the Tudors - The Tudors Wiki
Related Tudor(s):
DESCENDANTS of the Tudors - The Tudors Wiki
Family tree connection:
I am a direct descendent and relation to just about every character featured in the series except for the fictional ones. ;) Rather than taking up a whole section just check out <a href="/account/DuchessGrey" target="_self">my profile</a>!

Related Tudor(s):

Richard Page - One of the men in Anne Boleyn's court that wasn't in the series
Family tree connection:

ok I don't know if I'm officially related to him, but my uncle said that their are not many Page's in the world and that the Page's migrated from France and were originally Le Page and it kinda made sense to me but I have to do more research into it!.

Related Tudor(s):
Sir Thomas Cornwallis of Brome Hall - who WORKED FOR Mary Tudor : Princess Mary Tudor

John Cornwallis of Brome Hall (Father of Sir Thomas) - who WORKED FOR Edward Tudor: Prince Edward Tudor
Family tree connection:

Ok, so I am sadly not connected by blood to the Tudors (That I know of. Who knows what more research might bring!) but I am connected to Mary Tudor through my relative Thomas Cornwallis.

Sir Thomas Cornwallis of Brome Hall:

"was involved in the succession crisis which followed the death of Edward VI"

"had become a member of the Privy Council" of Queen Mary

"played a leading part in the suppression of Wyatt's Rebellion"

"was one of those responsible for bringing Princess Elizabeth from Ashridge to London"

"Was Comptroller of the Royal Household of Queen Mary, was asked by Elizabeth I to stay on"

"one of the Suffolk knights called upon to assist Lady Jane Grey, but on 15 Jul 1553 he swore allegience to Mary and throughout her reign he was to be employed in posts of increasing responsibility"

Anne Jeringham - Thomas's wife - was "a gentlewoman of the privy chamber to Queen Mary in 1555"

I'll have to update if I end up finding out that I am related to the Tudors by blood. But, for now, I am happy to be connected to Queen Mary I through Sir Thomas Cornwallis!


I just found out that John Cornwallis of Brome Hall - Sir Thomas Cornwallis of Brome Hall's father - was steward of the household of Prince Edward Tudor, which is apparently a important official of the Royal Household.

So, I'll update again if I find out anything else, like if I am related by blood or by any other association!
Related Tudor(s):
Anne, Mary, and George Boleyn (first cousins, 19 times removed)
Jane Parker, Lady Rochford (17th great grant aunt)
Henry VIII (second cousin 20 times removed)
Elizabeth I (second cousin, 18 times removed--through Anne Boleyn)
Lady Jane, Lady Katherine, and Lady Mary Grey (fourth cousins, 18 times removed)

tudor rose from portrait of elizabeth
Family tree connection:
Anne Boleyn Shelton, aunt to Queen Anne Boleyn, is my 18th great grandmother. She was the sister of Sir Thomas Boleyn (my 18th great grand uncle) and daughter of Sir William Boleyn (my 19th great grandfather.) She married Sir John Shelton (the Sheltons were in charge of Princess Mary's household.) Their son, also Sir John Shelton, married Jane Parker's sister, Lady Margaret Parker. Sir John and Lady Margaret are my 17th great grandparents, making Jane my 17th great grand aunt. Lord Morley and Alice St John are my 18th great grandparents. Both of them are cousins to the Tudors. Through Alice St. John, who is a descendant of Margaret Beauchamp (my 21st great grandmother,) I am a 2nd cousin to Henry VIII.

Through the Sheltons, who married into the West, Barons de la Warr, family, I am a great granddaughter of the Plantagenets as well as French royalty.

If you haven't had a chance to explore your genealogy, you should. It is addictive and fascinating, and you may find absolute wonders. I have always loved studying European history and it was interesting and lovely to find a genealogical connection to the past and people about whom I so enjoy learning.
Related Tudor(s):
King Henry VIII, Mary I, Elizabeth I and Edward VI.
Family tree connection:
King Henry VIII's mother is my 13th uncle's niece making Henry one of my cousins as well as his children. I am related to just about all the Plantagenet rulers [or the York and Lancaster houses if you want to get technical] in some way. Edward III being a 17th great grandfather.
Related Tudor(s):
Lady Katherine Seymour (Lady Jane Grey's sister)
Family tree connection:
My great-great-great-great grandmother was Lady Jane Derbyshire (a cousin to Queen Victoria) who could trace her ancestory to the sister of Lady Jane Grey, who was her great-great-great grandmother.
Related Tudor(s):
One of Henry's wives, apparently.
Family tree connection:
Sadly, I don't know which wife I'm connected to, but according to my uncle, my late grandmother traced our family back to one of Henry's Queens. My uncle thinks it was "one of the ones who lost her head" and was pretty sure it was Anne Boleyn when I mentioned her by name, but he doesn't actually remember. I'm still hoping he manages to find the genealogy my grandmother did so we'll know for sure.

Related Tudor(s):

Family tree connection:

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