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Date of Birth: June 19, 1971

Birth Place
: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Eye Color:


Family: has a son (Logan Joseph) with actress-choreographer Sarah Robichaud, father Emilie and uncle Ronnie King were original members of the band Stampeders

Education: studied drama at Mount Royal College in Calgary

Actor Bio: "The Tudors" is quite a break from Van Sprang's typical acting jobs - he's never been cast in a costume drama before. Wanted to be an actor after taking drama at Crescent Heights High School.

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Non-acting careers:


Immortals (2011) - Dareios
Pay in Full (2010) - Sergei
Phantom Punch (2008) - Nico Orso

George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead (2007) - Colonel
Shutter (2007) - Lukas
Saw III (2006) - Chris
George A. Romero's Land of the Dead (2005) - Brubaker
Confessions of an American Bride (2005) - Mitchell Stone
Anonymous Rex (2004) - Raal
The Gospel of John (2003) - Judas Iscariot
Narc (2002) - Michael Calvess
Masterminds (1997) - Happy Boy

TV Shows:
"Rookie Blue" (2010) - Patrick Murphy
"King" (2011) - Derek Spears

"Being Erica" (2010) - Jody
"Cra$h & Burn" (2009-10) - Father Benedito
"Flashpoint" (2009) - Donald Mitchell
"The Tudors" (2009) - Sir Francis Bryan

"Would Be Kings" miniseries (2008) - Gary Cole
"The Best Years" (2007) - Lee Campbell (11 episodes)
"11 Cameras" (2006) - Bruce
"ReGenesis" (2006) - Jack Bowden
"Degrassi: The Next Generation" (2005) - Bill Davies
"1-800 Missing" (2005) - Will Shepard
"Wild Card" (2005) - Stevie
"Paradise Falls" (2004) - Johnny Brice
"A Taste of Shakespeare" (2003, 2007) - two episodes
"Monk" (2002) - Leonard Stokes (1 episode)
"Earth: Final Conflict" (2002) - Howlyn
"Made in Canada" (1998) - Jeremy Black
"Highlander: The Raven" (1998) William Kenworth

Shakespeare in the Park, Calgary
"Missing" Factory Theatre, Toronto

Big break: The Tudors and George A. Romero's movies

Best known for: his roles in sci-fi and horror movies and Canadian television


Upcoming projects:
"Guns" miniseries (2008) - John Willison
"...of the Dead" (2009) - 'Nicotine' Crocket

Alan Van Sprang - The Tudors WikiTalk about...


  • "This is the best show that's ever come my way, absolutely," says the soon-to-be star, who left Calgary in 1994 for Vancouver, followed by Los Angeles, and eventually Toronto for a role on Earth: Final Conflict. "I have no idea what I'm getting into," he told Page Six from his home in Toronto. "Fortunately I was unaware of the magnitude of the show when I auditioned. Now that I've watched all the episodes, I'm really nervous. It's a fantastic show." [Calgary Sun June 10, 2008 - as he was set to jet to Dublin that night to begin four months of filming on June 16 -– just three days before his 37th birthday. ]

  • "They really didn't want me to do a lot of research on him [Sir Francis Bryan]," says Van Sprang. "He certainly doesn't take a lot of guff from people. He's a straight-up person, which is why the King likes him a lot and when he talks to him he says exactly what is on his mind. He has a good sense of humour and tried to make him fairly attractive to both men and women. He's always surrounded by family and friends and is never a loner.He loves to party and loves to drink and he's not a typical bad guy --although he has a tendency to do some not-great things." - Calgary Herald interview

  • " As a Canadian actor, you can work your entire life and do 25 to 30 shows and nobody will know what they are because not a lot of people watch them. With the American shows, a lot of time you just do the pilot and it's never picked up. So it was nice to walk onto a hit Showtime series like [The Tudors] and have a sense of security and know that it is going to be watched. It's an exciting time." - Calgary Herald

  • Question :
    Sir Francis Bryan in The Tudors turned on his cousin Anne Boleyn, not exactly a family man. How did you come to join that series?It was super, super fast. They were looking for a guy in an eye-patch who was a womanizer and drank a lot. So I threw myself on tape and I’ve always had a really, really bad English accent so I thought, that’s going to kill me right there. And it was a terrible read. I had to go through it about 10 times before I could get the lines out and I just said, OK, that’s enough, just throw that out there. Within a week I was on my way to Ireland for half the year and it was great. I expected this huge circus of a show and when I got there, everyone totally embraced me with open arms. And it was a great experience. This beautiful little studio in Wicklow County, it was more bare bones than I expected. It just looks so extraordinary on TV but it’s the director of photography and the costumes that just make everything look so extraordinarily large. [Source: <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="TORO magazine April 2011">TORO magazine April 2011</a>]


Alan Van Sprang

Alan Van Sprang
Alan Van Sprang

Alan Van Sprang
Alan Van SprangAlan Van Sprang
Alan Van Sprang
attends '<a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">George A. Romero</a>'s Survival Of <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">The Dead</a>' Premiere held at the Ryerson Theatre during the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival on September 12, 2009 in Toronto, Canada.
Alan Van Sprang

Alan Van Sprang

Alan Van Sprang